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I thought one time
that I was something separate
like you can order a burger
without the meat
if you do
isn't it something else then?
it isn't like that
not like that at all
not like you can order a burger
that isn't food
all of it is food
the burger gets it's meaning
from the fact that is it food
burger is a cow
what are you?
where do you get your meaning from?
what are you a piece or particle of?
are you like this?
look, you can see.
I am seeming to wait for a thing which is already here.
It has neither arrived or appeared.
To whom could this One appear?
Is this philosophy? This is truth.
There is a thought, which persists, "Yes, but why this?
Why this life? this scenario? These characters?"
And the reply comes, "Why not?" -
Is someone else somewhere else
living my own wildest imaginings?
It is all an imagining, isn't it?

I wish I loved you as much as you loved me.
Then I wouldn't have lost so much skin in your game
that I thought I was truly living rather than paying to play.

I used to think.
     Freedom was a place far off.
Now I see.
     Freedom is what I am.
I used to believe.
     I was bound by another.
Now I know.
     I am bound to nothing.

Take what you know - as truth -
discarding all else. This is the way.
I used to hold to things - onto a thing.
But now I am spirit
needing nothing. Now all things
pass through me.
I see everything and hold nothing.
this is only a human word
meaningless in reality
I am always now
not in the now
cuz now just is

The words come
the thoughts come too
they come
then go

Free is creating
the universe of which you exist
there is only living
and the mind

There are different ways
various practices
everything goes to the same end
the beginning

a person - family
community - nation
and world missteps and seems
to be forever off-track
even being here
one becomes lost
the appearance of being lost
the sense one is lost and blind
yet still one is here

There is a hard way
and an easy way
a long way
and a short way
complicated and simple
there isn’t time
only now is real
so only now one must see
this is the easy short and simple way
to reach the beginning at the end
Billie Marie May 19
I stood before her a mess
and she chuckled
I wondered what I had done to deserve that
I wondered why I wanted that
how I had called it to me
right here and now
If I return changed
they will claim I am a liar
If I return the same
they will still snicker and talk

The world is unfolding and extinguishing
all at once
I was in school last week
and now I am a wrinkled old woman
The only thing that isn’t funny is ignorance
not funny at all

The world blossoms and burns to ash
all in one instant
We found the secret to keep fire only yesterday
How do we know what’s happened
when nothing ever does?
Then, how’d it come to be like this?
It has always been this way
you see this
The past is like a famished spectre
grasping and clawing at this present life
to mar and scar our future world
A thing is set in motion
and energy does not stop

If I sit still long enough
I will reach the end of me
This marks the beginning of the real world
Present Moment Era
Some times are nothing worth noting
Only the right times come along
each moment we are here
There are a lot of good shapes
to stop and take in time
I try them all
But now - I am always here
They think a me gets made
Just like the me think they are
You can see too
if you look and don’t touch it
If you touch it
you take it on
It covers the nothing you are now

I woke up in a world
where I was the most important being
and also the very same
as every other being
and we all behaved accordingly
Billie Marie Feb 2
Are we in the future now?
like the Jetsons
trekking stars
or are we only lost in space?

If it were another time and place
a different dimension
I would know this wasn't real

I am here
in this time and space
what's making this pen write?
you can't figure it out
what aches this head?
and bid thoughts come?
what causes this pain in the belly?
and the vibrations humming the ear drum?
what is all this?
seems a miracle I am here
seems a story
feels a dream
what is all this?
no living in the mind
what is all this, Lord?
and why have you brought me here?

to be present
here as one
together would be untrue
as it denotes two
help me to know
the language of ancient souls
to hear the words first spoken
of the God of the Universe
bring me to the temple of knowing and being

we are the ones we have longed for
in the darkness and silence
praying for another to come
and yet
we are the ones
we are here
Billie Marie Jan 22
Sometimes I think beautiful thoughts
in words of story and prose and poem
I think these come from the ether
and yet they appear at times
competing with Presence
I am seen each time
and that one seen can fall away
Just scales shedding thickly
now leaving only tender almost like raw flesh
gleaming with translucent light
Tell me a future as you have spoken this past
Are we not always right here and right now?
Can we not correct this time error soon?
This is how I know is it not the mind -
the mind would have this hand print different words
Yet spirit whooshes through it all
blowing over every opposition
because I promised
Billie Marie Jan 21
Descent into madness of the mind
happens slowly over time
in almost imperceptible minute steps
Each one stacked and balanced onto the next
All one must do is tap the bottom
- not even all that hard -
holding all that came after in balance
But tap it you must
and only to see
what emerges from the wreckage
of a toppled life

Tell me of myself
Show me how to dissolve forever
just only now
What is belief
only a concept
What is fear or shame
a program created in the annals of ancient time

Stop complaining
You get more of what you think and speak of
if you can see only love and beauty
your life is charmed and sweet
Licking honey from life's comb
what else is there
what is else is this one life for

Your anger swells in me and mine in you
your button triggers my finger
holding the weapon pointed at you
Are we meant to be here
together in this space
in this same time
ancient gods with modern dreams
I loved you more
than anything you could understand
was greater than both of us
There is a voice that sings secrets to my ears
only if they are bent to hear in that way

To be a portal one is open and unencumbered
To be a priest one is kind and honorable
To be free one is
We are each all these

I came to know the end of me
and found I liked that better
Though me I see is only dreams
stacked up to reach something like what I am
It's okay til the parts forget they're sposed to be dead
Ghosts in a machine that thinks its clean
Oh no, roll up those sleeves
Who's afraid of some big bad and ***** work
Cowards can't beg food they never grew
What you get fed is what they feed you - not them
And the world - one sick diseased world
and the cause is seen
and the sickness is seen
aren't we free now
can't we just put it down
and walk to the drumming and humming breath of the life
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