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Krishna verma Mar 2021
आँखों से जुदा मत कर,
छलक जाऊँगी में
एक तेरा दिल ही तो है
ठिकाना मेरा!
चली जो यहाँ से तो खो जाऊँगी में.
रोज-रोज बुलाती है नई
आहटें मुझे!
पर तू ही बता तेरे सिवा कहाँ जाऊँगी में,
बता तेरे हिसाब का मिजाज
कहाँ से लाऊँ में!
तू जो बदलेगा तो बदल जाऊँगी में!
सपनों के सौदागरों में,
शुमार है फितरत तेरी,
असल जो बताएगा तो,
संभल जाऊँगी में
ला, अपने हिस्से की खुमारी मुझे दे दे!
अगर आयी जो होश में तो,
मचल जाऊंगी में!!
Meri kavita
Àŧùl Feb 2017
We encounter many people in our life,
Some are ours whilst others are not.

Sometimes even relatives seem strangers,
And sometimes even strangers seem own.

Such relationships are truly strange,
Close to the hearts they seem sweet.

They seem ages old in spite of being new,
For such love & sweet strangers is this song.


This is my story,
And your story,
How do I testify?

Words are yours,
Songs are mine,
What is the saga?

Relation is antique...

Relation is ages old...

Oh yours...
Relation is antique...

Poems are mine,
Inspiration are you,
Still such distances...

From the depths of heart,
And from these clouds,
The calls are emanating...

Relation is antique...

Relation is ages old...

La la la...

Ending line:
Yea - that's it!
Translation of my musical composition in Hindi language which when sang to a modified happy tune of the Hindi number 'Tera Mera Rishta Puraana' sounds truly ethereal to my own ears.

My HP Poem #1408
©Atul Kaushal
Aarushi Vijay Jun 2016
Tera meri iss ujadi zindagi main aana,
Kaash koi shabd bayaan kar paate.

Par kya Karen zindagi ka hai yeh dastoor..
Ki hum jisko sabse zyada chahte ,
Ussiko nahi bata paate.

— The End —