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  Oct 2 guy scutellaro
even sands stopping
fail in halting such desire
always only you
the wind.through
a weathered stone
cries then whispers


Catherine Jarvis
  Aug 27 guy scutellaro
summer alpine rays
dance inside aqua green pools
swimming in her eyes
My daughter talks to
her blueberries like
they're her friends.
My soul smiles
and I never want
it to end.
my daughter eating breakfast, she's two and a half.
  Jul 31 guy scutellaro
A W Bullen
Whist now, love
speak quietly,
and keep your symbol,
close about you.
Only meet in darkness,
while this zealotry

for they will
raze the sacrosanct to
filth of unkempt alleyways,
in mutilated outrage of
their tyrannous brigades...


stay your song
inside yourself,
go placid into nothingness,
say little of your learning
hood the wisdom of your word,

They will come,
these new Inquisitors,
with torches for their narrative,

our difference is a Witchcraft,

and the Witches must be burned...
"Crimen Exceptum"
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