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Rose Jan 2019
beautiful Chicago girl,
made of compassion
with an ocean swimming behind
those lake michigan eyes
bloomed from a broken marriage
fighting for a dream
You hold so much in the depths
of that olive skin
as kindness flows in your veins
you, yourself are diverse
burning with a passion that evokes
You are a masterpiece
waiting to be painted
to the one that taught me how to see the world in a different light. to look at others with an open mind and heart, ready to listen to their story. to the one that showed me how important it is to inform yourself.
The long discourse continues;
Words of wisdom uttered by the wise
Pacify the few devotees gathered
Troubled by vicious thoughts and desires;
Now, assured of a new sunrise
And a brighter day ahead
They respond positively.
They do not question the truth.
They do not seek its elaboration.
This change the wise notice
For they know the dicot leaves
Do not have parallel veins
And the disparate find a way to unite.
Drifting in the folds of a spark you come
as a splash of cold water
in my face. Appears, I underestimated,
how hot those feelings race.

Have I been walking on a path without alarm,
while the forest descends on me?
Do my toes point me to a smile,
peace can never see?

What is this that springs from every breath I take,
as a spark ignites a flame?
    Why do I see it shaking hands,
in shades of red the same?
Copyright @09/15/18 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm Poetry
GoldenVirgo Aug 2018
Not all witches ride a broom
We all don't praise the fated doom
And some of us do have a soul
When did we sing out to the moon
Not every spell needs sacrifice
Sometimes we love to dance and laugh
October's a grand season, yes
We celebrate it like our last
Be careful who you tamper with
You'll hate unfortunate results
My point, of course, in all of this
To tell you that we can be bad
However, know that that's not it
If you met us you might be glad
We can be great and lots of fun
We love to go out for a ball
Don't judge a book by the cover
If you choose to you may feel mauled
Let this be your real reminder
We don't see souls like we see dolls
;-; I'm a witch true life.

(Not a real witch.)
Samruddhi Jul 2018
Diverse people from diverse land
Different shores with same type of sand
Some seeking approval from others
Some living with their own ifs and whethers
Staying busy in their dreamy land
Ultimately they all wish their life to be grand
Some living up only to take up risks
Hurting each other as they frisk
All willing to run away with no work
May it be a thoughtful manager or even a clerk
Start learning taking up on your mini escapes
Afterall your life is for you to live, not to fake!!
    homage to simple pleasures
   like health of body, mind n spirit at base
within fit ethereal, dye ****** corporeal being that doth encase
in tandem with unspoilt terrestrial grace
i decided to share three poetic endeavors
   for a change of pace
images thee can imagine and trace.

A strand of pearls clung to slender tree limbs
bejeweled woody flora prismatic orbs
tell tale sign recent cloudburst cleft darkened heavens
rained watery life source liquid
downpour laced branched canopy
awash with molecular droplets
requisite to feed burlesque Vaudeville bluster
exquisite gala performance unrehearsed

unscripted ubiquitous theatrical performance
received limitless encores toward Gaia screenwriter
whose infinite scope
(wrought upon the natural landscape palette)
exceeds the finite abilities of those bipedal *******
human organisms imbued, whose dilettante debut
(dawned these last seconds on clock face of geologic history)
might witness curtain call on their final act.

Neon lights broadcast sold out show of one Matthew Scott
expert stage craft presents quotidian  shows without sound
sole audience  forcibly revisits this biography performance
private owner lifetime supply of entire stock season tickets

(to one smash box office hit after another improvisational)
lightning speed mime hologram flashes life capsule oeuvre
corpus trials and tribulations indelibly recorded upon spool
sibilant auditory oohs and ahs from vindictive ultimatum

only one take each scene despite personal abysmal reviews
and serious consideration to hire professional management
accompanying actor, director, producer, projectionist writer
kept preserved upon cranial medium - so called gray matter

extant within the guarded and private repository Fort Knox
until the eventual disintegration from cumulative memories
become totally obscured with the thickening fogs of old age
and the curtain comes down on the final act upon  mortality!
Take my passion into consideration,and value
How much love I have for your beauty in grace
How much I love  you point is not to argue
Where ever,whenever I see I see just your face

What I have in your image that is worthwhile
Whatever I carry along that is but world treasure
I carry along from mile to mile beautiful smile
You made my love like a wonderful soothsayer

I see God in you You are my beautiful universe
I like your beautiful style, all graces and all charms
I am no more in me you are wonderfully diverse
Please embrace me my love just come in my arms

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
wonderfully diverse
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2016
When you want something
In pleasure, there can also be pain
Sometimes brutal
There can be denial, or even
Just plain teasing
But that's what happens,
When you've discovered your kink
In an inkling
For some like to be dominated
Others like to be dominator
But in all reality who are we to judge
What makes life wonderful is how
Different we truly are
Lil' Tarzan Dec 2016
See ma name is Lil t, born female but got pronouns with they and he

Ma big brotha calls me a lil' ******, ma otha brotha calls himself Born2Play with one digit

Nobody talk **** with this 5 foot 4, you mess with me and you out dat door!

I'm a Virgo born in a foreign country, at the age of three flew over the sea

Ma blood is made up of Blue, Yellow and Red. Romanian is one of the 5 Latin languages if y'all dumb squats read

A child of God is what they call me,
I **** skittles when I reach the MTL metro Beaudry

I ain't like those otha chicks,
When I was 17 I realized I didn't like ****

Put two and two togetha,
Adopted rainbow sheep of ma family, had a dream about this ******* named Gabby

Ima end this rap short and sweet,
I stand proud and tall for Comaneci the great 10 on 10 gymnast athlete
Let me successfully navigate the twists and turns of life
Let me be more clear on all aspects of beauty to discern
Let me understand the pain of life on being edge of knife
Let me be honest and straightforward to show my concern

Love is like fire which flares and immediately burns soul
It engulfs heart and pierces to play tricks with the brain
It is what is like a poison pollutes brain and body as whole
It is like thundering and lightening in sheer drizzling rain

Without you I am man of no consequence let it be known
But in your company I am King of my own love universe
Hidden treasures are much more than beauty has shown
My sweetheart I am different but you are totally diverse

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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