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Rachiel Mar 2021
Thyself or Myself.
Selflove or Selfcare.
Eating or consumption.
Redemption or Vindication.
Self-conscious or Self-aware.
Sounds same,
Yet vastly different!
Or might I say diverse?
mal frost Feb 2021
to the stereotypes i never fit,
the homely summer camp I never attended,
the beers I never shared with my dad,
the conversations about girls I never had with my mom,
the sports I never played, the language I never mastered
too white to be African but too African to be white.
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
The melody plays.
Transporting my mind to memories and vast emotions.
Singing the words I know all too well.

Lost in a trance,
My hips start to sway.
Every lyric touching my core,
Pushing out every emotion held in.

Feeling the love of country,
The hate from metal and rock,
Sadness of depressive alternative,
Happiness of every favorite song played.

Bars and choruses played in perfect harmony,
Bass and snare in sync.
Theses are all happening at once.
A mini party of your own accord.
Sally A Bayan Aug 2020

People become
in diff'rent ways,
lucky ones
free themselves,

exhaling lumps
from their throats,
getting out
of their prisons

sharing their
life experiences
via prose and poetry,

diverse poets,
gathered in one

Hello Poetry,
a Home
to a huge
republic of letters...



© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Karijinbba Aug 2020
His beloved beauty's leaf
got flown away and one by one
priceless leaves fell of
her tree of life
Lovers hidden treasure loot
Mandrake fertile root
blowing traveler obvolute
to far away strange land route
dragged by passer by deceitul dustiest ever contaminant
wirl-wind devil geek.

Still fertil twigs sacred grow
with green leaf shoots aknew
for the beauty of creation
must contine to amaze
it's infinite divine grace
E.T. maker mine.
07-07-20 revised.
Life goes on the forestlands
turnng green again oxigenating
mother Earth it's bountiiful
diverse life.
Mandrake plant has a forked fleshy root that supposedly resembles the human form formerly widely used in medicine and magic, allegedly shrieking when pulled from the ground.
Pagan Paul Apr 2020
Smoothly is an utopian dream
and therein lies the troubles,
we are all set upon our paths,
all individual bouncing bubbles.

Each and every one of us
has our own journey to tread,
and the differences in our bodies
are matched by those in our head.

So accept the person you are,
into your being melt and immerse,
ignore smooth, embrace the rough,
revel in the beauty of being diverse.

© Pagan Paul (16/04/20)
written for
Rose Jan 2019
beautiful Chicago girl,
made of compassion
with an ocean swimming behind
those lake michigan eyes
bloomed from a broken marriage
fighting for a dream
You hold so much in the depths
of that olive skin
as kindness flows in your veins
you, yourself are diverse
burning with a passion that evokes
You are a masterpiece
waiting to be painted
to the one that taught me how to see the world in a different light. to look at others with an open mind and heart, ready to listen to their story. to the one that showed me how important it is to inform yourself.
Drifting in the folds of a spark you come
as a splash of cold water
in my face. Appears, I underestimated,
how hot those feelings race.

Have I been walking on a path without alarm,
while the forest descends on me?
Do my toes point me to a smile,
peace can never see?

What is this that springs from every breath I take,
as a spark ignites a flame?
    Why do I see it shaking hands,
in shades of red the same?
Copyright @09/15/18 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm Poetry
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