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Nov 2012
I was out and out and with the special ones
but this about ice cream and a special night
special enough that it was chocolate i scream
special i scream special special ones on the run
she was graceful she was delight she did tell me
i scream should be frozen before the abandonment
of plans of the time slip slip slipping of the shortening
night night night; but i was run run running circles of
triple eights nine times in every hopeful delight slipping
tripping into the abandonment of faithless realities better
being forlorn again in all safety the place fearless senseless
madness self abandoning where you know if you know a thing at all what they say
but we are letting it go tonight again like yesterday like it let go of who am i or why
but he and she are better delightful upon fancier flights where our little dependencies
we clutch like they were blood and air or the soul of our spirit as if these were perishable
but i am the overly blessed i come i go here today gone tomorrow matters not why or wherefore
she we the all the core the heart the better the purest finery of fire caressed caressing the all and at once
but she wills it witnessed within multiplicities blessed by two starting the gathering of the flowering flames
cacophonies of loving choirs simply hearts on fire and little i scream ecstasy dreams yet to gather for it was special
with special ones on a special night with the she 'you' can't say was a special delight who warned me yet forgot to remind me and I reminded her just so she knew what I go through by myself when there is no one in my life who's job it is to remind me of any or all the little things like putting the i scream on ice if at all possible when plans change and you can't get your groceries home for the early part of the night.... Norwegian wood she would have been so good good but better boy must be I the longer longer long lone better forlorn forgotten homeward bound road to witness-less-villinessy messy me-vill still again again still looking to let go again so I am here again...and it maybe 1 pm here now but it was 5 am then and there my friends and it was time to find the one grocery bag with the sacred chocolate i scream!!! walla glopping handful surely finally found paper bag poolful broken out and it's near the end and it's reality and my sacred joyful witness of the night is unspeakable and out of touch and out of sight.... so I hugg as well as i am embracing this gloppy ALL chocolate delight trailing troubling travail into the lessening welcoming of the lengthening night
i scream i scream lick lick wipe drip drip lick *** in the silent dilemma of of the late beautiful madness alone you wish were just night but in then knowing the wonder of together with the unmentionable she of delight i scream all over her in the morning of madness in this overly ravenous end of silent witness of insanity truly for the sake of the sane and what that is thinks believes clutches and would defend **** torture and take to the grave for; so here I
scream as the silent witness of all unmentionable and untouchable delights
Sa Sa Ra
Written by
Sa Sa Ra
   Nick Durbin, K Mae, --- and Timothy
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