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Louise Nov 2023
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Did the past month really occur
Or I just hallucinated that we met?

Consectetur adipiscing elit
Did I regret it
Or did I wish I stayed longer for a bit?

Sed do eiusmod tempor
Did you regret it
Or are you wishing now for more?

I'm just another design page,
whose lips are a passing, familiar symbol.

A replacer,
You're just another pretty face,
whose eyes I already forgot the color.

We move along and away,
Get on with our diring days

I couldn't even dare call you a lover,
we really just both filled each other.
Placeholder text, underwhelming ***
Delicacy8100 Apr 2022
A normal night arises,
we take comfort with one another as we have in many past connections.
You reach for me I oblige.
My body yearning for its pleasure,
a silent request for more than traditional
I grasp you with a deep ****** of my body.
Pulling my leg up resting it on your left shoulder I
slowly pull your lips to mine.
Dropping my right leg connecting our bodies,
our toes gently touch.
I can feel your smile, as our bodies naturally take their own course
gripping together.
Your body heated your rhythm climbing
I pull away just enough to include your hand allowing you to feel me as your manhood penetrants.
Guiding you gripping you with nothing more than my lady.
I plead for you to lay deeper
allowing you to experience my true pleasure
Your one finger touching gently my lady's grip tightens
our stare
opening up as you experience my ****** control.
Loving one's self is knowing your place in the world.
Delicacy8100 Sep 2021
Life was unkind, writing brings me light.
Most of my writing is trashed.
In hopes, the world around me can't see who I am.
Words are kind.
No thought left behind
Spilled time in ink reassuring myself, freedom of speech.
Overcoming Life
Challenges taking in context.
Delicacy8100 Aug 2021
Time is.
Time takes.
Time lives.
Time has beauty only seen in moments of its existence
Time is the unknown
repeating routines of its experiences.
wonder surrounding time,
giving moments, expanding existence.
Leisures linger in wonder.
Grasping moments.
Time is.
Time takes.
Time gives.
Every moment given is a chance to expand knowledge.
Devil's Poet Apr 2021
We seek out a new world
explore what we can
Find to creatures in the land
whether you be a woman or man
You dive headfirst into the challenge
Not prepared for what might happen

To find what was lost
and bring back home
just to study the unknown

Suppiles is limited so use it wisely
Time is percious
but don't rush

Be aware of what lurks in the dark
animals like we've never seen before
hidden deep with the ground

Some may hide out of fear
of what could be there
But in your mind
you say

"You never know until you get there"
living by your words

Even if it means
travelling to the darkess city
or a lost forest
even a cave no one has ever seen.

You do it for the fun
and for the rush
It's like a new adventure every day

"What's next?"
is what you'd say
Far away from here,
There is somewhere.
I dnt need to cry,
and bow down to all your whys.
The questions and demand,
Here i  burden myself with all your commands.
But somewhere,
My view matters,
My choices are better,
I dnt need to follow command
And my desire expand.
I wish to meet you there too,
So that you see how happy i am without you.
Meet me there in a better place
Peter Tanner Nov 2019
The bird struggled to its feet
The day had finally come
In fear the bird gave a small tweet
The first flight is frightening to some
Fly or fall, two options nothing more nothing less
To me this is comparable to my own stress
I asked her out, she said yes.
I thought my trial had ended
I flew from the tree and didn’t fall
But now is the greatest test of them all
Will I survive the world of prey?
Or will I fall victim and dark be my days?
No one knows til the end is come
Not even the bird itself until it has lived a full life and bourn it’s young.
Or one with the earth the bird has become
She said yes but will the first date go well? If not will it spell the end?
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