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Marty Nov 2019
Perilous dictation
Hammering the strings of consequence

Devils lullaby
Singing a song to never be written again

Deafened ears
Screaming for a peaceful rhythm

Beg, beg no more
For tomorrow shall never see today
Keep the applause to a dull roar
For an ovation shall not honor the pleas.

As the lights dim
And the curtains close
Gather your gaze to yesterday
For tomorrows answer cant be found today
Marty Dec 2018
Upon the satin clouds
Rivers of black parch the night.
Rainbows fade into shadows
And the moon becomes caustic

Thirteen moons break the back
As the ground wonders about.
Tiny lakes tell a tale
And the ears hear not

What shall the owl cry?
As the crevices fill with salt
What shall the ravens devour?
As the grass grows green

How shall the pages be turned?
No story for the words to tell.
Will the tree remember the broken branch?
As the leaves fail to grow.

Will the dirt whisper to the stones?
Or shall they scream at the worms?
What shall my name become?
As tomorrow curses today
Marty Dec 2018
Sweetest of reds
Taunting the child
Such creepy innocence
Stealing the light

Pirouetting down the promenade
Beckoning evil, silently screaming.
Torturing the curiosity
Offering imminent death.

Hilarious paint
Over the creepy soul
Gnarling teeth and an evil heart
Scouring the refuse for the lost

Conquiring the night
Infailable fear of the day
Dont be afraid to come and play
For evil is here to stay
Marty Dec 2018
Oh lucious demons
Plastering salacious desires
Enticing the soul
Binding the darkest hour

Twisted sheets
Tangled around my soul
Mocking heavens journey
With demons delight.

Fingertips Salaciously tickling
Tender hearts strings
Pleading for a moments light
Gasping for another breathe

Passion embedded
Tiniest of thoughts
Pondering not mornings light
As the night fades to perfection.
Marty Nov 2018
Pretentious words.
Mocking the soul.
Scattering the heart.
Knocking at hells gate.

Sweetest words upon the lips.
Glorious bird song upon the heart.
Tomorrows that transcend time.
Yet, halos circumvent the demon's horns.

Angelic heart dreaming in the stars.
With crimson paint upon the walls
Broken hearts and fresh earth,
As the sun stops time.

Oh trio of words
Why did you tease my soul.
And fuel the burning flames.
Marty Nov 2018
Cumbersome and heavy,
Lying in unorganized piles.
Scattered around the fools bedside.
Keeping out those who dare to enter.

Dreary chains of love.
Mincing the amorous nights,
And foolishly obliterating sweet goodnights.
Replaced by darkness and shadows delight.

Demons mockery, fed by soot covered pots.
Shadows mist, teasing the flames.
As the night sheds its cloak.
And the cool breeze singes the tear soaked filters.

Gasping, groping for an ounce of something,
Pulling at the chains, hugging them tightly.
Praying for morns light,
While embracing the love of cold, cold steel
If only we could shed the pain that past loves blessed our hearts with maybe just maybe we could move forward.
Marty Oct 2018
As the waning sun rises,
The darkness creeps in.
Gathering the wings from the soul,
Smothering the love with foul dirt.

The stench of the mornings dew,
Reminds the heart of imminent hell.
If only the grave would be so kind,
As to smother the dying flame.

Dreams begging for the reality,
The reality of a name left for all time.
Written in stone for all to see.
Left for the birds to perch upon.

Dreams of sleep so sweet.
A dream without the agony of love.
Fairytales dying at the shovels tip.
As the last teardrop falls.

Falter not oh dark shadow,
For your friendship I have accepted.
Let your robe protect my soul,
From the tyranny of love.
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