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Billie Marie Feb 2022
Today is a day
for healing and feeling
the steadiness in the storm
and the beauty of the final cloud
dissipating from the manifest
back into what is always.

Today is day
for stepping into
and out of
and onto a something
that has always been,
though may seem hidden
or only just slightly out of reach
or a whole other incredible elsewhere.

And today is a day
for simple being
and admiring the breath
and tasting the whispers of breezes
and seeing waves of sound
as color
on the wings in flocks of catbirds;
a day for boldness in truth
and tenderness in heart and
leaving dust where it falls
and belongs in the past.

Today is a day
for living now
and seeing what comes
each moment anew;
not focused on clouds,
no matter how mesmerizing,
but attuned to alive and being
just whatever this life is.

Today is a day like every day.

Today is a day for seeing
that time isn’t forever.

And today is a day
for connection
and inter-being
with every form
filled with this life
which comes into this life
being here as you are is life
Billie Marie Feb 2022
We want to see –
see clearly and unfiltered.
I was mostly getting it wrong before.
Mother shows me her vision,
and then I thought…
Ha! See there! How
can you let Mother’s vision unfold
if you think? See. You don’t think.
Thinking is what gets in the way.
I show you what is
and you try to make it happen
with your thoughts,
as if I need help
creating my own world.
It’s already how it’s supposed to be.
I’m only showing you what will be.
What can your thinking
do to make it come about?
You can receive my vision
and just watch it unfold.
As in, each moment, I show you
how and when to act;
what to speak; when to rest.
You are just here – just here.
Do nothing and enfold into me.
Billie Marie Feb 2022
Well, well! These numbers,
don’t they tell quite an interesting story:
Aligning ever so perceptually, perpetually
perfectly with our half-full moon.

We are absorbing only
what we truly are
and honoring release
of all that is not.

The first full moon
of this Master Builder Year
of the Tigress Enchantress
capturing our hearts
and filling us up
to flood our programmed minds
with proof that we are free.

The drowning turns to flames
as quickly as flames
turn to vapor and disappear
into our One True Being’s
Eternal Grace. Smile,

even Laugh Out Loud
at this joyful purge
and holy release.
We are all one heart in love.
Billie Marie Feb 2022
Could it be
that it's called a passion
cuz it passes on?
words are sounds we give meaning
Billie Marie Feb 2022
Untethered. Somehow,
once I become untethered
to the prison of this life,
I can see to focus more intently
on what is most important
if I pay attention to this inside,
what I am, instead of focusing on
the tether or what it’s tied to.

What would happen if
every single last one of us,
all the billions of souls,
human ones, alive,
all untethered
at the same time?
And what if we let our
untethered hearts
lead us to the destiny
we didn’t see
from all the chaffing from
the too tight tethering?

The vision I see is
something like a healthy,
humming, honey-bee hive
on our larger human scale.
Isn’t every working part
so individually, blissfully alive?

I suppose, if the goo is honey,
it's so much better than if it’s ****
or congealing blood.
That is, if we have to have goo, which
here on earth, yeah, I’m certain
it’s a universal law,
we really do need goo.

I questioned the Devi
and she only giggled.
I had to admit, she’s right.
Then, I accepted a goblet of
her sweet honey wine;
and it didn’t hurt all that much at all
growing the rest of my little wings.
Buzz, buzz, buzzing about
our wonderful beehive,
blissfully drunk on Mother’s
Divine Honey Wine.
be here now for tomorrow is not
Billie Marie Feb 2022
longing for atonement
looks like
an enormous black hole
like a huge purple blue bruise
or gaping open
burgundy magenta wound
it seems to swallow everything
that comes near it
this black pit of death
love is not here
go further down
and you will find it
though you may **** yourself first
love rests elsewhere
turn from this negative pull of energy
this is not light
but what light exposes as false light
the light I am
snuffs out all the darkness they sense
they can’t hide from it
and so they want to throw it
onto what I am
making the darkness about what I am
rather than about themselves
being attracted to the darkness
the day has arrived
I no longer shield darkness
I can only devour it
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