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Marty Dec 2022
Upon the floor your feet,
Shuffle and shuffle to the beat.
Rosey smiles upon your face.
The happiest heart in the place.

Will you think of me when you dance?
I'm sure there's not a heavens chance.
I lie motionless all alone in my bed.
As visions of you put another gun to my head.

Never did I think you would leave me.
There wasn't a chance that you would be,
The horrible **** that you became.
You made our love seem so lame.

Cry not for my broken heart
For you have made me a part.
Of the dance I dance tonight
Oh but so soft as we take flight.

A fine line we dance in the dark
Careful not on a journey to embarque.
Deeper and deeper to keep the screams quite
Into the pillow we bury out of site.

Wrapping the wounds tighter than tight.
As the gentle flow, tries to win the fight.
Tonight was a little to deep
As through the cloth it seeps

Tonight is the night
Aside the cloth I should throw
And not be afraid to go

Will you think of me when you dance?
It is of you my eyes shall be
As past this life I prance
And my God I see
Marty Dec 2022
Goodnight My Love
Why did you call my name?
Did you not feel any shame?
You captured my heart
And wantonly tore me apart
You gave me all I want  
Now you are an evil haunt  
The *** was so Devine
You kept me in perfect line
Your name rang so sweet
Now it is my bitter defeat
I scream for you at night
Only demons come to sight
For my death tonight I pray
There is no reason to stay
A lonely dream that is best
To see the blood upon my chest
As my eyes I close
This is the path I chose
Memories I can't stand
Listen to the angels band
It is the flesh that I hate
In your arms I no more mate
Call not my name you *****
For the blood has begin to pour
They try so hard to save
But the minutes I shave
As the day draws nigh
Gather with a final sigh
In darkness cover my pain
For my life was not in vain
Torturous love only grows
When you realize that life froze
It is with closed eyes I smile
As my feet finish the last mile
Today I love her never again
For her heart I no longer contend
Marty Sep 2021
Darkness hides the widows song.
As the pines utter a sweet melody.
Burried deep neath the evergreens.
Hold fast the roots of dreams.

Mama cries, a song of songs!
As the world forgets who belongs.
Baby sighs, as the memory dies.
Submerged in a quaint bath of lies.

Oh but the mystery of dark.
Hidden as the devils embark.
Silent screams on deaf ears
As witness bears through the years.

From the darkness the soul creeps
As from the night, hope rings a peep.
Gentle, mumbling words stutter
For the truth will make you shutter.

Pleading words stab the heart.
From the bones tears depart.
Breathless gentle pleas.
Lost in ever deepening seas.

A final word upon rubber knees
Please! please! please!
Marty Aug 2021
Its 4 am
The windows are locked
The doors are double locked
The hinges have been checked

Ive pulled the covers tight
Tighter and tighter till I can't

Shhhh, hush not a sound!

And now I can't see?

Hush, please!

Where is it that they might be.
The fear is choking the life from me.

I'm awake I'm awake, in my bed
In my bed I quake. Feel it shake!

I scream to the windows.
I scream to the walls.
To one and all, I call
But silence upon there ears fall.

Can you not hear me?
Can you not hear?
From neath the marsh I call.
Soaked with their pain.
A permanent bloods stain.

I call, I fall.
I fall and I call
I scream and I gleam
But my eyes have lost their beam.


Marty Aug 2021
The evenings deafening silence
Surrendered by the screams
Passionately empty walls
Footprints exploring the halls

Darkness on middays' sun
As the tears rob the fun
Empty souls deeper in the well
Devils journey to a patient hell

Tears hidden by the smiles
Unforgettable tortuous miles
Rest not under the pine tree
To the undiscovered country flee

Fleeting kisses upon the brow
Friendship secretly disavowed
Lonely nights plea
As silence comes to be
Marty Jul 2021
Out of the darkness into my room.
Tip toe, tip toe, you did walk.
Not a sound, eerie did you come.
Thirst for my soul you embellished.

Upon my naked neck, chills gave.
Breathe upon the hairs of my soul,
Taunting my sleep, laughter cried.
Screech screech tiny voice whined.

Awake, awake sleep no more!
My eyes open not, fear lock closed.
Pillow drowning, at the hearts plea.
While wiggle not given, urge urge.

Frozen ice in your shallow veins.
Tempestuous smile upon the brow.
Avalanche of growls piercing night.
Breast torn open and heart taken.


Silence, silence gasp for something.
Hand, nor eye from heaven fell.
Mercy mercy upon my knees I lay.
Demons scavenge, cause not seen.

Morrow, where is thy mercy?
Weakened soul and redundancy.
Whilst in thy bed, sleep you have.
Where is thy empathy?

Soaked sheets tightly wrapped,
Embossed tears flood the night.
Upon my cheeks questions flow.
Where is thy mercy, where oh where?

A single night, visit not I plea.
Upon raw knees, head hung low.
Hands grasping at heavens skirt.
Tears departing the dry soul.
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