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Ekstyn Jan 2017
Hey, can you do me a favor?

Let me know once it stopped, okay?

Tell me.

Tell me no matter how much it may hurt me,
tell me once you stop being in love with me.
Let me know when your heart no longer whispers my name.
Tell it to my face,
that it’s over.
I don’t want to hear it from someone else,
please at least have the guts to tell me
that you don’t love me anymore.
I know it sounds pessimistic,
but can you blame me?
We live in a very unpredictable world;
one thing can turn to another within a span of a second.
I don’t want to deal with a heartbreak because I ended up believing that love is all about hearts and flowers. And that love can withstand anything. I don’t believe in forever.
I believe in the now.
See, I can’t promise you these superficial things and vague whatnots.
I can only give you what I have now.

And I don’t expect you to promise me the stars and the moon,
no, don’t give me forever.
Don’t give me something you don’t have.
I don’t want to hope for something that may end up nothing.
Save me from the heartache of believing in love too much.
The sad thing is that we can’t even promise our tomorrow.
We don’t hold the universe in our hands,
we don’t know what will happen next,
we are no seer.

So, here I am, promising you my now
and only asking you the same.

So tell me when you don’t love me anymore.
I want to hear it from your lips with your own voice.
I want to hear the same voice that told me iloveyous,
telling me the idontloveyouanymore.

Tell me once you are slipping away,
but I won’t promise that I will not try to keep you,
because I will,
I am only a human too.
Promise me that no matter how broken I become,
you will walk away,
because you don’t love me anymore.
I don’t want you staying because of pity,
you can walk away with the memories:
I’ll keep what I need,
and you walk away with yours.

I won’t blame you, no, I really won’t.
I will cry, but all the same,
don’t comfort me.
Let me mourn the death of a love I once had.

If ever this shall end…
Please tell me and have the decency to
break my heart properly.
Letters to my future lover
emeraldine087 Aug 2016
I won't try to change your mind
if you believe this is the end;
I won't hold you hostage, if this love
is something we can no longer mend.

I cannot bear grudges should you find
that you don't love me anymore.
I promise not to carry any illusions
that you still do, right at your core.

The nature of my love is that
I can let you go if that's what you desire;
I will try to keep myself together
to come to terms with your goodbye.

But don't ask me to say it back; I beg you
You should've known from the very start.
There's no way I can say goodbye to one
I'll always carry around in my heart.

Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
Promises of forever.
Lies whatsoever.
I just can't take.

I just can't wait,
To see those promises break.
And see you cry.

For you, to realise
That this is real life.
Yeah baby,
This is real life.
So welcome to this real life.
Yeah baby,
Welcome to this real life.
Don't act like you care.
I know that you're fake, and a pretty liar!
Even my instincts says you're a ******* gamer!
That's why I don't believe in promises,
Such as Forever.
He's a gamer and totally a player
nica Dec 2014
The only forever I've got from you was goodbye
But thank you still for being part of my life
even if it was just for a short while

— The End —