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S D S Aug 2014
When the moon is full
My body, heart, and mind
Weary, tired, dull
Peace is yours to find
Restless, violent soul
S D S Feb 2014
Can't sleep, hard to eat,
Full of sick, full of heat
Tortured, twisted sack of meat
Sick of each attempt to treat
S D S Jan 2014
I could really use a time machine
Not to cheat or plan or scheme
Just to watch myself at night
And find the very first fright
Capture the madness before the start
Before it crawled into my heart
Strangle out the darkness there
And keep its whispers from my ear
S D S Jan 2014
There's nothing pretty inside her head
Lips are shiny, eyes are dead
No one hears a thing she says

Her fake smile makes my skin crawl, teeth clack
Sun colored hair braided back
A painted doll all dressed up

Skin's like caramel or ***** cream
Hands float dangerously close
Air for brains and dirt for soul
S D S Dec 2013
I'll strip your skin
with a thought
And rend and tear
All you've got
Violent minds
Make violent hearts
Cold blood runs
And stops and starts
Love is violence
Of the soul
I'll break me down
Make us whole
S D S Dec 2013
I can taste whiskey
And a bit of Soda-pop
When I get scared
S D S Dec 2013
Is it okay
For a grown man
to be afraid
of dreams?

Call me a boy
Or a coward,
I do not care.
I fear.
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