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Stacy Mills Aug 7
Slowly rotting
Slowly dieing
The signs are there
No one looks
No one cares
I reach out
Get pushed away
Hold my mask
I'll die one day
No tears will be shed
No sorrow to be found
When I'm finally
6 feet under ground
Stacy Mills Aug 7
I am just a phase
A temporary object in people's lives
I am option
No one's priority
If I'm that easily thrown away
why do I even exist
Stacy Mills Jul 26
I find that I keep running away, but what am I running away from? I hate myself, so maybe I'm trying to run away from myself, but wherever I go, there I am! How am I to get away from what I hate most, when I am what I hate most?
Stacy Mills Nov 2019
Last night I had about 12 different dreams in 12 different ways of killing myself I'm not suicidal this set of Dreams disturbs me am I going to die am I going to **** myself I don't want to I don't know what's going on anymore
Stacy Mills Sep 2019
So I've been sick for the past 5 days and I was contagious so I sent my kids to my mother so that way they didn't get sick as well and I had a sort of epiphany. The Awakening that happens within each of us is different within each of us because each of our stories are different. Maybe we don't all go through the same hardships maybe we don't have the same views. But we are all human and we do have path destined for each of us to take on our own. People will come and go in our lives and that's the only thing that's constant is that nothing lasts forever. Cherish the things you have and learn from the things you lost, and never forget to be kind because without kindness this harsh world would be horrible for everyone. Do what you can be what you can and love when you can. Each of us has our own path we must take and maybe it's not the path you planned on taking but it's the one you were meant to go on and it's why you are where you are it's why you are who you are Never take for granted the ones that love you or the ones that hate you because each is a lesson and a blessing and even if they do hate you love them because it's not them personally that hate it's just the path that's meant for them.
Stacy Mills Sep 2019
I said, "Love me or leave me!"
everyone left.
Stacy Mills Aug 2019
I wish I were prettier
I wish I were younger
I wish I were smarter
I wish I was skinnier
I wish I did not have to love with all my heart
I wish someone would love me back
I wish that person would want to keep me and not just use me
I wish I could mean so much to someone
I wish I wasn't alone so **** much
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