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Kymie Oct 30
In this position of service, you have relinquished all the power to me. As your most precious of vulnerabilities disappears into the warm cavern of my mouth, I hear the breath leave your body in a rush of pleasure.

Do you trust me? I think you must.

The taste of you is intoxicating and a hungry noise builds in my throat. As my tongue explores the ridges that intrigue me so, I feel you fidget with need - frustration. I want to ease your body the way you ease my heart.

You slide your fingers into my hair and pull me in.

The rhythm begins -
as old a the souls that first made them -
each stroke is natural but still new.

Time is no factor -
for hours or seconds
we are one in our mind and purpose.

You begin to move with me; anticipating the dance my mouth is leading.

Faster and faster -

a race to ecstasy.

Forward and back

In and out

Back and forth

Short and long

Slow and quick

I know it’s close. My eyes are watering with the pain of your fingers in my hair and my own need to feel the end.

The cliff is here and your movements falter. You cry out my name as I feel you swell in my mouth.   I pull you closer as your hot essence floods my throat. Your hand moves down to my neck where I know you can feel me swallow the love you give to no one but me.

It is everything. My heart beats in my ears, drowning out my muffled moans.

We float down together - dizzy with joy.

I lay my head on your thigh as you stroke my hair - breathing hard from the rush. Here, in this moment, is where I want to stay forever. Now and always, I am only yours.

your warm hand in mine,
fingers intertwined.
grasping onto hope,
wandering helplessly,
but fully trusting
in the unknown.
Ally Oct 19
I awake in the early hours

birds singing

enjoying their feast

my hands exploring your body

Naked flesh on my fingertips

perfectly dreaming

about your touch

ever abandoned

Sleepy slumber dreaming of you

in loving embrace

interrupted dreams

with morning brew

These are the moments

I look forward to

Until the day you search for

my naked body on your fingertips
Aduain Jul 8
He Feels;
Sail away, my love,
To where the sea meets the sun,
Although we have parted,
The day will come

When together we meet,
After time absolute,
Makes the parts again whole,
The dress and the suit.

Your life was my own
Our joy it has passed,
But the light still shines on
And the love it still lasts.

She says:
Take care my sweet partner
Your life is to lead,
Don’t mourn me to long
As you must proceed

To take care of our loved ones,
family and friends,
Through life’s ups and downs,
Its potholes and bends.

Look for the good!
Make sure to have fun!
Do not be afraid!
To love another one.

The recognition:
I will not forget you,
Of which I am sure,
But I have another life,
For which to prepare.
So, I look forward with hope,
I’ll leave you to rest,
I learned to love with you
For that, I am blessed…
Tell me, I want to know
Tell me about the moments that made your hands shake
Tell me about the first girl that kissed you dizzy
And the first person to make your heart break

Tell me about all the places you want to see
And about your favorite music, color, and flavor of tea

Tell me about all the special things in your life, what you want
And what you wish for in your future wife

Tell me about how you wish you had all the time
And who you want to be from strangers to she-is-mine

Tell me about the goodbyes that hurt the most
About all the achievements you are proud of
And the thing that you love to boast

Tell me
Because out of all the people who come and go
You are still the only one I wish to truly know
Emily Feb 18
They danced.
Till pinks and blues joined the moon
and marigolds painted the ground gold.
The night ending far too soon.

The years advanced.
Their bones too old,
to dance the night away.
But the marigolds
in the bouquet
remind them of the good old days.
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