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Anna Starr Feb 2018
Sober bodies, sober souls
I wonder if you'll ever know
Of the love i have for the tip of your nose
And the frames on your face when your eyelids close

Sober bodies, tipsy souls
Just maybe, one day I'll know
The way it feels when i see you flow
The smell of your skin when you hold me close

Sober bodies, drunken souls
In a state that i want to know
Will we ever see each other grow?
Or will we each stay on paths of our own?

dRuNkeN b0Dy, sober soul

Because I have no choice but to see you go.
Anna Starr Jun 2017
My heart still grumbles from time to time,
Waiting for you to finally satiate it.
You never choose to feed,
And you never will.
Anna Starr Apr 2017
i love your constellations.
i wish i was an astronaut.
Anna Starr Apr 2017
i like it when we drink

the scent of sweet alcohol,
rockets burning through my chest's atmosphere
my head in outer space
i watch you
set aside your branches
as i take pleasure in your fire.

narrow your already narrow lids,
turn the edges of your lips,
tilt your head as your hair slips.
lured and leashed,
that smirk.

*Oh God, that smirk.
uncharacteristically posting non-sad poems who am i
Anna Starr Apr 2017
you still get angry
when you are hungry
you waited outside class;
smiled at me as we intersected paths
we are annoyed
at a new girl in philosophy class
we are happy
when we drink on friday nights
we are happy
when we go on our car rides

i like this thing
we are happy.
this is in reference to my earlier poem, past tense. It can be found here:
Anna Starr Apr 2017
each day and night i try to raise my ribs
each day and night i cry as my lungs fail me
each day and night i sigh as you slip into my brain
each day and night i ask myself why
why did you do this
why do i do this to myself
why am i like this
am i not enough?
will i ever be enough?

at times, i feel as though the world was at arm's reach
i am the queen, the beloved mother of my people
my hot curls are blowing in the wind
as i face the army whose aim is to destroy me

but now, i am nothing
Anna Starr Mar 2017
oh how easy would it be
for my lies to be truths
all would be good and sweet
like eating ripened fruits

although aromatic, these are
definitely rotten from the core
would you dare take a peek
and see what lies in store?
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