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9.3k · Jun 2016
Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
Tera meri iss ujadi zindagi main aana,
Kaash koi shabd bayaan kar paate.

Par kya Karen zindagi ka hai yeh dastoor..
Ki hum jisko sabse zyada chahte ,
Ussiko nahi bata paate.
3.4k · Sep 2016
Aarushi Vijay Sep 2016
As diverse as life.
India is a country,
Where life itself
Is filled with life.
1.4k · Jun 2016
Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
Only if  she knew her self worth,
Wasn't all in her body but soul too,
It wouldn't have been a ****!
Oh yes,  the pain wouldn't have been the same.
Oh yes,  the pain wouldn't have been the same.

Only if she knew that those wounds would heal,
But the scars will remain,
And the society will find her to blame!
Oh yes, the pain wouldn't have been the same.
Oh yes, the pain wouldn't have been the same.

Only if she knew that her pain gave him joy,
And those few minutes of his pleasure would leave her destroyed!
Oh yes, the pain wouldn't have been the same.
Oh yes, the pain wouldn't have been the same.

Her soul crumbled before her eyes.
She screamed, she cried and lost all her pride.
She casted all those touches away.
She screamed at their faces everyday.
She lost herself astray.

Only if you would have known that
She wasn't crying because she was *****,
But because some other she at some other place was being *****.
Oh yes, only then you would have felt her pain,
Which is Evermore like the incessant rain.
1.1k · Sep 2017
Aarushi Vijay Sep 2017
My hands reached out to them,
Always pleading,
My heart cried, all for them,
Always bleeding.
But my eyes were shut,
They couldn’t see that
it was me who was hurt.
Hurt, deeper than I thought I ever could be,
But there was no one, ever for me.
People came in and went by,
And I sat there singing lullabies.

Lullabies, telling the tales of
Friendships turned into hatred,
Of loves lost to the fated.
Tears shedding, as my cry deceases,
I put myself back into pieces.
Days went by since I last saw the sun,
But the love for them was never really undone.
Today, when I sit here beside the sunrise,
I see myself in the skies.
Leaning onto the window,
I sing some lullabies,
And this time, they are of
New love found and the beautiful sunshine.
944 · Sep 2016
Aarushi Vijay Sep 2016
It has never been this way.
Never has anything killed me for this long,
Never has anything drawn me closer to life,
Never has anything been killing me with a brutal knife.

And you say, it has been love all this while,
Oh, maybe!
Maybe, it was love all this while.
877 · Sep 2017
Aarushi Vijay Sep 2017
You are the lighthouse
on the shore of my heart,
Spreading your rays
into the walls of my art.

Rising up, streaming down,
crashing into your arm.
Mesmerized by your smile,
lost in your charm.

As the long day ends
and I ring the kaleidoscope reef,
You provide me the best relief.

You are the comfort to
my storm-tossed soul,
Just like the rim to my kohl.

Your long, stretched, warm
arms invite me into you,
The only thing that has
been pulling me through.

The happiness you get
when you make me smile,
Oh boy, I still want to stare
at your face for a long while.

The days when your so shining
bright light goes a bit off,
My heart will be your
penultimate quaff.

You are the lighthouse
on the shore of my heart,
Spreading your rays,
into the walls of my art.
830 · Sep 2017
Sky/ Sea
Aarushi Vijay Sep 2017
If you were the sky,
Then I'd be the sea.
And when you shined bright,
It would reflect in me.

If you'd be at rest,
I'd be steady.
When you'd get rough,
I'd always be ready.

And if on the darkest nights,
You won't shine a light,
Then I'd be alongside you,
Until you feel right.

We'd meet at the horizon,
Where everyone would stare,
and wonder with passion,
Why can't they reach there.
709 · Jun 2016
Real life
Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
Promises of forever.
Lies whatsoever.
I just can't take.

I just can't wait,
To see those promises break.
And see you cry.

For you, to realise
That this is real life.
Yeah baby,
This is real life.
So welcome to this real life.
Yeah baby,
Welcome to this real life.
700 · Feb 2017
Short Tale
Aarushi Vijay Feb 2017
"What was the first thing you did for last time in your life?"

"I loved someone."
624 · May 2016
Aarushi Vijay May 2016
One word, unfathomable meanings!

From the fear to live to the fear of death.
From the fear of change to the fear of darkness.
The fear of Everything!
The fear of being buried alive!
Some of them are strange and some are grave real,
But the only thing common in them is the word fear!

If we all light up we can scare away the fears,
Love without any fear in the heart!

We should change,
we should laugh,
we should cry ,
we should love ,
we should love without the fear,
We should live ,
we should die!

Remember , we are born with
thousands of lights shining in the dark
and will die lighting the unlit ones!

