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DieingEmbers Jul 2013
On silken wings and silken strings
the garden doth awake
and from their beds those sleepy heads
their petals gently shake
a snail or two say how are you
as bumblebees take wing
to nectar sweet with sticky feet
as skylarks start to sing
a ladybug sleeps yet so snug
beneath a quilted leaf
her dreams untold as wings unfold
as earthworms crawl beneath
the ants at work refuse to shirk
they have no time to play
and cabbage whites like stars at night
take flight and fly away
the field mouse and wooded louse
attract the watchful eye
of tawny owl and feathered fowl
that own the morning sky
a homeward cat puts pay to that
no bird is fool enough
to try to land where danger stands
All teeth and claws called Fluff
so morrow breaks and nature wakes
and soon enough will we
but until then this land of men
is theirs so naturally
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Forgive me
for never saying
what your heart as longed to hear
it's not that I cannot
but more
that I dare not

for what
words could I

a humble Poet speak...

to make
your heart mine own

as your heart


DieingEmbers Jul 2013
You're my favourite watch
with each movement
of your


DieingEmbers Jul 2013
I'm no Vampire


I'd **** for fresh


I've a blood disorder that may or not be fatal but hey that's life.
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Are squirrels car mechanics?

As they steal

and bolts
Word play at the end lol
DieingEmbers Jul 2013

shakes off
winters late advances

to flirt
with summer.
DieingEmbers Jul 2013
Saw him shaving...

his throat


my razors

He just stood there staring blankly back at me from my bathroom mirror
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