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Jason Cheney Mar 2023
Isn't it funny how throughout life we run,  run, run
Till life and sickness get us so run down
Forever thinking that we would always be invincible
And nothing could slow us down, now how laughable

Half a century old….and I'm still aging
With each passing year, the days are accelerating
Now my body grunts and groans
Because of my rickety old bones

Just to do those once easy to do tasks
Now I don't take any unnecessary risks
As I look in the mirror, no matter the angles
There's no covering up all these unsightly wrinkles

I can see both the past and the future
Knowing that there's not much I can alter
But wait for a gosh dang - bloom'n moment
I now have an untreatable ailment

I ask everyone, What was I doing a moment ago?
My mind swirls dropping cells like unneeded mementos
Life has a way of forgetting about Me
Heavens to Betsy, since when can't I see?

I fumble for my fashionable, old person bifocal glasses
Just to find out, now I can't fit into my old, sportier britches
So out come them ugly, stretchy suspenders
That bring back some horrible reminders

Of laughing at my dearly, beloved great grandfather
And now, I'm the brunt of each round of laughter
Since when did this pop belly appear in my midriff?
All of these maladies, make me reach for my handkerchief

I suddenly realize, that no longer can I run
It's something that I now know can't be done
Nope, no more races against all them young bucks
Hecks bells, now I'll have to get rid of all my spandex

I tell everyone I have to go home, because I have a headache
But it's really because, it's too cold outside and my knees do quake
Now that I'm home, I put my plastic dentures to soak
Then I take my medicine against heart disease and stroke

This life's race against time can never be won
But while it lasted, gosh, it sure was fun
So, hum, now I've wandered off in this sticky, smelly, old nursing home
As I scratch my bald head, let's see if I can remember how to get back to my room

Written by:
Jason Cheney
March 25, 2023
Jason Cheney Mar 2023
Upon entering our home's front door
I smell a smell so intensely pure
As if upon command, my mouth begins to water
My feet towards the kitchen do not hesitate nor falter

I find a loaf of sweet, delicious, homemade bread
This incredible smell goes instantly to my head
Longing to add the taste of sweet honey butter
To my slice of bread lavishly, it, do I smother

The hot release of steam as I cut into the loaf
Truthfully, bread is best right out of the stove
My strong frame melts just like the butter
Oh yes, this piece was just an appetizer

My stomach growls for the next hot, dreamy slice
My desire to savor another delicate portion does increase
As I reach for the breadknife, I remember to say thank you and please

It is said that people can smell Mother's bread upon their deathbed
Yes, that heavenly taste and smell of freshly baked bread
Thus today, I will savor each and every tender bite
Sinking my teeth into that tender morsel, to my heart's delight

Written by:
Jason Cheney
February 2023
Jason Cheney Nov 2022
Sixty-four years before the coming of the Lord
When a war between two nations was declared
The Anti Nephi Lehites were readying to take up their arms
When Ammon asked that they would just send more food, from their farms

But two thousand sixty young men of yesteryear
Whose parents, a covenant of peace, had swore
Began the long march to fight a war
Down near the western seashore

They vowed to follow the prophet, Helaman
What a sight it must of been to see this caravan
Though they were so very young
Perhaps only sixteen when this war had begun

They were obedient to every command
For their Mothers had taught them to understand
That if they were diligent, God would never forsake nor leave them alone
With cheerful hearts, we read that each one was able to go back home

They knew that their parents and families depended upon them
Fighting for God, liberty, religion, and families was their mighty emblem
Therefore, they fought with the might of dragons
And thus, God did protect them, each and every single one

Though bloodied and hurt
They never did cease to fight
Often standing alone against the foe
Their courage and valor, to everyone did they show

Defeating mighty men and soldiers
They stood their ground as warriors
Often fighting foes on every side
And even if they had wanted, there was no place to hide

Often suffering from lack of food
When it was time to fight, upon their feet they stood
Fighting in God's battalion are they now found
The cries of these two thousand sixty young men, will forever resound

