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EtherealOmega Dec 2015
Time for loneliness to settle in,
Hope to the gods I never give in.
The pain spreads like flowers,
Hoping that this wont be my final hour.

As I sit here lost in my thoughts,
I know that it was not all for naught.
I'm stuck here only to watch so far away,
through this painful window miles away.

I clutch at this pendent of mine,
To remind myself of the better times.
A smile always seems to cross my face,
Setting my mood with a new pace.

I hold onto these things,
These things called dreams.
In hope for a better time to be.

- 50RR0W
Once again a poem of my date mate's. When I finally checked back on my G+ I found this on my dash.
Anyways this is a goodbye for now since I'm not gonna be online until some things in my life clear up.
Best of luck to all of you in this game that we call life!
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
If I could, I would hug you everyday
If I could I would drown into your eyes
If I could, I'd escape just to see you
If I could,
If I could say how much I love you
Face to face, I'd be so happy
I want you, I want your arms wrapped around me
Only the opportunity of looking right into your eyes
Would make me happy
But I can't, you're a thousand miles away
brandon nagley Aug 2015

Eight thousand, four hundred and twenty four
Miles away;
I shalt waiteth a million lifetime's
To be in her arm's, tis her I crave.


Tis, I shan't never get sick of her
She alway's bringeth in the new;
Mine convivial consoler is alway's there
When I'm bleeding, feeling blue.


I canst surely count on her
Evident is her affection's;
Whence was going astray
Her glow now point's me in right direction.


So when the old serpent
Creep's his horned visage;
I knoweth mine safety, is with mine Reyna
Sweet Jane, her arm's as pinion's, her spirit from God.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication
Echo Feb 2015
We met over the internet. And we're thousands of miles away.
I may have never held your hand,
Maybe I never really kissed you,
And I've never heard your voice, but...
I still want to be with you forever.
Everytime you post, I seem to smile.
You always know just what to say.
I should've never fallen in love with a boy outside of the internet.
They like to play with my heart.
They like to think everything's just a game.
They like to think my feelings don't matter.
The only reason why I left you,
Was because you were never online.
Well, I've realized that doesn't matter.
I want to be with you forever.
Nothing should come in our way again.
A love that stretches for miles on end,
Grows stronger everytime I hit "Send."
Tristan Jan 2015
They keep saying that it'll be alright,
that I should be happy to be in love.

That distance doesn't matter,
Because love doesn't know miles.

That the loneliness and aching for you will go way,
but when?

And here I am.
laying in an empty bed,
craving for a warmth
a heater couldn't give.

And here I am sitting in English class
trying to listen to a book being read,
but all I can think of is our story,
the life I built for us in my mind

the only love I've ever known
is 287 miles away from me
and all I can do is miss you
and hope that one day soon
I will get to say, "I'm home."
Melanie Kate Nov 2010
Moments like these racing through me:
Looking out the bus window,
stacks of lights
in square, blinded blocks of cement.
Golden trees
turning brown and barren.
But moments like these,
I'm miles away, I'm someplace else.

Moments like these passing me by:
As I wonder through streets,
alleyways wafting in dark sewerage;
Seafood bistros glaring at me.
My hips sway, my feet sink
into exotic sand, sunshine warm.
Floating effortlessly along the dead concrete,
opening my tiny door; this nutshell abode.

And I can’t breathe here
without moments like these.
They are the broken pieces
of my longing heart.
Slowly keeping me together
in these moments’ reality.

Moments like these, slipping, speeding away:
Like endless traffic in angry madness,
in cities that awaken in darkening hours.
The tranquil silence in my heart
guides me to your faces.
One by one I dream for each;
For all the things we want, the good things we need;
For happiness, love, success.
Each thought embedded, embroidered
into moments like these:
Sitting on a bed, millions of miles away,
a cold, rainy day –
A heart beating for moments not these.

(c) Mel D.  Ltd. 2010
(C) MKD 2010
I used to daydream
That you had a TARDIS, and
You could really come.

— The End —