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Ellie May 2018
Compliments are just words
that turn into lies as they reach my ears.
Afraid to hear them as they are,
telling me that I am enough.
But I can be better.
I am not enough.
Perfection is just a few steps away,
from a few steps away.
Never close enough to reach
But I will keep reaching.
Ellie May 2018
I knew it was wrong,
the way you tickled me
in places that shouldn’t be touched.

I knew it was wrong,
seeing you in nothing but your tight underwear
as I tried to walk away and you said, “come here”

I knew it was wrong,
the way you made me sit on your lap
as you held me so tight against your body.

I knew it was wrong.
But I was just a kid,
and no one believes the kid.
Ellie May 2018
I am a candle burning  
To give you light.
My tears make the flame go out.
Quick! Get a match!
I can’t let you know that I have feelings too.
I burn to give you light
But as I burn,
The light inside myself gets dimmer
Slowly fading away.
You are the reason for the tears
That put out my flame.
But I get a match,
And keep burning for you
Because it is my job to give you light.
Ellie Oct 2015
Before you tell me I was, "asking for it"

Tell the family whose house was robbed that they too were, "asking for it"
Tell the boy in the hospital that the drunk driver, "didn't mean it"
Tell the grandmother whose car was stolen that she is, "overreacting"
Tell the school that the shooter, "wouldn't do that, he's too nice"
Tell the kindergartener who is being bullied to, "get over it"
Tell the survivor of a hate crime they're lucky because, "it could have been worse"

**** is a crime too.
Start treating it like one.
Ellie Aug 2015
All is well in the light of day
but as she sleeps...

screams of terror
as she relives the force of his naked body against hers

tears of sadness
as she relives the first cut she made to her smooth wrist

cries of help
as she relives the night she held a bottle of pills in her hand

She wakes
and all is well in the light of day
Ellie Aug 2015
he is the do not enter sign on a locked door.
a door I am not meant to open.

He is the puzzle missing one piece.
a piece I can not find.

he is the perfect apple on a tree.
A tree that I can not reach.

He is a match creating beautiful sparks.
Sparks that will never catch on fire.

I will never
open this door
finish this puzzle
pick this apple
start this fire

because he is not meant for me.
Ellie Jun 2015
You took a beautiful apple and spoiled it with your hard touch.

Pealed away her soft skin
Leaving it to rot.
Chewed away at her sweet flesh
Leaving nothing but the core,
After every bite you swallowed.
Swallowed her identity,
Her beauty,
Her dignity.
Leaving tiny seeds
Tucked within her rotting core.
Waiting to be watered,

He took those hopeless seeds and grew an apple with his soft touch.
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