Written by:
Jason Cheney
October 2022
Jason Cheney Nov 2022
Moroni, Teancum, and Lehi
What manner of men were these three?
I'd love to tell you a little bit concerning them
If you'll give me a brief moment of your time

Moroni became Chief Captain when he was only twenty five
His lifelong desire was to preserve his people and soldier's lives
He knew his duty was to serve them and his God
His feet were firmly planted in the gospel sod

Moroni hoisted the Title of Liberty high upon the towers
From this, his duty, he would never shrink nor cower
And if all men could or would be like unto him
Christ's joy for all mankind would have been filled to the brim

He did not delight in shedding another's blood
But to God, his military successes, he always attributed
He was a man that depended on ingenuity and revelation
Between Moroni and Lehi, there was much love and admiration

Lehi was also a man of God
By Moroni's side, he always stood
He was a fearsome warrior
Like no other

His life was spent in the service of Nephite mothers and fathers
He constantly defended their liberty from Lamanite warriors
He was second only to Moroni
His confidence, upon God's grace, did lie

He most definitely was a humble man
Yet he fought with the might of a lion
He had to of felt an amazing amount of grief
At the extent of destruction and loss of human life

He stood shoulder to shoulder with all the rest
His presence put fear into the Lamanite host
I'm sure that from dawn until dusk, he did labor
To strengthen the fortifications against any attacker

Teancum, a ferocious and God-fearing soldier
Was also a very knowledgeable leader
It is said that his men were stronger
And more skilled in the art of war, than any other

His men had all been carefully trained
And thus the Lord, them, He sustained
He was Moroni's strong, left side
Over a part of the Nephite army he did preside

Teancum, to his people's rescue would go
His undying love for freedom truly did show
For when all seemed hopeless and lost
He and his men would fight valiantly no matter the cost

Into King Ammoran's camp one night he did go
His anger and hatred for this man did overflow
His javelin did hit the mark
But not before King Ammoran let out a death rattling bark

As Moroni and Lehi anxiously awaited Teancum's return
The sounds of swords in the night could they discern
Then the sound of silence met their ears
To their eyes leapt hot, understanding tears

Though in the end, his life, this war did take
His actions and decisions were never a mistake
For his name shall shine forever throughout history
Not like many another whose names are just a memory

Often these three men met on the battlefield
Never an inch of Nephite land did they ever yield
Worthy to be called brothers-in-arms, were these three
They lived and died as warriors, with only one desire, their people's liberty

Written by:
Jason Cheney
October 23, 2022
Jason Cheney Nov 2022
How majestically flies the eagle
While upon life's billowing currents he is found
The air beneath his wings doth swiftly flow

The beauty of the beating of each wing
Deafening is the piercing whistle that stills my heart
A shrill cry that echoes down from the highest crags

My soul's unfiltered answer in reply
To be lifted up within the endless boundaries of the sky
For it too wishes to soar and fly

Independent from all creatures here on Earth
Stretching for the freedom to reach upward towards Heaven
To rise with the sun and meet each day with such power

What a blessing it is to know
That our immortal spirits may fly so high
This poignant cry ripped from our very lungs

Thanking God for this magestic sight
Overlooking the Earth below
And knowing that with the eagles, I too can fly

Written by:
Jason Cheney
July 2022
Jason Cheney Oct 2022
I feel the raindrops as they hit my head
The cool refreshing spirit that I do not dread
By the master's gentle touch each raindrop helps me shed

All my troubles and fears
And those hot, salty tears
For each raindrop shows me that He truly cares

Written by:
Jason Cheney
May 2018/October 2022
Jason Cheney Sep 2022
El olor de tu cabello
La fragancia de tu perfume
Me eres inocente
Floreciste poco a poco delante de mi ojo.

El calor del cuerpo humano
Escondido bajo las cobijas
Ayyy, tu hermoso rostro
Me envuelves en tus caricias.

Las estrellas dan brillo como los diamantes
Tus ojos tan encantadoras
Me enamoran tus gestos tan finas
Tus fotos tan lindas
Son tan edificantes.

Por Jason Cheney
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