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Pj Mar 10
I don't want to feel anything
Not anymore
I used to be happy
My soul was burning bright

My smile actually reached my eyes
That person is gone now
I just don't want to feel anything anymore
Put me in the wooden box
I'll have the darkness as company for eternity
But at least I'd be numb
Pj Mar 10
Tonight I lay in my bed again
My memories are flashing through my brain
Wil this deep sadness swallow my soul?
I'm sad I know
Am I enough?
Do I want to wake up in the morning?
Do I really want to live this life?
I feel so much
I just want it to stop
The thought of what once was
Time isn't on my side
The heart wants what it can't have
Tonight I'll fall asleep with you on my mind
And I can only hope you do the same
Because when I don't wake up in the morning
My last thought would have been of you.
Pj Feb 26
With every nerve
Firing like a bolt of lightning
Light tremors sent crawling
Down to my fingers, I'm shaking

Feeling every touch
Time slowing
In this moment
It is just us and nothing else

Heads turning slowly
I feel you stroking my hand
Feeling you sigh heavy breaths on my cheek
Your heart racing just like mine

Down to my fingers, I'm shaking
I feel your lips meet mine
My body floods with adrenaline
Why is this the best thing I've ever felt
Pj Feb 25
I write my feelings on paper
Express myself through words
Letting the dark corners of my soul
Drip dry like a pen on paper
But what do I do when my words are gone?
What do I do when I have nothing to say?
Wil the pain inside me grow?
Wil I explode under the pressure?
What wil become of this stuff I lock in my head?
I need to empy the ocean of feelings swelling inside me
But I am speechless.
Pj Feb 25
If only you could love me like I do you
If only you can care about me like I care for you
If only you could understand how I feel
If only it were that simple
Pj Sep 2019
Dark and twisted
Is your shallow mind
Stringing me like a puppet
I am no slave to your deception
I am not controlled by feelings
Pj Aug 2019
Yet again left with a broken heart
I didn't choose to play this part
I do everything right
I stand up and fight

But it leaves me with nothing
Now I'm stuffing
These feelings inside
Said I was fine, but I lied

I'm a liar and I lie everday
To those closest to me I say
I'm fine thanks
Drinking until my memory is blanks

I understand now
Exactly why and how
People drink pills
It gives me the chills

Drinking their nights away
Hoping these demons they'll slay
Smoking their lungs black
Living on crack

Even suicide
Wasn't on my side
Tried it, didn't work
He's looking down at me with a smirk

Letting me suffer more by the day
This game ***** and I don't want to play
I always end up losing
The pain it's abusing

My soul is turning black I feel within myself
Take out my heart and put it on the shelf
Repairing the broken parts
The world is without hearts

What did I do to deserve this
Stuck in the pitch black ibis
I'm the only one who thinks I don't deserve it
I'm sick, done with this ****

Put the gun against my head and pull the trigger
My problems keep getting bigger
With my dying breath I'll whisper your name
Hoping someday you'll feel the same
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