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Jun 2016
You know that feeling!?
When your breathing stops,
But your heart still races.
When your eyes are closed,
But you can still see what's going on around you.
That's what it's like being with Him.
When his hands caresss yours.
And his touch of the soft tender skin.
Make you love his skin.
When he turns you away from Him,
But you know exactly what his expression is.

Trying to satisfy a never ending thirst.
Hoping you've done well when He doesn't look at you after.
A never-ending cycle of love,
And disgust Disgust,
to lust From lust to loving Never ending.
Always repeating and eating at me.
Making tears, laughter, moans,
And those little kisses you wish you could have.
But, no I don't want to kiss you.
I want to breath all of me into yours.
And want to fill your whole body
With my love and passion.

But here I am.
Reliving those moments when we were together.
Remembering your goodbye with an ached heart.
Smirking at your smile.
Laughing at your squeaky voice.
Loving your lovely vibes.
Looking deep into your universe alike eyes.
Speaking to his voice.
His voice , that , Like a black hole
draws all of me In a massive cortex.

And now.
I wish.
I wish you to.
Find a single beauty in me.
Just the way I find my whole universe in you.
My whole Universe.
Which is my drug.
That kills me each time
It makes me live more.

I want you to know these feels.
But here I am, Only reliving them.
With an open heart.
Hoping one day.
You will find your universe in me.
And then what it would be
To have your and mine universe intertwine.
In a graceful gleam of forever.
This was for a friend of mine.
Who asked me to write about her situation.
She has a crush.
Whom she adorns for life.
Like life.
With life.
So this was for her.
Aarushi Vijay
Written by
Aarushi Vijay  19/F/United States
(19/F/United States)   
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