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All hindrances which doth come against me
I deem thee unwound and broken down
All powers which doth hinder and refrain me
I deem thee uncrowned, and henceforth bound
All blocks and breaks thee hast forced upon me
I return upon thee three hundred fold
All chains with which thee hath so long bound me
I imprison thee for unending time untold
All blessings thee hath withheld from me
I claim and receive with all heart, mind, and soul
All abundance thee hath withheld from me
I claim and receive, not in part, but in whole
Daniel Smith
Diary of the ******
Chapter 2
Tuesday, February 4th, 2020
Bleeding Darkness and Light

The gods sometimes see fit to bestow upon me blessings
While devils only always rejoice in my cursings
The curse of the truth I oft’ fail in addressing
Is though my cup runneth over, I oft’ find I’m thirsting
For despite moments flying with my back to disgrace
There is always a fall as new tears scar my face
Just as dark becomes light, so does light become dark
And betwixt hell and heaven, I’m left falling apart
Both my demons and angels rage on ‘til my death
With no victory left certain ‘til I take my last breath

Embrace one or the other, I’ve been told all my life
Hands stripped to the bone from ferocity’s clutch
The shine and the shadow both enthrall and entice
No matter the choice, there are those quick to judge
Condemning both sins and good deeds I’ve done
Each a nail in the coffin of a heart forged in agony
Every trespass ill spoken, every kindness unwon
My darkness and light equally perceived as malady
But when darkness and light coexist hand in hand
In embracing them both, am I cursed to be ******?

The sun and the moon share an endless romance
Crawling light, creeping shadow in endless array
Each dusk and each dawn, living ghosts which entrance
Light and shadow embracing day to night, night to day
As the sun illuminates certain features of beauty
So the moon emphasizes gorgeous features its own
To say one is any lesser than t’other be cruelty
A blasphemy some will still fail to bemoan
In judging me as lesser, the folly be thine own
For in darkness, as in light, I am equally home

Let my angels rejoice and my demons entice
I embrace light and shadow with paint and with pen
Both my tears and my laughter I have oft’ sacrificed
In both losing myself, and finding myself again
Learning both the gods and monsters I’ve battled are my friends
Each leading me to where I should always have been
Embracing myself as a whole, not in part
Winning wars with myself where once I did flee
Portraying it all in my words and my art
Both reality, and imagination set free
Daniel Smith
Diary of the ******
Chapter 2
Sunday, January 26th, 2020
When now and forever may feel like not ever
When push comes to shove, and your heart hits the floor
Each time when you wonder if things will get better
Remember just what it is we're fighting for
Though it seems far away
Come a time
Come a day
Everything we've been dreaming will be in our arms
Hear me now when I say
You're my life
You're my way
Although I can't protect you from all of life's harms
This is our love story
Take my hand
And trust me
Together we'll weather the wickedest storms
For Angiel

Diary of the ****** - Chapter 2
Gaining momentum through murkiest mists,
The lacking of sight learn to feel their way along……

“Wherefore hast thou been, Squire Dingus?”
Asked Idiocy, with a wink and a smile.
“I’ve been to the end of this verse, and reverse”
Said Dingus to Idiocy, in shades of denial.
“I’ve been to the end of this verse, and reverse…?”
Asked Dingus of Idiocy, with a wink and a smile.
“…Wherefore hast thou been, Squire Dingus?”
Diary of the ****** - Chapter 2
What can we say
with blinded eye
to those who do not see as we?
Neither eye for eye
nor tooth for tooth
will e’er disguise or rewrite the truth,
let alone erase the fact
that we oft o’erlook this grimality:
being a prisoner
or being set free
depends upon our actions’ definition of truth.
Diary of the ****** -- Chapter 2
Scarification of word upon page
Insanity’s bleed of the heart, mind, and soul
For better or worse
In darkness
In light
Neither silence nor rage relinquish control
Through flights of such fancy
In falls of despair
Rejoicing and mourning too quickly in turn
I yearn for the pages
My wounds must be scratched
Thoughts screaming like banshees
Yet, my essence still burns
Raging on despite shadows devouring flames
Through the madness and hunger
I’m starving for more
I implore hell and heaven
All time in between
Release me from nothing to all that’s in store
I know there’s a flow that shall wash me away
‘Til the shores are awash with the wreckage of sane
Let my veins leave their stains
Until all that remains are the words I most need to say

I pour out my heart and the poisons therein
So often left choking both ways
How it rips me apart
Every stitch of my heart
Each alive to the part they so willingly play
Every off-kilter beat
Each advance and retreat
Merely passion and madness refusing to die
Every veil rent asunder
Every spell that I’m under
Alive in the echoes of lifetimes gone by
Endlessly melting in stammerless form
As the norm and the oddity meld into one
May my ink cut me deeply
Be each death not in vain
May the lifeless of spirit again be reborn
Diary of the ****** - Chapter 2
Wrapped up in such loneliness
I pine in regret
Of all the years I have let pass me by
There's no way to attone for the time I have lost
While they whisper in screams of your name
Yet, I'm home in this place
For its where knows your face
And falls ever further each beat of your rhyme
I can never forget our moment in time
I know I'll never be the same

I have taken from me all but my misery
Though each smile is sincere
Every one masks my pain
For in life, as in love
I have lost more than won
Even so, all I have is my everything
If my smiles would only wear masks of sorrow
Maybe I could unbreak my demise
But my heart always leaps off quick as a blink
With each word from your inkwell tongue
Diary of the ****** - Chapter 2
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