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Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
And it is tiresome to think
But most of all I drown in sad
Knowing you will never know, me
Like I wish, like I know you could have
To explore my midnight tendrils
To watch me, be
Broken wishes that left scars on my skin
Explore boundaries knowing
Home awaits inside my arms
It is tiresome, so tiresome
To always ponder and dream
Stuck on wishful thinking
So, please
Don't paint me troubled
Think of me in pastels, a breath of spring air
After the confusion of winter's numbness has melted away
Mark Wanless Apr 2018
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XXIII "

You theme you are the only one and crap
A conscious **** excreting mindflex mobile
Bone bag commercially impregnated
With a semblance of life called existence
Firmly pegged in this moments suffering
Or relief of suffering called happiness
By most swimmers in the we turbulent
Through cause and calmed through cause to each their own
Journey a needless needful thing of our
Humanity etcetera moving
So we must go no where or now here to
Be the undiscovered country glowing
Light forms solidifying matter forms
Melting cyclic wonderment of what's this
Shawn B Jan 2018
I don't know how I met you. Inspired.
It's like you appeared out of the thin air.
Newly created...

I held my own, just barley,
As you looked at me, across your dinner table at mid day or earlier.
Like it was early in the morning even though it wasn't.
Fresh and geeky, tidy and neat, And on a mission!
You smiled, laughed and winced in my general direction.
I answered your questions, one worded like.
You answered mine before I even asked, I was mystified.
You're like a feather, from a native chiefs head dress,
Dipped in ink,
Then blown onto a piece of paper made of pure flexible gold,
Written into existence by divine inscription.
Dawson Creek...

I made a sculpture. Five so far,
I cut my thumb, multiple times on this one, multiple times.
Sorry. To number five and to myself,
Bad skills, bad counter-pressure,
Blood, scars, band-aids.
Blood on five, scars on me,
Pouce Coupe...

Between for me equals the space between,
Between Dawson Creek and Grand Prairie,
Like Pouce Coupe, is "cut thumb", in french.
A mother tongue language of somewhere in me, undiscovered.
English is my Papa tongue, the language of, "let's get things done!"
Both pretty good. One definitely more productive! Go!
Pouce Coupe, the undiscovered middle ground.
A french name for an English town.
Pouce Coupe...

Like this sculpture,
Art from the space between, Like the memory of you,
My "lost" friends,
Memories like driving there and home again.
Through memory lane.
It's like Pouce Coupe, the memory of you.
Like the scar, the cut thumb, the memories good and all my bad.
And somewhere in between I'll meet you all again,
Most likely in "Pouce Coupe".
The unpredictable space between,
Pouce Coupe...
Just an odd reminisce of mingled thoughts of things that bundling through my head when I'm doing art. Sounded fun wanted to write it down. So, I wrote it down here. Enjoy
Monotone Nov 2017
I feel lost,
neglected, and
past recollection.
I am stuck in
Painful Oblivion.
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I want to breath the "Missing" of you out of me!
I want to see the shape of that outside my body!
I want to feel its texture...
I want to talk to it...
                   I am wondering!
Would I manage to do so!
Would I hear its voice to break that silence of words!
                   Am I sane!
Am I living for loving, loving for living!
I know one thing!
I am the Love that is still Undiscovered/unknown!
s u r r e a l Jul 2016
one--two--covered streams,
staining palms of the undiscovered,
they have holes in ears--for you--their mouths are wide--wide--open--!
yet they hide 'neath tender shield.

peekaboo, I don't see you.
for the flowers cry not for the see-ers,
but for the cut and tears.

bite into your wrist,
and watch the ache and finished work flow,
into ******* and tired vocab,
as it is merely zilch you're destined to grow.

wide--wide open,
yet you bawl not,
how will you get your food now, O dear?
simply let the ocean run hot.

they will not bother with whiners,
whose lips that starve,
the words now old timers,
and the blood that was carved.

dig deep--dig deep, my love,
and find nothing but ash.
die penniless--die penniless, O dove,
and thrive on the sunken ****.

they drink eulogies,
from soft gray tongues,
and murmur carelessly,
for the young-uns.

the world won't wait--
forever moves it--
**** the weak--the hard workers,
and take up the one shot-ers.

simply how the horse drinks it's water,
and how the earth soaks in rain.
nothing--nothing--nothin' but minor,
and disappointing.

simplicity rings the loudest bell,
and thought sings drooping tunes.
for the world hides not and tells.

and blossoms melt in places anew,
merely brainless--brainless--!
and the shield slips from blue.

for now the world is clear,
and doesn't care for the sanguine ruin in those eyes,
let your work fade--let your work fade, my babe,

play peekaboo a little longer, and drag the sword between the lies.
Even if you feel undiscovered, drag the sword between the lies and bloom them anew.
Paul Sands Apr 2015
unshackled hearts
are easily lost
as they wander
in a haphazard dance of
bewildered wonder
aj Jan 2015
I always used to wonder
why you were never there
when I needed you so badly
you live in Mikey's world
by now you'd think I would know.

You never wanted me
that much is clear
I can't decide what hurts most though
that you never wanted me
or that you never stopped running away.

It's hard to love something
that you never wanted.
But what you missed
has formed a story
of the broken little girl you left behind.

Ten words carved into my skin
thousands of pale white scars
countless tears
so many nightmares
you destroyed me!
and you've never seen
the war that raged in your wake
but I did.

While you ran away
a war raged on
and now I bear the scars
for your mistakes.
lilpoiein Nov 2014
My mind isn't big enough for an escape
My mind, I am trapped in a disadvantage

Usually my mind is as big as the universe
But my mind, is discourage

My mind, my mind, holding on to courage
Making my way to uncover

Another path of undiscovered
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