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Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
Well I'm away now
It's not the same as it once was
It might look like it to you
But the past won't be my last

I'm ready for the next big thing
But it has to be my idea
You may never know it
I can say no and make it so

Some things just won't go away
One day you just accept it
It's part of your life and you live it
Or you ignore what happened before

No past no future how long do I have
If someone would just tell me
I wonder how I would live in the now
Would I be leaving, would I be grieving?

I want to be about hope
Not so much for my own worth
But just more time and temperance
And for you, you know it's true

One day I will let myself go
That is the void I haven't crossed
It is my mind without fear
To lose as long as I choose
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
I made my choices
They are what they were
Good and bad
I know I meant well
I know I made someone sad

I'm not a mystery
If you want to know
Just ask
I am not ashamed
Not of my past

Why would I want to hide?
Maybe it's because I'm tired
I've said so many things
I've thought even more
I'm bored of the song I sing

Maybe I'm just getting started
It took a life to begin again
I know so much
Is it all holding me back?
I need a lighter touch

Staying close to the night
Time was upside down
My eyes open when it's time
Fatigue once told me
I'm the sentence for your crime

Is the world ready for love
I know my children are
Will it hurt or make them mad?
I wish I knew their path
I'm like any other Dad

I'm a light in a cave
It goes deep
But it's not dangerous
The walls are marked
You don't have to be courageous

I can see myself clearly
It's you who is the mystery
Quiet and calm
What are you on the inside?
What does it say on your palm?

I already said I love you
I'll say it a thousand more times
Will it all wear you down
Will you want to hear another voice
So in mine you won't drown?

How soon will I know
Will the book be long enough
To be worth the last page?
I wonder if that is how you think
Or is it day by day as we age?

I can live with who you are
I won't judge the path you were on
How could I when
I was the one
Standing alone at the end?

There is no will power to summon
It's easy to love what is good
There is no temptation anymore
I know what I have now
It's not like anything before
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
I don’t have any style
I might have a religion
There’s nothing in my threads
Maybe just my opinion

There’s a place to start
It’s not knowing anything
The older I get, you know
It’s back to the beginning

It’s a feeling inside
I know it well
It’s the same as yours
The one that knows
But will never tell

Why am I here anyway
Was it just for my folks?
What did they get from me
Some love and a few jokes?

You know I’ve grown
But not in how I dress
I’m trying to be calmer
I learned from duress

It’s a feeling inside
I know it well
It’s the same as yours
The one that knows
But will never tell

I have a mental flashlight
And a heart-shaped microscope
I’m not confused for long
Or fall in love without hope

I can’t say it enough
Eventually I’ll decide
I might stare for a while
But then, the feeling inside

It’s a feeling inside
I know it well
It’s the same as yours
The one that knows
But can never tell

There’s no reason
Is meaning important
My emotions say yes
They’re my informant

To know myself
Then always to act
If the truth always hurts
Will you ever come back?

It’s a feeling inside
I know it well
It’s the same as yours
The one that knows
But can never tell
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
What is the motivating driving force?
Will you see it through in some way?
It's not a hit, nobody knows it
Can you make yourself anyway?

What new ideas do you have?
Don't say you're too tired
How much time are you awake
Yet you say you're retired

But from what, is comfort all there is
Empty your pockets, remove your ego
Forget success, it ****** the life out of you
Radicalization is where creativity goes

A projected furnace, burning the wall
Floating away, learning to drift
Contact with leaves, the wind parts
What makes no sense is the seismic shift

Holy hands, touching the air
Was it ever in your nature
If only you could find it, discover it
But money was the wrong teacher
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
There's plenty for me to cry about
So many hearts in heaven touching mine
At least it was real and it's still the same
But your eyes, where I now see the truth
It's where I finally understood time

Passing quickly and taking it's toll
On the way we live and the way we love
Too much for granted, too many mistakes
But what I could never understand
At least I do now and what it's made of

It's not a long night without missing someone
But heaven is always bathed in the light
It passes quickly for spirits that finally know right
While we learn the hard way after it's done

You help me live, you help me give
Even though I don't always know it
The way I look at you, a reflection
Of the things I wanted to see
I need you more than I like to admit

It's not a long day without missing someone
But what ends begins again in the night
Feelings that once fell short become so right
When everything becomes what was once none
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
i want to love
but not just you
i want to love freedom
and taste of its fruit

but for those who cannot
by either the law
or by another man's hand
love is all they have

yet it must share its place
with hate and bitterness
and what is love
that cannot live freely
in the heart, unbound
on the land, unchanged?

it is not love at all
it is something else
that cannot wait
for tomorrow
or for heaven

for if today is life
and freedom is not
then it is no life at all

it is only death
Mark Lecuona Feb 2020
I won’t ask personal questions
I can’t really prove myself to anyone
It could take a year or a day
I won’t give you suggestions
Unless you ask me to
Maybe it’s just better to pray

The past is the past
you can tell me things if you want
but somebody like me,
new to your life
may not be able to confront
the lines they drew,
on your heart, on your face
the one’s you carry, good and bad

When memories can’t hurt anyone but us
When we don’t know how much time we have
We won’t have to say their names out loud
Because the echoes of their voices remain
What is the point of it airing it all anyway
When what we know now is we’re both proud

You had to love somebody
Out of all the hearts in the world
When it was my turn
You’d given so much it hurts sometimes
It’s not a tree for me to chop down
It’s only a wish, what took us so long?
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