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Jan 16 · 116
Too late for influence.
Too late for influence.

Sour particles through silence.
Hair faced.
Lighted for the the violence.
Nevermind it.
And terrible.

Garrett Johnson.
Well E, I guess we'll go now.
Sitting as the picture melts.

Stairway standing shallow.
Head full.
Of stranding speech that floods through the lips.
Does it feel well.
Walk to the sink.
Lavender still though the stomach pain.

Garrett Johnson.
Why not Jim.
Dissolving and a scarf.

Brought about.
Where it goes.
It hurts.
Like some lead.
On the floor.
With a hope to maybe blink.
Scarlet finish.
Return in ultimate bliss.

Garrett Johnson.
Never, distorted but why not.
Dec 2020 · 69
Headache in Como.
Garrett Johnson Dec 2020
Headache in Como.

Forward with a thought.
May I take it.
And Leave me.
Frown only cause It feels.
Like draped Curtain of Earthly Curls so vast in front of face.
Keeps me going.

Garrett Johnson.
Wrapped up in those arms.
Garrett Johnson Dec 2020
Crackling leaves on the walk home.

French hysterics.
Off the deep end in chasm.
Sequence fathom through the room light.
Sarcastic rummaging through cheek bones as papier-meche.
Rubbing eyes.
Folding Sweatshirt to tunneling tunes that keep you alive long enough.

Garrett Johnson.
Sour, didn't know and Michelle's gone
Dec 2020 · 201
Nextdoor synapse at 3pm
Garrett Johnson Dec 2020
Nextdoor synapse at 3pm.

A creak.
A drop.
Horn yet ominous.
Frank Blasted.
Pine, a few tabs.
A few screams.

Garrett Johnson.
all for sound situations
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Watching the walls turn for colors.

Dead under eyes.
A stronger taste of Sulk and.
Morbidness entering.
The tiredness because why not.
Shaky legs for silence.

Garrett Johnson.
Monotnous saying other wise, nevermind Mindy.
Nov 2020 · 137
Laying under circumstance.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Laying under circumstance.

Certainty waving back in ink.
A tar.
Why do it later.
How about now.
Au revoir.
Within Mantles of.
Pristine composure over Thought of the drag of thought.
Only a little ill.

Garrett Johnson.
Almond milk and the sight of a smile
Nov 2020 · 464
Empty and all else.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Empty and all else.

Falseness starting with an end.
Within relapse.
Within relapse.
Such certainty.
And catastrophe.
When the slide in Athens becomes cyan.
And tired.

Garrett Johnson.
Burroughs taking all the fun.
Nov 2020 · 85
A cup of such and such.
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
A cup of such and such.

Mental explode.
Through candle light sufferance.
A tremolo remembrance.
Gentle across the face.
A sigh.
Though in hue so perfect.

Garrett Johnson.
Like Frazer, falling.
Oct 2020 · 75
Sock lost forever.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Sock lost forever.

Having no words.
Laying down.
In absurdness.
The best way.
Leaning over.
Sleep after.
Canadian jade.
With everything else to say.

Garrett Johnson.
Well....It's gone now.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Clouds on the bedroom floor.

It isn't anything.
Maybe it's everything.
Seeing it all.
The waves.
While you're still here.
Feel like ****.
Written cloth.
Sidewalk in Perth.
for every reason.

Garrett Johnson.
Anxious like Rue
Oct 2020 · 338
Headache coffee in an i.v.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Headache coffee in an i.v.

Light switch.
Sat so nicely.
Say it low.
And so ancient.
Emily's drugs are the best.
Garrett Johnson Oct 2020
Writing song titles on your hand.

Where'd it go.
Right near.
Near your eyes.
And done with.
Because we all know why.

Garrett Johnson.
a bit anxious
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
If it weren't for the pillow.

Moon gum.
Pick your nails.

Garrett Johnson.
saw it coming.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
That time we walked around for no reason.

Wooden door.
Brain rush.
Closing eyes.
What's her name.
**** I forgot her name.

Garrett Johnson.
Bored as Michelle.
Sep 2020 · 47
Naturally walked
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
Naturally walked.

Even the alacrity in the spots.
Stars the undoing of nervous endeavors.
And pines made of thought thrown asunder.
The globes.
Softly speaking.
And smile fragile.
Then gone.
The spiral orb.
She waits.
In arms.
Tended to in black.
Asked in gloom.
Pillaging mind wasting.
And rest.
In a frantic sooth.

