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Curtis C Sep 2018
Good Morning September, a new month of adventures, changes, experiences, celebrations, tons of laughs, Big Smiles and Good Times. August had a lot going on and I just stayed in the flow...mostly. There were a few bumps but every path has bumps. August has become a point of reference and I Gloriously step out to the new with Gratitude's Light. Asking how, then taking action when the answer come.
It has been rough for some of us but I will continue looking from the Good in every situation, dealing with the other stuff but living in and with the Good.
September 1st: I Love You, all of YOU and so Blessed and Grateful that you are apart of my Life. Gratitude's Light shines bright on me and a lot of the Light is because of You. So, the Celebrations continue, singing, dancing, loving, living in the moment and knowing it may take time but with each step forward it going to work out.
So with tons of Love, hugs, kisses and BIG SMILES!!!!!
Lets move forward yelling weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
and so we begin...
and so it is.
Curtis C Sep 2018
Sitting, watching a dumb movie that makes you laugh and you realize you're crying. Not a ugly, rolling around on the floor crying but just tears flowing. You ask yourself why this? Why now? You then try to stop it but the more you try, the more tears flow. You start to feel a little drained and you then are in the middle of a full on emotional release. Your first thought is to call someone but who? Then you think, you don't want to bother anyone and/or wouldn't know what do you say?  So you sit and let the release happen and work hard not to judge or label the moment or attach it to any one person or situation.
After the laughing stops, chest is full, heart betting fast, all stops and it all feels good, drained, but good. You realize it's way late and you should good to bed.
You wake the next morning after the best sleep and know somethings are no longer in your heart weighing it down. A deep breath of forgiveness of self and acceptance. You sit and think of the night before, a bit...and you start your day, knowing it truly is going to be a Great Day! No matter what, a Great day!!!
Curtis C Aug 2018
...With me today.
Putting worries aside today.
Throwing it up in the air, seeing where it lands and start for there today.
Dancing in the rain, singing loud and wrong and laughing because I can Today.
Tears of joy today.
Releasing, stepping back, watching and loving today.
Always there and not seen today.
Accepting where I am today.
Loving every moment today.
Because I truly only have Today!!!!
Curtis C Aug 2018
The Journey - On Going.
These paths - ever changing.
The direction - always forward.
The feeling - a Celebration of All, in All, with All!!.
How we do it - together, separate but never and with Love.
Where do we end - We never do, we just continue to Grow!  
Thank you...Life is so Grand and I Am so happy!
Curtis C Aug 2018
funny, today I woke up with a lot of "what if's?"
"What if this, that or the other?"
Hadn't even got out of bed yet and my mind started...
Then suddenly I thought, " What if I just Be?"
Just, loving, happy or sad, open, etc.
Just Be whatever, wherever, however.
What if, I just Be in the moment and
let me work through the moment, in the moment, with the moment...
and just Be?
I can't change the past,
I do create my future but that can't be done if
I don't just Be in the moment, the present moment.
The past can't changed, at all.
The future can't be created, if I can't be present now!
So, today just Be wherever you are, whatever you want, feel what you need, work with what comes up and create.
It's all gonna work out with all the downs, ups and some time...
It's gonna be alright.
Curtis C Aug 2018
Today, nothing to say
Today, is just what it is
Today, being in the flow, working with what comes my way
Today, love is at the base of it all. If it moves up Great but if it's
             just apart of the foundation of it all, Wonderful
Today, wondering and wandering...knowing the adventure is
             the discovery
Today, HAPPY with what is, where I am, what I have
Today, the beginning, the end and the beginning again
Today, a low key celebration but a celebration none the less
Today, deep breath, a smile, maybe a laugh, a song, a dance
Today, no judging. No labeling. No comparing. No competing
             ...just being
Today, Today, Today
              I Love. I am Loved, I share, I receive
Today, is what it is...
Curtis C Jul 2018
Great Day to all of You!
May the day bring Great joy to You.
May your adventures and experiences make you smile, laugh, love and see the Good that surrounds You and that's in You.
May you choose to move forward toward the highest.
May you show kindness and Gratitude.
May you just have a Good time and a Glorious day, Celebrate everything, enjoy all and have tons of fun.
Dance, sing...shake that *****!!!
Much Love to You and BIG SMILES!!!!
Get up, get out and DOIT!!!!!
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