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i tell myself i'm independent and strong and made of metal
but the minute somebody comes into my life and holds me
the minute arms press against a heavy hearted chest
the second lips kiss a tired body
iron turns into honey
and they
the bee
midnight cuddles are no joke
i am always the i like you and never the i love you / always the i want you and never the i need you
I am all half *** whispers and wrong sides of the bed, all lukewarm milk with cereal and mediocre drip coffee, all tosses and turns and no peaceful slumber
you won’t have the courage to tell her your body is only made up of skin and blood and bones and boy and some days your body is just a clothes rack waiting to be hung and some days you chain smoke nicotine just to feel like you’re halfway committing to suicide and some days your bed will become the only person you contact while the whole world stops
a lil' cut-out from a spoken word i wrote
i am the *** waiting for the last turn of the hob until it boils over

i am the glass waiting for the last drop of wine until it spills

i am the frightened child sitting in the dark waiting for someone to turn on the light

i am the frightened child sitting in the dark hoping nobody will turn on the light
can’t you hear
that in every ‘goodbye’ we tell ourselves
there lies a screaming ‘please don’t go’?
honey, you could make the sun wish it was the moon for just one night to be able to be the one to witness the way you come to life when it's past 1am and you're dancing to the sound of memories rushing to your heart
it's okay to overthink sometimes
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