Garrett Johnson
Where'd you go?
Sep 2020 · 309
Confused in Estes.
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
Confused in Estes.

Slipping low.
How it felt.
Didn't know.
You're still warm.

Garrett Johnson.
Samatha approximatley
Aug 2020 · 52
Like Paper cuts do.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
Like Paper cuts do.

I guess I wanted to know.
But I knew.
How so.
I mean...I guess that's how I always felt.
About those eyes.
Peering from across the room.

Garrett Johnson.
left alone for the spiral.
Aug 2020 · 290
Perpetual Evening.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
Perpetual Evening.

Car door.
Street light.
Your Lips.
Never felt better.

GarretT JohnsoN
oooh, wait....uh never mind.
Aug 2020 · 88
The fall.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
The Fall.

Trees out my window.
So barren and chipper.
As if I could almost taste the death.
Taste their eyes on my person.
Their wraithing edges.
Their aging systems welcoming like *****.
Across all fronts.
To conjure the oh so sweet milk of air.
The dusty platitude of forgiveness.
Sight the faces so smug.
So lucrative.
So tiny.
As the weaving sits bined.
And the yellowness unwindes.
Trees out my window stand gladly.

Garrett Johnson.
the walk home.
Aug 2020 · 266
Process in weariness.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
Process in weariness.

Peanut butter and jelly.
Ice and drool.
Duck tape my eyes.
Alex, yeah she's cool.
Always alone like Constantine.
Ol Johnny boy.
I think I'm gone.
And very annoyed
I didn't think I would leave.
I didn't think so.
I didn't know how to complete.
My rowing team...Oh.

Garrett Johnson.
We missed you.
Aug 2020 · 111
A little grey.
Garrett Johnson Aug 2020
A little grey.

Don't shut it out.
If feels of eternity.
Again n again.
The grooves.
From the hips.
Left still.
In vigorous thought.
Around the eyes.
Around it all.

Garrett Johnson.
Bringing all that was, forth and ever Close.
Jul 2020 · 354
Oh does she.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Oh does she.

Last step.
Shirt caught.
But she doesn't care.
Through mud.
But she doesn't care.
Looks up and down.
But she doesn't care.
But she doesn't care.
Sweater rip.
I help.
But she doesn't care.
But then she cares.

Garrett Johnson
Like ice adequate on hats, beenies and so on.
Jul 2020 · 135
Spotted Dust.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Spotted Dust.

Side walk mistress.
To the curb.
Bile be the word for low and.
No high to leave with.

Garrett Johnson
Leave it all up.
Jul 2020 · 390
Ode to her flannel shirt.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Ode to her flannel shirt.

The dark horse screams.
The water mimics me.
The sunlight keeps us clean.
The night time keeps us lean
For what.
Inside of me?

Garrett Johnson.
End times for eternity snow globes.
Jul 2020 · 149
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020

The qualling moldwarp seeps.
Crude and distinguished.
For and lived full.
Of rot in the crimson wave.
And insecure.
No high or lowering end.
No result in castled eyes.
Or mothered neutrons of the sick.
Too sick to rest.
Been gone and too many killed by thought.
By the drowning of the subliminal courage.
By the spinal departure in the sands.
And without welcoming of the azure.
Footprinted only to be pulled into red.
And entombed into onyx.
Never to receive the final wail of grief.

Garrett Johnson.
In the way she moves.
Jul 2020 · 389
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020

It stands.
For nothing.
Too nothing.
In the isle.
Of Loath.
And weeping to the ecstasy.
That shown once before.
The crystal eyed.
Slept none.
Cabin soft.
Playing mindful.
Collage of inner chaos.
Volume languid.
It thinks to an eroding tone.
And still present when it leaves.

Garrett Johnson.
Jul 2020 · 192
Said to be said.
Garrett Johnson Jul 2020
Said to be said.

Grime slapped into verses.
Grabbed by infinity.
A lonely grasp.
Swollen faced security.
To self destruction.
Meadowed in suicide seating.
Think of her often.
To leave and ride eternity.

