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Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
I don’t want a domestic engineer
I don’t need to live off your career
Only the things I know and feel
But cannot say unless you are here

I don’t need more than two candles
And shadows on painted toed sandals
Only the things that a smile can feel
And never spoiled by doubting vandals

Every girl has a man waiting somewhere
That’s how she keeps her interest to herself
I’m gonna’ have to change her point of view
Instead of me she takes pictures of herself

I don’t want to just pass the time
I don’t want how are you I’m fine
Walk past me looking too busy
How can I unclutter your mind?

Every girl has a man waiting somewhere
That’s how she keeps her interest to herself
I’m gonna’ have to change her point of view
If she’ll just look up she’ll see something else
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
I'm not crazy enough
To believe the world can be one
But I know a home and food
Is the way peace will come

It's not the race we should fear
It's the man who cannot feed his son
When it becomes nothing but blame
Anger lives where there once was none

How many times
How many times
Did someone give you a hand
Why is it so easy
To forget who lost their land?

How far the living have come
Though the dead cannot speak
What is the world of heaven about
Is it the only thing the poor can eat?

He doesn't want you to hate him
He was happy just the other day
Someone gave him a smile
It reminded him love is not far away

How many times
How many times
Did someone give you love
Why is it so easy
To forget what peace is made of
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
How clever must I be
First I must untwine
The heart from the mind
Then I will speak plainly
And not in rhyme
You won’t know what
There won’t be a sign
It will only be a feeling
You’ll be happy this time

I don’t need toys anymore
Not if they cost money
That’s not important to me
Not like it was before
I can only see what is free
The way I think of you
Easing the pain you see
If I could make you notice
The sand cannot be the sea

She tried to ignore me
But maybe not
That’s what desire thought
I imagine what I can’t see
It’s not what can be bought
Not what had cause to weep
What life finally taught
Was how alone fear can be
If my heart says it cannot
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
It’s more than I could see
I had to trust you were really there
I tried to find something for you
Something to help you find me too

You are hanging onto the wind
Spending time looking at a birds wing
Wondering how it could be so easy
When life for you never was

You lie in bed wondering when
The young girl that had her choices
Would at least be noticed again
I'm telling you I did

Getting older is like musical chairs
Running around for one last love
There’s no time to make them wait
But if I must then my life is for you

I can’t change your past
I can’t, I just can’t my love
But I can tell you it's not you

You lie in bed wondering when
The young girl who grew up
Will find her last true friend
I'm telling you I am
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
It was thirty six years ago today
Sergeant Pepper has nothing more to say
He never did go out of style
But a bullet erased his smile

They blew his mind out on the streets
He didn’t notice that the times had changed
A crowd of people turned and stared
They wondered who they should blame

He laid his heart in the fields
His mind protected from hate
Strawberries will forever grieve
Over the violence of his fate

We played his mind games
While he gave peace a chance
Why didn’t we know it was real?
His feelings not a song and dance

Will we ever come together?
Dreams are like diamonds in the sky
He asked that we join him
Though love and peace had to die

Another man of peace they had to ****
We cried even though it was God's will
I'd love to turn you on to him again
Come together, find a new friend

Number... number nine... number nine
We're talking evolution not revolution
Number nine... number nine... number nine
Never forget to imagine the solution
He was murdered thirty years ago today. I'm 59. The Beatles were everything. It's hard to imagine it but we all felt connected when they were together and then they took him away
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
So what are we doing, falling in love?
I feel the chains of my life fading away
I never knew another heart’s calling
Could ever draw me near this way

I only told you one time how I felt
There’s no expectation, no game to play
I wanted you to know, there was love
Walking around your life, ready to say

I’m not worried about telling you these things
It’s not easy hearing such a surprise today
You never thought it, life had already chosen
I didn’t expect you to follow as I walked away

Your dream paradise can wake up now
Between the time you laugh and pray
The spirit that we hold with both hands
Is more than just a glimpse of love today
Mark Lecuona Dec 2017
You asked me what I think
I told you with my hand over my heart
It was only to show
Right or wrong, my opinion is all my own
I will live with it, but I want to hear yours

There is no reason to stop trying
Convince me, I want to know more about it
It’s what I want to know
That what is true, the opinion that you own
Is because of the life you live and endure

We hear so many voices
They just want to be heard, and we do
I’ve messed up everywhere I go
As soon as I know, then I realize I don’t
The things I feel sometimes make me unsure

I don’t know how far I can see
The horizon changes but never life’s misery
I don’t want to fight about it though
You tell me everything that you will or won’t
I still hope we can live behind the same door
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