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Try Aug 2018
How is it that something unknown to us such as happiness so easily comes and goes, just like life has its ups and downs to where it sounds profound when it hits the ground as its passed around and all you receive is a bright yellow smile on a ping pong ball.

But the real question is will it trigger your rise or your fall?

Emm Nov 2017
On a day like this,
don't hate me because I showed you my true self,
but do stay because you truly care
On a day like this,
please don't run away if I'm not being sugary sweet,
because not all other flavours but are poisonous
On a day like this,
I cannot think for myself
and I'm too tired to defend anything at all
So carry me in your pocket,
I'll be your little genie
Just don't make use of me
Because I truly love you dearly
No matter how many times you have proven me how unworthy I am
Still I fool my heart to believe we have a chance
I lean back in my bed and imagine how possible it is for me to just kiss you
how I could hold you in my small arms all day.
Just worship and adore you
Enchanted by your beauty,
My mind's firewall has collapsed,
My senses are frozen.
My feelings are numb

I fool myself to thinking it's all fine
My blind heart believed
My blind heart kept hoping
My blind heart held tight with hopes of never letting go

It hurts that you are with someone other than me
I can't give up this crush
I have tried,
Even with all the effort I put to forget you.
I just can't
I want to let you go
But I am obsessed with you
I crave for you love
I want you likeness
You've broken my defences

I consciously forget about you
But that is only temporal
It last only as long as I think of forgetting you
I can't blame you for looking Attractively Distracting.
I only blame
My blind her
Lust weaknesses are stronger than that of love no matter how you see it lust is always stronger. That's why love at first sight lastloanger
Ann M Johnson Aug 2016
Life is a rollercoaster filled with many ups and downs.
Life is a rollercoaster it can sometimes be scary to be swept off the ground.
Life is a rollercoaster there are moments can sometimes be exciting.
Life is a rollercoaster there are moments where you get knocked off balance and feel sick.
Life is a rollercoaster sometimes all you can do is hang on for your dear life and scream.
Life is a rollercoaster sometimes you reach out for your dreams no matter unpractical they may seem.
Life is a rollercoaster filled with little loop de loops that spin you around and hurl you around in a different direction.
Life is a rollercoaster filled with chaotic moments that make us feel blue.
Life is a rollercoaster, I don't know about you but at times it seems for many the ride ends too quickly without enough time to say goodbye.
Life is a rollercoaster filled with heartache and moments that make us cry.
Life is a rollercoaster and it is best to just face it instead of trying to hide.
Life is a rollercoaster it is good to take a supportive hand as we round the next bend.
Life is a rollercoaster we have this moment today to try to live life to the fullest and remember that it is best enjoyed with our friends and family by our side.
Life is a rollercoaster I am grateful that I have this opportunity to ride this ride.
Life is a rollercoaster so I'll do my best to take bad moments in stride, and focus more on the good moments that are held within each new day if I just choose to look around.

— The End —