So unfear all your fears.
Life's for the living so live it
Or you're better off dead.
553 · Jun 2016
My whole Universe.
Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
You know that feeling!?
When your breathing stops,
But your heart still races.
When your eyes are closed,
But you can still see what's going on around you.
That's what it's like being with Him.
When his hands caresss yours.
And his touch of the soft tender skin.
Make you love his skin.
When he turns you away from Him,
But you know exactly what his expression is.

Trying to satisfy a never ending thirst.
Hoping you've done well when He doesn't look at you after.
A never-ending cycle of love,
And disgust Disgust,
to lust From lust to loving Never ending.
Always repeating and eating at me.
Making tears, laughter, moans,
And those little kisses you wish you could have.
But, no I don't want to kiss you.
I want to breath all of me into yours.
And want to fill your whole body
With my love and passion.

But here I am.
Reliving those moments when we were together.
Remembering your goodbye with an ached heart.
Smirking at your smile.
Laughing at your squeaky voice.
Loving your lovely vibes.
Looking deep into your universe alike eyes.
Speaking to his voice.
His voice , that , Like a black hole
draws all of me In a massive cortex.

And now.
I wish.
I wish you to.
Find a single beauty in me.
Just the way I find my whole universe in you.
My whole Universe.
Which is my drug.
That kills me each time
It makes me live more.

I want you to know these feels.
But here I am, Only reliving them.
With an open heart.
Hoping one day.
You will find your universe in me.
And then what it would be
To have your and mine universe intertwine.
In a graceful gleam of forever.
This was for a friend of mine.
Who asked me to write about her situation.
She has a crush.
Whom she adorns for life.
Like life.
With life.
So this was for her.
363 · May 2016
Aarushi Vijay May 2016
This is what I wanted to tell you.
That how important you have been in my life.

I wish you stayed.
A little long.
A little more.
I wish you did.

But now that you are gone.
I just want you to know this.

I know you love me.
Or *loved me rather.
It Hurts,
Coming out of that  magical phase.

But I want to tell you that 
Smile on your face is still my sun.
I light up seeing it's brightness.
Your lips are still my lighthouse.
Which show me the way to a safe shore.
Your hair are my fantasy
The one which I adorn.
Your soul is still my Lord.
And my soul still caged in you.

So , I just wanted to tell you this.
Just this.
That please,
Let out my soul.
Make me free.
Don't come back to me.
I still love you the same.
But can't take that pain.
Thank you for listening to this.
Because this is all I wanted to say.
301 · May 2016
The Walk
Aarushi Vijay May 2016
It was just another night
And they were walking down the lane.

She was walking with someone who was the lighthouse of her half wrecked life,
He was the sun and she was like a burning  star.

He was walking with someone who gave him life, a better one.
Someone whom he could hug and kiss all day long
Someone with whom he could lay lazily all day long in the bed
Someone whom he could LOVE.

He was her happiness and she was his smile. ❤

It was just another night when they were walking down the lane.
The glee in the horizons was endearing.
Both were glancing at the sky and then at each other ,
walking side by side.

It was beautiful and all of a sudden the dog sighed in gratitude.
Thanking her to be the one.
And she patted his back.
Gave him all the love he ever showered on her.
This love was beautiful.
Just like the two souls.  :')
296 · May 2018
Songs of a Nomadic Heart
Aarushi Vijay May 2018
"Songs of a nomadic heart" is an authentic poetry collection that celebrates love, people, experiences and life through the eyes of an 18-year-old.
The book contains poems that will touch your heart, speak to you and thus envoke emotions. The inspiration behind this book is everyone whom I have ever met, thus adding a bit of experience to my life. I hope that this book makes everyone feel what I felt while writing it and fills them with hope, love, and verses.

Buy it from the link below
257 · May 2016
There you went
Aarushi Vijay May 2016
Leaving a void in my heart,
There you went!

I could see your numb feet moving away from me, 
You were sulking like a child on the inside,
Whose tous haven't been bought.
I could see those tears.
Leaving me alone,
There you went.

Your going away was not a waste,
After all,  the LOVE for our country,
I know.

And today when I stand beside your grave,
I am proud,
More proud than any woman on this earth.

I loath myself for feeling you left me,
Because you never left me.
You are with me ,
Like the oxygen surrounding me,
Enabling me to live.

You never left,
You never went away,
You left a mark.
A mark I will carry with me for the next 
Six months in my womb,

I don't know if it will leave me like you did or not,
But I will raise it like you would have done.

I will love it like you loved your country,
I will kiss it like the flag kissed your body,
I will hug it like you hugged your death.

Not that you won't be missed ,
But it won't be in a sad manner,
I will miss those moments 
We made together with a big smile on my face.

I will miss how the last time 
You left ,
You said that " Love is Eternal".
I didn't understand it then,
But now I do.

And there you went!
Taking a part of me 
And giving me a part of yours. ❤

— The End —