Garrett Johnson.
Convert in island's dorm with love made all over.
Jun 2020 · 99
Evening Motion sickness
Garrett Johnson Jun 2020
Evening Motion Sickness

Twas for the river that I think of you.
About that agony smile.
The denim closing stars following as we walk to "Fourth time Around".
Those grey soaked fingers.
The curls of brown blanketed.
The easy clouded stride.
That soft sight peaking back like film.
The grasp in grasp.
That defying glide from the lips.
The silent dance from the waist.
So wicked.
The further air.
The fruitful chaos.
And the watery time known before decay.

Garrett Johnson.
Fin.     What's wrong/ Nothing...I had a  good time, that's all/ Cool, me too.
Jun 2020 · 102
Garrett Johnson Jun 2020

Once again it crumbles in solitude.
Mourn weeping groan.
Please don't bring it here.
It only causes happiness.
Thick and shadow showering sound.
Like the sick child.
No more.
No more.

Garrett Johnson
It was there, I'm sorry now.
Jun 2020 · 185
Angular relapse.
Garrett Johnson Jun 2020
Angular relapse.

Like a tongue on a hot pipe.
Gets blistered.
Boils in the star in the sky.
And pops.
Picking up even the stongest bones crunching.
The whimper.
The moonlight.
The **** in the head that fries.
Pretend to even act.
Like the little voice beating between the ears.
Meaning nothing and everything.
For everyone and Nobody.
But stills crawls.
Back into an acidic center.
Home that could never be home
And flushed into. . . What be formed into silent ends.

Garrett Johnson.
the ceiling it speaks saying nothing.
Jun 2020 · 95
To the sidewalk at Night.
Garrett Johnson Jun 2020
To the sidewalk at Night

Cranberry to the house.
It's not right.
I feel old.
Like the rust of speech.
Like 3 degrees off and a letter from Jack.
Takes all 2 seconds to get used to it.
The nearness of you.
And the walk back home.

Garrett Johnson.
Don't look back.
May 2020 · 74
A dream I think.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
A dream I think.

Out of the car.
Up the stairs.
Walk around.
There she is.
Talk a min.
Get lost.
For even longer.
Been found.
Found a way
Pinkie promise.
For a song.

Garrett Johnson.
Rehash through cyan on a cold Saturday evening.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
When you know what to do but don't know how to do it.

Eyes for the best.
Going to the outskirts.
Upon the fresh.
New bodies.
All over.
And opened.
Of her
Left alone.

Garrett Johnson.
Cigarette for the troubles.
May 2020 · 208
Arrive to leave.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
Arrive to leave

For all.
Vibrant chaos.
In agony.
Certain of.
Of waves.

Garrett Johnson & Eleesha Mayo.
Thanks for the words Eleesha.
It's walking around a lot.
May 2020 · 101
But the sound.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
But the sound.

Left stood red on the curb.
He sits.
Reading his epitaphs and choice.
Leeching to his lead.
Pocketed mind inside his fine teeth.
Friends free loading on the 2 cent couch.
Bass played Stuntman Randy.
So the Grooves get the gist.
Guthrie preaching Cosmourn poems.
They feel the nail black.
Lagooned in haled land.
Black eyed and far away from gentle.
Coppered Pirates Poets loving.
Laughs the words forming.
Cause back on the streets they are once again.

Garrett Johnson.
Only and all around it went.
May 2020 · 183
For you.
Garrett Johnson May 2020
For you.

You take off your ghostly dress.
You sell it to the baker who's new.
You look forth, back and around me.
Even As I stand next to you.
You're in slumber on the rug in the lobby.
You're coffee lips they seem down.
But I can see your intentions.
Even with your head to the ground.
So there you stand in the corner of the room.
With blanketed sound.
Of rain and Falling neon.
As you remember to turn around.
Here you are walking to me
Placing your ether hand.
To the place.
You wish a kiss will land.

Garrett Johnson.
Saturday night rehab on the walk back through Northglen all the Greenwich.
Apr 2020 · 162
Only but the road.
Garrett Johnson Apr 2020
Only but the road.

With the soda sauce.
Embrace at the space needle.
And playing Neil Young on the corner.
She gets it all.
& owes none.
High parked at a stop off in Gold Bar.
Sleep in the back.
So close.
A gypsy nightmare is just a dream.
Wake to an acoustic cry.
Subtlety in early air.
We slow dance to sounds of Donovan.
And feel the feel that felt it all.

