Bo Burnham Nov 2015

She waits. How beautifully she waits.
How impossibly lovely she is
with a thing so passive.

With what weight she waits,
making her bus or boyfriend
(or whatever she waits for)
seem like a first brunch with Christ.

She waits regally, in perfect contrast
to the drooling buffoon describing her.

Styles May 2014

I Say "Hi"
A Beautiful Stranger
She Keeps Walking
We Pass By
I'm Just Looking
Corner Of My eye
Foxy Little Lady
She Is Sly
Lips Stay Sealed
They're My Alibi
Felt Your Eye
Gave A Reply
You Said "Hi"
Not Being Shy
I'm With Her
That's Your Guy
Our Little Secret
Eyes Don't Lie
My Beautiful Stranger
Walk On: Bye.

eliza bonnet Jan 2014

conversations run dry
not wanting it to end
but endings are inevitable

you can only talk about something for so long
before the jokes are no longer funny
and the punch line is over used

forcing it to run on makes it awkward
and causes anxiety

but conversations run dry
not wanting it to end
but endings are inevitable

Dany Sep 2013

sleepless nights
and countless attempts
of flirting with death.
fear and loneliness
until the last breath.

DieingEmbers Mar 2012

I saw the letters

that you tried to hide from me

infact... We all did.

Bo Burnham Mar 2015

I like that thing you do with your tongue.
What do you call it?
Yeah, I dig it.

Sara Jones May 2015

If you ask my friends what I've become
They'll start singing song lyrics
"Tried to find you t the bottom of a bottle, laying down on the bathroom floor"
"You're gone and she's gotta stay high, all the time, to keep you off her mind"
And by God they wouldn't be wrong.
I've taken up these habits and made them my own
Creating my own personal bubble that's headed straight for hell
I'm not saying what I've become is all your fault
But you certainly contributed to my status.
My chain smoking, my drug use, my increased alcohol consumption
My need to drive dangerously fast, stepping into traffic, my laying on blacktops
To everyone I know, it's as if I'm certainly flirting with Death
And I guess its true
And I'm not taking 100% of the blame
Some of it is on you.

Envious Dec 2014

We live together, you and I.
Yet you act like we're just room mates.
Recently you've been flirting,
With girls that you once loved.
They're all in relationships,
And hey, so are you.
But that's not stopping you, no.

You called her by a nickname,
One you only called me.
Or so I thought.
So much for being special.

Not a real poem, but something I needed to get off my chest.
ME May 2014

you are
so good at flirting
or am I
too naive not to see
in the end
it is
just another game
of you

Antonio Sep 2014

"Men are accessories and not necessities,"
she proudly remarked with a
delicious smug.

"Well then,"  I replied.

"You should strap me on
until you've worn me out!"



A clever retort I used with much success many years ago.
Chuck Jul 2014

Flirting with the devil
That lives within
Exciting and dangerous

Charlotte Aug 2013

i'm flirting with a boy
for the sole reason
that i am desperately lonely
and i want the attention
that he is so willing to give me
i'm flirting with a boy
because it makes me feel wanted
and that is a feeling
that you forgot to give me
long ago
i'm flirting with a boy
and i think i'll break his heart
not because i want to
but because you do not want me

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