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Marty Sep 2021
Darkness hides the widows song.
As the pines utter a sweet melody.
Burried deep neath the evergreens.
Hold fast the roots of dreams.

Mama cries, a song of songs!
As the world forgets who belongs.
Baby sighs, as the memory dies.
Submerged in a quaint bath of lies.

Oh but the mystery of dark.
Hidden as the devils embark.
Silent screams on deaf ears
As witness bears through the years.

From the darkness the soul creeps
As from the night, hope rings a peep.
Gentle, mumbling words stutter
For the truth will make you shutter.

Pleading words stab the heart.
From the bones tears depart.
Breathless gentle pleas.
Lost in ever deepening seas.

A final word upon rubber knees
Please! please! please!
Marty Aug 2021
Its 4 am
The windows are locked
The doors are double locked
The hinges have been checked

Ive pulled the covers tight
Tighter and tighter till I can't

Shhhh, hush not a sound!

And now I can't see?

Hush, please!

Where is it that they might be.
The fear is choking the life from me.

I'm awake I'm awake, in my bed
In my bed I quake. Feel it shake!

I scream to the windows.
I scream to the walls.
To one and all, I call
But silence upon there ears fall.

Can you not hear me?
Can you not hear?
From neath the marsh I call.
Soaked with their pain.
A permanent bloods stain.

I call, I fall.
I fall and I call
I scream and I gleam
But my eyes have lost their beam.


Marty Aug 2021
The evenings deafening silence
Surrendered by the screams
Passionately empty walls
Footprints exploring the halls

Darkness on middays' sun
As the tears rob the fun
Empty souls deeper in the well
Devils journey to a patient hell

Tears hidden by the smiles
Unforgettable tortuous miles
Rest not under the pine tree
To the undiscovered country flee

Fleeting kisses upon the brow
Friendship secretly disavowed
Lonely nights plea
As silence comes to be
Marty Jul 2021
Out of the darkness into my room.
Tip toe, tip toe, you did walk.
Not a sound, eerie did you come.
Thirst for my soul you embellished.

Upon my naked neck, chills gave.
Breathe upon the hairs of my soul,
Taunting my sleep, laughter cried.
Screech screech tiny voice whined.

Awake, awake sleep no more!
My eyes open not, fear lock closed.
Pillow drowning, at the hearts plea.
While wiggle not given, urge urge.

Frozen ice in your shallow veins.
Tempestuous smile upon the brow.
Avalanche of growls piercing night.
Breast torn open and heart taken.


Silence, silence gasp for something.
Hand, nor eye from heaven fell.
Mercy mercy upon my knees I lay.
Demons scavenge, cause not seen.

Morrow, where is thy mercy?
Weakened soul and redundancy.
Whilst in thy bed, sleep you have.
Where is thy empathy?

Soaked sheets tightly wrapped,
Embossed tears flood the night.
Upon my cheeks questions flow.
Where is thy mercy, where oh where?

A single night, visit not I plea.
Upon raw knees, head hung low.
Hands grasping at heavens skirt.
Tears departing the dry soul.
  Feb 2021 Marty
I always find a way to disappear
because that's what they did to me.
I can't say it's wrong or right
but it's what comes natural to me.
  Feb 2021 Marty
Richard Smith
The demons are real
They whisper to me
The monsters are here
Don’t try to flee
I try not listen
To block out the noise
To keep my composure
And act with good poise
But every so often
Just now and then
I might hear whisper
That does make some sense
Then ever so slightly the mask gives a slip
The madness exposed
My sanity stripped
Just for a moment the monsters are free
Until I I can cage them
And return to be me
Stress and weakness bring the worst out in people this tries to explain that fact and that it is only a temporary situation for most
  Feb 2021 Marty
Melissa S
Halloween night on this hallowed ground
I stand here among all these terrifying sounds
With the sky so dark the moon barely glows
The creatures of the night gather around close
Hiding in the shadows of the night
Trying to give me a big ole fright
But what these monsters do not know
I have come prepared with my own ammo
Wolf man steps up with his intent to maul
but I distract him by throwing a tennis ball
A witch flies in and thinks I didn't spot her
then flies away when I spray holy water
Dracula with no one around to judge
Was happy I brought him a bag of blood
Frankenstein was pretty easy to fend
All he wanted was to have a new friend
Moral of this story is pretty simple...
Yes monsters are out there
but lets clear up all the confusion
The real monsters out there are human

Happy Halloween HP :)
~No Halloween would be complete.. without a little love spell turning you into my trick and my tasty treat. Most people call me a poetess most would welcome me by sight ..I always write with dire passion and always leave my mark with a bite ~
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