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A dream, a crave, a love engraved
A desire, a fire, a vision so dazed
Every thought, so fleeting, only this held tight
Every tear, such failure, for this i fight
Such pain, still settling, that road was rough
Such anger, ****** up, passion is never enough
We may be passionate about something, but sometimes just passion is not enough to reach your goals. You need resources, support and a whole lot of talent. Sad but true.
You’re the fire
I’ll never be
Put out...
I should just
Even on my
I’ll look past
For you...
 Jul 2020 Garrett Johnson
piper m
I saw you glide around the basketball court today like the floor was made of freshly polished glass.
You didn't falter once.
You slid as easily as ball bearings across an endless marble table.
Circling & spinning & swaying & twirling.
Your dress was polka dot.
It whipped sharply in the wind.
I watched you skate until you rolled away, onto a gravel path.
Although your absence was as silent as the drifting of your blades,
As the sky went dark, I really wished you would have stayed.
For the most beautiful girl in the world, wherever you are.
 Jul 2020 Garrett Johnson
piper m
Her shy imagination is a blessing.
Her heart is rather plump with never ending hope.
She says she'll always see the best in me.
I wonder if that's supposed to be a joke.
My words should leave my poisoned mouth, and sting her swelling heart.
Instead they bang my lips with hammers, yearning for them to part.
Her name wraps softly 'round my agitated thoughts.
When she pulls them down my throat again, they turn into sharp and jagged rocks.
Her method is so simple to
keep my rage at bay.
She always says she'll never leave my mind. She'll be packing any day.
when i turned eighteen
you didn't show up
the year before that too
you didn't come
said you were too busy
to swing by
work too much
didn't have time

but as soon as your baby
turns eight
you make the time
you save the date
we made plans to go out
but you shut them down
rescheduled so you
could be around

when i graduated
you said nothing to me
four years of your
constant degrading
i did my best
and you still raged
i was a burden
if i didn't obey

told me i was
tearing your family apart
spit in my face
and stomped on my heart
pressed down on me
if my head got too high
my happiness seemed
to be your demise

i wish i knew
what i could've done
i hate that i hate you
and have since i was young
hate that you forget me
and ignore my rights
feels like i've never had family
that i'm just a hiccup in your life
Shrewd enough to pick a purse
To feed a mouth sheltered under a rain of curse.

Empty bottles and opponent as partners
The fruit of a faint love
Now mine to pick.

Sleep and wake to the sour taste of poverty
Cure in the heart of men that walk the street

Too good to smile at the tartered shirt
Too quick to point our direction

Too heavy a baggage to carry
Too light the burden I offload

Ran back to my sheltered nest
Broken bottles and a red eyed woman
From whence I came
To this world of pain

Opponents as partners
The tattered shelter nature spared us

A smile on the little ones
My motivation to attract a pointing finger

My tatttered shelter - Opponents as partners.
There is pain on the street... a smile can save a soul
 Jun 2020 Garrett Johnson
I used to go
swallowing matches
filling up on lightbulbs,
light lunches

second degree burns
through my throat, I
coughed up blood,
splintered glass, ash

but the moths in my stomach,
they loved it, you see,
flitted around just for a glimpse,
a tiny ray,
blood-soaked wings
sinking insects
 Jun 2020 Garrett Johnson
In this moment,
All swamp air and sunlight spotlight,
Sat atop an old oak log,
I wonder
Who listened
To the swansong sinking melodies
caught between opulence and open water.
Who will listen
To our deep-space golden records
lost between planet and pale blue dot.
Who is listening
To my hushed hums on an old oak log
that once fell and may have made a sound.

I wonder.

And I listen.
Is anybody listening?
 Jun 2020 Garrett Johnson
A lost lamb hides in its eye
waiting on the shepherd  to look through  it
blindness be not friend to sight
sight be friend to blindness
Sitting alone in the darkness
Earphones blasting
Calm and quiet
Feels like a warm home
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