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Star G Apr 2017
I almost laughed in hateful mirth, when I saw your shoulders tremble in fear. Because we both knew you had every reason to fear me.




Until I realized that beasts are more dangerous when afraid.
Star G Oct 2016
You're an adult?
You're family?
You're wealthy?
You're famous?
You're smart?
You're poor?
You're insecure?
You're athletic?

You expect my automatic respect?



You don't get my respect.

You earn it.

I don't care who you are or what your problems are,
you don't disrespect me and then expect me to
say nothing and just respect you because
of your status or state.
Star G Oct 2016
This is the year in which
no one can speak their opinion
without being singled out or hated on.

This is the year in which
racial tension has increased tenfold
- a raw and pure discrimination.

This is the year in which
anyone who tries to help another
they are looked upon with criticism.

This is the year in which
two different generations clash
- hate and rage spreading everywhere.

This is the year in which
media brings death and pain into our screens
and makes the world seem like such a horrible place.

This is the year in which
no political candidate seems adequate enough
to satisfy the angry People.

This is the year in which
I fear that I'll look back upon when I'm older and
think, "It was a huge mess, that started an even bigger mess."


I saw a video of a man stabbing another man
with a knife multiple times; the scene was gruesome
and I felt sick to my stomach - I watched
as the victim struggled (I lost count of
how many times he was stabbed, all I could see
was the blood on the floor and his flailing limbs).

I read newspaper articles about the deaths
of colored people by the hands of our untrained law
and I read how both sides are growing in hate -
"he should've kept his hands up!" or "it's because I'm black!"

I tried to be one of the people who pushes for peace,
stating that All Lives Matter, only to be cursed out
and humiliated - "saying All Lives Matter is a bunch of bull!"
or "you're stupid!" or "you're useless!"


This is 2016 and it's full of more crap
than any other year of my entire life.

It seems to me that as time passes, our society
and morals just deteriorate more and more.
  Aug 2016 Star G
There's a knot in your throat, but it's not so bad.
You used to tremble into the night, sleep,
The sunlight tore you out of your dreams.
You'd wake, and say:
"Is it over yet? Did I wake up?"

"Is it still there?
It's still there."

You used to think
maybe the fear turned you into a piece of art;
maybe laughing for 2 hours made you art.
It didn't make you art.
There aren't any museums around here.

Day-long anxiety attacks,
months, years,
you still don't feel where you are
and talking about it hurts too much.
talking about it
for now.
  Jul 2016 Star G
The King conjures melody through an electric storm.

"Sensual." Whisper the audience;
and they dance, carving paths into themselves,
arriving at the core of their humanity:
a clearing, a small space where the air is untainted.

Loss of the self, bliss.
Bliss via sound.

"Sensual melancholy." Whisper the artists;
observing from a distance:
No matter how close, no matter how delicate their touch,
each time they pick up a brush, they will dip it in your veins-
they will paint with your blood.

They will smile at a tragedy.

"Melancholy." Cries the boy- but silently,
like ghosts who stifle their cries
lest they scare away their only company.

How he wishes he could speak,
empty his lungs and heart of every sound, every cry.
His throat bleeds through the unstable screeching
and they dance.

They always dance.

"Melancholy. I am melancholy
and you will never cradle my broken heart;
you will never know my pain
for I will never speak of it.

I am so very alone
and you- you who are so unaware-
you are my only company."

Cries the King.

Tonight he will die again- as he has so many times before-

and this is his threnody;

the screaming of his storm,
the cries they do not hear.
  Jul 2016 Star G
rained-on parade

No, don't go now. Please
don't go now; the fog is creating ghosts
out of people and we're breathing clouds out of our mouths.
Tell me about that time when you held your breath
under the lake for six years and still survived;
tell me how if I do that, it'll never work.
I'm not a sea God
any more.


My knees tell better stories than my tongue
ever did, please don't; wretched hive harangues
the mind in a plague, can't you see I'm holding you down
and telling you you're all I ever wanted,
you're all I ever wanted; your head is the stuff of dreams
you're all I ever wanted; you can put your arm
right through me and only feel mist;
I am fog. I'm creating ghosts out of you.


Make it up to me in a rainbow of hues of grey;
at the end of it I'm holding my ribs open. I've never
been more colourful and sad at the same time.
You're the mirrors to my house; stay
has always sounded better than don't go

yet neither seems to work anymore.
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