Garrett Johnson
Down by the river.
To wake on the forest floor.
Mar 2020 · 266
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020

None at all.

Garrett Johnson
Mar 2020 · 124
Ode to the most of it all.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Ode to the most of it all.

Nation in white.
Rushing to and from the veins of agony.
Rash and amounted with seas of coursed grain.
& fog streamed from the consience waves of thought.
And Affection.

Garrett Johnson.
Wallow in the pond.
Mar 2020 · 282
Akward insight.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
For Awkward insight.

Why are you standing there?
Well I thought I'd show you my record collection.
Oh, cool.
Do you like... um The Beach Boys?
Do you like... Grateful Dead.
Mm Yeah.
Do you like Dylan or Jefferson Airplane?
Yeah, sure.
******, man!
You did again.
You took too much!
You took too much.

Garrett Johnson
Happens for a reason right?
Mar 2020 · 92
Time again.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Time again.

Soft and mad.
Left Fields barren remaining without a soul.
Later rehydrated with life.
Cleansed for the bossom of the soil.
To be ended.
Intime for the hard rain to fall.

Garrett Johnson.
Mar 2020 · 53
Fragments of infinty.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Fragments of Infinity.

Dabbled in the hill dwellings.
Parades of ******.
Spoons of believe to be.
Sands of purple saturation.
Stranded frozen in Greenwich street.
Felt lively.
From grace of lips.
Only wondered.
& pure.
With the revamped spiral of life.
Given memory to moments of intimacy.
Caught in form.
Of sameness.
And oblivion.

Garrett Johnson.
I was always gone.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Drabbled permease upon tatters.

Lip bricked.
Eye stabbed.
Flower bucket force.
Trauma to the shoe.
Green paint.
Done with spat face.
                                                  Ran for closure.
****** with.
                       Then after shook the hand.
3rd fret.
              Be my friend.
                                      Leave me alone.
Don't go.
Just leave.

Garrett Johnson.
Fall apart.
Mar 2020 · 315
Tempted Significance.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Tempted Significance.

Zero moments did I say wait.
As for the forsaken channel decided to be draped.
In electric blue.
Only to be draped back into clouds.
Passing foothold on lonely function.
& twisted return in waves.
Lay shy in the face.
A cryptic respite.
Embraced by the wolves in the atmos.
Of all self being.
Self too clear for comfort.
& too silent for silence.

Garrett Johnson.
took to Gold Bar and back.
Mar 2020 · 93
Crack in the door.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Crack in the door.

Looking like Apocalypse Now.
He tips his hat.
Reaching to his catacombs.
Why are you here.
Why did you see.
Who has the fix for you.
& Me.
Disturbingly solemn.
Wearing plaid.
Lips black.
Tar for the door.
Thought of all natural.
That is the thought that counts.
But never accounted for.
Looking in.
To see only a picture.
Of a reel that'll last until I do.

Garrett Johnson.
Like he said "like a complete unknown"
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Prescription Vinyl Side Affects.

Early morning- Stared too long at the dark, Drank a glass of what could have been, Watched Fife adventures while painting silhouettes.
Later morning- Started doing mescaline serious.
Evening- Read a book subconsciously, Buried the book outback near the shed, Watched Inherent Vice 7 times in a row, the book was Inherent Vice.
Early night- Drank lots of water, with lemon, drank tea for the cool down.
Late night- Cough drop for the cough, Wrote this, And This, and especially this.

Garrrrett JOhnson. ;)
Meh. Only on the cool down
Mar 2020 · 94
Nurtured Destruction.
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Nurtured Destruction.

Self Loathing.
In emotion.
Corroded by dawn.
Hopeless running.
Water until the sun.
Meets thee eyes.
Left stood under what has been.
& purpose.
All while slept for the early.
& your lover's loving rise.
For eternity.

Garrett Johnson.
only in the mind.
Mar 2020 · 85
Neutrophil Canvas
Garrett Johnson Mar 2020
Neutrophil Canvas.

Twas like the sea.
But still.
Traced on her face.
Whispering peace.
Slow dancing with breeze.
On the unconscious isle.
Swept through the tunnel of blue.
As if dreamt.
Only refined to contrast.
Remembered as lines on her hands.
& reawakened to be found.

Garrett Johnson.
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