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Feeling soft, cool breezes gliding on my skin like a graceful dance
Feeling as though I'm in a nostalgic trance
Nostalgic of once being surrounded by zephyr whispers
Familiar scents lurk within the gusts and seemingly withers

Flowing memories soon ascent;
Bringing a sense of tranquility;
Rising emotionally beyond ability
A memory having no rhyme or reason, soon descents.
Meaning: What sparked the idea of creating this was just one night just before midnight sitting on my bed. It was silent and I had my window open to let in some cool air and during all of this I started randomly thinking of sweet nostalgic early memories and at the same time sensing and feeling the soft cool breezes come out of my window and slide on my bare skin. It felt right to create this type of poem as I became obsessed with the moment.
Wandering in thought
Descending internal wither
Seemingly asleep in wakefulness
Is this mind bitter?

Externally silent
Internally loud;
Lost in mind with endless drama,
Out of mind with mindless trauma

Departed away in unrest slumber
Dazed in never-ending thoughts;
Clouded by confused wonder
Is this what I sought?
Meaning: One day I was laying on my bed and I started to have racing thoughts. Thoughts that quite bothered me and filled me with sadness and confusion. I felt the need to express these feelings and thoughts into a poem. The specific random words that don't seem to go together such as "confused wonder" truly express what I was feeling during that moment. A feeling of confusion because of why and what was happening but a sense of wonder at the same time at why that happens and the confusion in itself is full of wonder. The thoughts seem so loud but on the outside it is only silence.
In the velvet midnight sky
The illuminated moon hung high
Crickets chirp their melancholy songs
As though the night gave out a sigh

Grim clouds cover the moon
As if with gloomy grace;
Trickles of rain descend
Soon downpour like a race

Rainfall beating like a drum;
Creating a frantic orchestra,
Shooing crickets into fright
Arising ambivalent glum

Suddenly rainfall and grim clouds depart
Leaving its soaked mark on the earth
Refreshing the velvet midnight sky
As though it never occurred
Meaning: What sparked the inspiration for this poem was while sitting on my bed in silence with my window open during a rainy night and hearing crickets and having a fascination towards to moon altogether put this poem into creation.
A mind kept in a dark room
Locked inside a mind
Cluttered minds they become
Forming as one
Confusion awakens

Lost in each others minds
Battling for answers
To ease there troubled minds
Deeper in mind they go

Falling in dark
As if in a void
Endless it seems
Reaching ends meet
They sink into forgetfulness
Easing confusion
Meaning: I was in a dark time during the creation of this poem. I was battling a lot of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical problems. The troubles I was going through created this.
A labyrinth of the deepest emotions
they ablaze within the eye
as if born of fire
the zest for emotion is held deep within  
maybe we are just emotionally emotionless
maybe we are nothing but just iridescent tears
falling from within the eye we descend

lost within the eyes we are
emotions being trapped
screaming out for attention
nothingness begins to set
creating everlasting oblivion
Here I am
Drifting like a feather
In the cool licked breeze
Under the pale moon of night

Where I may go
Only the winds know
I sway and soar
Like a dove in flight

Rising and falling
Like a phoenix in everlasting rebirth
Silently I drift
Drifting in the winds sorrow
Becoming one with the voices of the wind

Whispering to me there graceful, silent cries
Only wanting to be heard
But those who know to drift
Like a feather
To become one with the wind

To sway and be free like a bird uncaged
Will know the songs and silent cries
Of the wind.
Echo of a silent scream
a melancholic scream
a scream no one can hear
but the silence itself
and those lost within the silence

a silent scream
licking at your skin
in a soft breeze as it echoes
origin of the silent scream
no one knows

a silent scream of mercy, perhaps
graceful yet dreadful
it drifts along cold sea shores
under the light of the moonlight
through the ancient mystical forests

unheard by trapped minds
yet heard by those lost within the silence
heard by the ones set free
drifting as if they were this silent scream
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