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Sasha Raven Mar 2019
"A phenomena: We listen nowadays music, mostly with our eyes and not anymore with our ears. We are becoming blind and deaf." - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Sasha Raven Mar 2019
They always ask You first: "What are You?", instead: "Who are You?" They will like You for what You are, and not for who You are ... - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Aishwarya Ezhava Sep 2018
They can
They can love
They can be lovers
They can be lovely couple
They are a lovely couple, now
They were lovely couple, once
They were lovely couple
They were lovers
They loved
flower-color Aug 2018
when your internet connection is slow
for a split second you realize
that this wireless world controls you
but next moment you keep scrolling your feed
and in the next split second forgot about it...
forgot how time consuming and deadly is this addiction...
flower-color Jul 2018
sometimes i'm so unbelievably sorry
about things i can't put in the words

they say it's easy to express your emotions
i'ts easy to say what on your mind
and what's bothering you

but is it really so EASY?

that's why i'm so sorry
about... things... with no words....
everything is so easy
and not so easy in the same time...
Yudoni Apr 2018
Man it's a lot of ****,
Analysing, brain frying,
Patronising, always trying,
They disguising, people dying,
Thrown in head first,
Shown how to make it worse,
Suppressed till you gonna burst,
Can't express except through verse.
Powerful men, we can't stop them,
They fight the problem with the problem,
We just ignore it, say '**** it, sod them',
Told what is yours, what you need,
Told off if you don't pay to feed,
Can't find some land, plant some seeds,
Cause its all owned by some man's greed,
I'm still happy, roof above me, food in my belly,
But I can see its all just money,
I just want a garden and a stream,
One day I'll live my own dream. (2/3/2018)
What a world
Fatin Oct 2017
hembus aku nafas kelelahan
membaca bait cinta yg ditulis para muda
masing-masing melempar rasa
namun siapalah aku
mengatakan tidak pada rasa indah itu?

resah kamu mungkin tenang untuk aku
tatkala dunia goncang berebut harta
aku disini masih keliru tentang rasa
kemudiannya, aku melihat lirik mata anak muda yang sedang bebas teroka dunia
indah dan segar matanya
bersinar umpama harapan cerah sentiasa menanti mereka

sempat aku pesan anak muda,
teruslah berjuang demi rasamu
sematkan cinta kepada setiapnya
agar mudah kita kemudian hari kelak

kerana aku pasti
cinta yang tumbuh itu akan bersemi
dan terus ramai...

hingga satu hari, kan seluruh dunia tersenyum.
maka, teruslah.

oct 2nd 17
We have to hurt because pain is what we crave for as humans.
We live in a time when we feel dying is a better option than living.
We live without forgiveness and suffer through the shame.
We have dread in our eyes that we never want to see again.
We feel sad without reason and happy at just a glance.

If everything’s depressing, then where can you be happy?
Where can you love, if love is always losing?
If you wish you were never born, then how can you live fully?
And what if you can’t be bothered, because you believe you shouldn’t have been here to do it in the first place?
What do you do when no one loves as passionately as you do, because you can’t be loved anyway?
What happens if you give up of everything?
Saugat Upadhyay Sep 2015
you are beautiful,
you seem happy,
you are nice
you are cute,
you are sweet,
but you are mute,
because i see you only in the screen..
Damian Leighton Sep 2015
People nowadays are too dependent on other people. As if they think having a boyfriend/girlfriend is going to fix all their problems. Sometimes people need to take the time to figure how to be in a healthy relationship with their self before engaging in a relationship with someone else.
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