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Charlotte T Aug 2020
I spectate a sharp face,
once capable of temptation,
shift to an eerie expression,
In the afterglow of a flame
I can no longer cultivate.
Jessica Hlabisa Mar 2020
I will make an art of this moment
Translate you longing into words
Draw you up into my lungs
And speak you
from the the back of my throat.
Like a siren singing from the shore
I will eat you alive
On the rocky river bed
And I will clean my teeth of you,
Muse of the lower world.
Savoring the taste of your strange
And beautiful language.
Leila Valencia Apr 2019
The egde
of a smoke

It's tapped
Out -

I seize
a whisking night

That brushed me
cajoling me
like lemon berries
bitten under the moonlit star sky
the lustful bite that tests your heart + body
yellah girl Sep 2017
the gray storm pounds on my doorstep
a wizened man bent as a willow
he breathes temptation
but i do not
Troy Jun 2017
Why must my heart
In which has been hardened to stone
Feel heated and crack
When my ears
Hear about your betrayal

My mind begs not to listen
To my hearts petty cries
And yet I can't help but hear
The sorrow and stabbing you left behind

My heart burns and tugs
Yet I try to ignore
That my love is not yours
For my heart has found something better

Someone who will not cheat
Will not lie
Will not ignore the pain you have left
And the melted magma that was once
My stone cold heart
insomniatrical Feb 2017
I had never once expected
A snake to be so beautiful.

Magnificent serpent, tempt me,
And I will succumb to you.
Show me the apple,
And I will bite it.
I will consume as much needed to please such a spectacular creature.

As long as you may call me yours,
I will be yours.
As long as you may say that you own me,
I will be owned by you.
As long as you may say that I obey you,
I will obey.

No amount of good nor evil may deter me from following the example you set.
No amount of kindness will assuage me,
Nor will it pleasure every desire, every fantasy.

I yearn for your punishment, your sin.
I desire the pain and disappointment that only you can give me.
And I fear that good will soon plague me.
Writing a letter to you, my dear,
And forever wishing you would receive it.

I cannot keep myself from your evil.
I cannot keep myself from sin.
But I find, lately,
That I do not care.
In fact,
I am chasing you.
You and your sin.
Twinkle Jan 2015
If this title attracted your attention
As it surely should
The devil is real my friend
Rest assured it's true.

Folks I am not fibbing
The master of lies has a great disguise.
Like the Saviour he is watching you too.
But unlike the Master, your fears are his haven.
He's lying in quiet wait to trip you.

If you think I am fibbing, let me explain.
His existence is in the mind of the aimless.
He makes his home in the hopeless.
The young ones he infects with discontent
His hatred he sows deep.
This till the children of God become his sheep.

Then beguiling he'll lead them to slaughter.
Broken hearts, bitterness to plunder.
The emptiness a yawning gap.
You can't save yourself,
He'll push you to give up.
Then he'll put words of despair in the mouths of loved ones.
Break your resolve if you so much as dare.
He'll thrive on wickedness, and turn your love into despair.
All around you, you'll see hopelessness.
This minions perfecting the part.
Only the Son of God (Jesus), can break this act.

When you feel love tugging at your heart
And reach out to those hurting.
When u bury the hatchet
And choose forgiveness.
When you rise above the pettiness
Your pride destroyed
When you see in persons God's image
Trust me, you've the fetters blown away

Oh, he won't let you go easily
Your too much a prized possession
The one he'll ensnare,
The one he'll dangle, before His throne
Then the Son of God, His Christ, his body tearing, will offer himself in exchange
A bargain with his blood
Before your life can drain.

Look out Oh children of One God
The devil knows no religion
He exists it's true
Simply look around you.
The wars and guns are his legacy
Products of his insanity.
The mindless massacre of innocents
Unleashed through times immemorial
****** earth covered cries for vengeance.

Mind you, you can only be so much as used.
As you allow yourself to be.
The traps are set in every corner
It's not going to be easy.

Often you'll be goaded by those closest to you.
Offering you solace in things that should not be.
Drugs and gangs
Violence and rave
Ecstasy and addiction
Cool fads and attractions
Wanting things you'd
be better off

But it doesn't stop there
Fear is a potent weapon
He'll use it everywhere.
He'll bombard you from every corner
Till you doubt your sanity
Then willingly you'll walk into his parlour
Handing over your serenity

You'll never know what's evil.
Cause he make you believe he doesn't exist.
But my friend all long
You were flirting with the devil..
Something I had a long time to ponder on and think, what makes us evil.
pookie Jul 2014
Stars above my head,
Gently caress of wind on my face,
The sound of song birds in the distance,
The smell of wild flowers in the meadows below me,

O life how you can be so beautiful.
O life how you can tempt me to be at peace.

Tall moutains around me tall enought to have snow caps resting on top of them,

Forests so lush with life even the deafest ears can here the songs of forest life,

O life you, you tease me with these sweets.

Even as I stand here in this meadow of flowers dressed in moonlight i can not stem this feeling of unease,

It's the knowing that at some point this will end this peace.

Because peace never lasts long.
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