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Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
A cup of such and such.

Mental explode.
Through candle light sufferance.
A tremolo remembrance.
Gentle across the face.
A sigh.
Though in hue so perfect.

Garrett Johnson.
Like Frazer, falling.
Erian Rose Apr 2019
my love for you will never die
like the everlasting beat of the stereo.
JR Rhine Jun 2016
I'm dreadfully afraid of silence,
so I play the music loud in my stereo--

falling asleep with the ringing in my ears,
like the distant echo of heaven.
It's heaven.
oni Aug 2015
midnight fireflies;
kisses gone up in smoke

the day she turned lesbian for her best friend,
and the first time he cut himself

the kids will raise their bottles,
and their parents will raise their fists

they will turn the dial on the stereo
until their eardrums burst,
or their fingertips break

— The End —