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Angela G May 2017
dear young foolish little me,
when you join the first triumvirate,
it will seem like the most infinite, right thing to do.
you will be wrong.

it'll all start off with faint words,
bright smiles and silly things,
in the smallest yet largest of worlds.

but friend, you will find yourself,
on the other side of a fence,
you think you'll never cross.

yet the triumvirate will,
and i do mean will,
lead you down the road most steep and most taken,
until your old self has vanished entirely.

on this road you'll all leap into a lake,
a world much larger and daunting,
but you will quickly warm up to it.

you'll spend too much time worrying
over a silly piece of seaweed,
leaving only a duo to steer a boat for three.

soon they'll grow tired of your talk of seaweed.
the loud one will become silent;
the gentle will boldly curse your name.

the first triumvirate will not last.
and you will not fixate on this seaweed forever.
you will rediscover your old self,
renovated and broken all at once.

in fact, darling, you will eventually find yourself,
in a second triumvirate.
this like the last, in that there are three.
but unlike in that of course, this time it will last.

or so you think.

you will grow close with the young,
who finds the same seaweed just as fascinating.
the outspoken will speak out of hand,
and the triumvirate will be worn.

i am uncertain of the future of this second triumvirate.
oh future me, i am young, foolish, and little.
will this triumvirate last?
  Jan 2017 Angela G
I had a desire to dance, enchantedly I danced all night*

Copy Right 2020
  Jan 2017 Angela G
Edna Floretta
my feet float above the floor,
and flowers fall like rain,
and furniture spins and dances
like fingers strumming a violin
strung from the moon,
my joy knows no gravity
my joy knows no gravity
my joy knows no gravity
  Jan 2017 Angela G
Katie Nicole
i rid my mind
of darkness and depth
and a feeling of joy
is all i have left
  Jan 2017 Angela G
Snigdha Banerjee
Joy is walking in the soft morning mist
looking for the sun ;
Joy is seeing love in the eyes of the one you care for ;
Joy is in watching the giggling child ;
Joy is in the knowledge gained by opening your mind ;
Joy is in chatting with the wind ;
Joy is in wearing an old sweater which once belonged to him ;
Joy is in finding happiness when everything is not right ;
Joy in in the star shining so bright ;
Joy is in forgetting stress ;
Joy is in coming out of mess;
Joy is in living ;
Joy is in dying ;
Joy is in the peaks of mighty mountains ;
Joy is in the echos of rain ;
Joy is running in all my veins;
Joy is all this & much more
Joy is a thing to explore
If I ever find words to describe joy
I have always hoped
It would turn out to be Me  !!!
After all these years; I still explore my mind for Joy !
Angela G Jan 2017
please don't tell me,
that i should be my first priority,
when i am but one out of many,
and many are far more burdened than i.

please don't tell me,
that my comfort is of utmost importance,
when there are things far better than "comfortable,"
that lie far outside of my comfort zone.

and please don't tell me,
that no one could love me more than me,
and do not tell me,
that i can fix all my problems by myself,
that i am the solution to all my mistakes,
and that i am my own savior.

if all i have is me,
then i am hopeless,
and i am limited to failure.
don't lie to me.

on the contrary,
i have a Creator,
whose name has been shunned,
because no one wants to give credit where credit is due.

do not lie to me,
you only fool yourselves.
while you selfishly keep the glory,
He provides for you;
giving you all that you thought you had given yourself.

do not lie to me.
i know better.
and, for your own sake,
do not lie to yourself either.
Angela G Nov 2016
"why are you upset?"
"i don't know i'm tired, i guess."
"then just turn it off."
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