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Nicole Normile Nov 2010
you keep tripping on eachothers feet
and I'm just watching, wanting to fix it all
but my solution is merely mine, not your intention
and as we dine, you look in her eyes
this is the part that I despise
and I can feel the heat, every tap, every beat
my racing heart and my ice cold glare
breaks you two, eachothers stare
you fall to pieces, the tension so strong
you know I've held on way too long

and you're just tripping on eachothers feet
so much confusion
my desire is not her solution
and you feel my cold stare, my dead eyes
breaking you in two
to think that it could have been just me and you
I crack your voice as I interject
you see me tearing
so you fall to pieces, the tension so strong
because you know I've held on way too long

and you two keep tripping on each others feet
tripping as I watch
wanting to dance into my sense of defeat
by her I've been beat
and her satisfaction now tears me
her satisfaction is what wears me
and you know I feel it, you feel it too
so then I run, grab you, and sob
and before you said goodbye
I watched you try to grab the dinner check
but your cash went short
so you only covered her meal
and I swear this mustn't be real
and by now I'm trying to hold back, no more tears
I almost did crack watching you two
this was my biggest fear
because I wanted to dance with you
or simply the clarity that this is through
Mostly numb May 2014
You said you didn't understand why we kept running back to eachother

"especially you with what i've done to you each time"

well i figured it out

We're fire
I can literally feel the pull between us;
every fiber of my body
and thats why we fight-
always finding something to fight about
i truly think we like the fighting-
to get under eachothers skin , because we were too intense of a pair
But, in the same way
we're also  fire with desire
we're electric
you bring me to life

you know my body and you know my mind

I literally crave you

*and its a ****** up cycle isn't it
took me a while and i have writers block so i apoligize
Tia Henricks Jun 2015
An indescribable fragment of life
A journey of finding ones split soul
To cherish and hold
And stain eahothers lips
To bruise eachothers hips
Dance under the glittering moon
Glittering just as heaven
No space,
just bones entwined amongst one another for no gap to be our solace.
Delight filling our stomachs
soft as mellow harmony
the saltiness of the ancient seas
For the warmth of love
And the love of warmth
As I touch your inner workings
I watch your powerful soul become tender
The symphonies sing
A bond of friendship, one so tenacious as vine
Our joy
In one another
For our love to last as long as the tides  
We are forever a connection within us.
Our connection as sacred as the stars.

Negative Creep Dec 2015
I wish I could hold you all night.
I wish I could hold you all night and wake up just the same as we fell asleep.
Wraped in eachothers arms, damp with eachothers sweat,
naked and happy.
Zay Bliss Mar 2014
If it happened, who knows what would result.
She can go blind from all the corruption,
Or even find she can care for me, and hate me not.
What will I find in her? Whats beyond beauty in seduction?
Maybe the so called love would just disperse.
In truth and lies we would know it all,
All the black from the white.
I'll know her greatest mistakes
She will know its myself I always fight.
What will we find threw our secrets.
Desperation could soon secrete,
If I fail to care for her,
I've already been lost in my own defeat.

If we knew eachothers secrets, what would we find we hide?
Will it be the sense of satisfaction, Lost and Deprived?
Maybe, we will find the Apathy behind doors after doors so heavily confined...
who cares anyway Jun 2018
i’m sorry.
that may come as a surprise to you, i know
haven’t really spoken much lately though
haven’t really spoken a lot at all
but hey, that’s okay
i know how hard it is to make a phone call.

that’s probably why i always forget to
oh honey, no, of course it’s not you!
i’ve just been so busy lately
but when i can, i will go to my cellphone straightly

and scroll down; way down
to the numbers of people living outta town
to the numbers i would never admit
i honestly don’t give a ****t.

i wasn’t enough back then.
do you even remember the time when...?
when, you know...
oh...silly me!
you probably not.
the time
when time turned against you and ran out the clock

the time on this fateful november night
you could see everything you didn’t do right
the time sombody decided to send me down here
just so i could feel the vain, and of course the fear
emotions you taught me all to well
when you shouldn’t even have been able to enter my so former fragile shell

a shell i never planned for you to see
let alone sit down there with you and
have a tea

i never understood why you said what you said.
and i probably never will.
wouldnt you give anything now for that abortion-pill?
i know you would, and that with certainty
i heared you say it when dicussing the cost of an university

and although it was that exact moment my heart forever broke
because you were saying it like it was a ******* joke
and although your lawyer sat there giggling
with my mother next to them,
the highest level of patience bringing
i still can’t bring myself to hate you with all my heart
at the end of the day
you and i
are eachothers lost part.
no matter how small
you somehow are
after all.

my mom still adores you, and i guess that’s okay
i can’t blame her for being some way.

what i do blame her for, and that i can’t undo
is that of all the men in the world
she had to chose you.

happy fathers day daddy ❤️
mark john junor Dec 2013
she is in the full length mirror
in a long white dress
tossing her hair
and she says aloud
that she doesn't like it at all
i laugh and go take her in my arms
and we start to sway
looking eachothers eyes and feeling the warmth
of our embrace
i am intoxicated in her perfume
and in the scents of her eye
wander the mysterious paths of a woman's heart
and caress the soft textures of her romantic soul
she laughs that we are gonna be late
we are going to be out on the ballroom floor
in the spinning lights and smokey air
slow dancing in eachothers arms
soft touching eachother in every way
swaying to the songs we arnt even listening to
we only see eachother
the rest of the world is some long lost summer night long ago
far away from this ballroom floor
far away from us
she leads me off the dancefloor
and our to the cool evening air
and we make out in the back of the car
like we were once again teenagers on a school night again
enjoying the caress and loving the taste feel
the knowin
we make love
grand slow and glowing warm love
and then the world slows
and picks us up again
we break into giggles
as we go on home
sneaking into our own house
like we were a couple of kids all over again
she has re-discovered the young man in me
for the dew eyed girl in her
and she has rekindled the happy for ever after
the lets just kick off our shoes and run in the waves
the light in her eyes
is enough for me
((we went ballroom dancing again...always ends up an adventure with us))
Fenix Flight Mar 2015
my partner in crime
my bumble bee twin
my best friend

Best friends since second grade
that's.... what 15 years now? 16?
Sleepovers at eachothers homes
Pixie stick highs and slushy brain freezes
Trips to my grandmother's,
for a Harry Potter Marathon

Rocking out to Halestorm
Daughters of Darkness through and through
Foil art doodling and reading through the night
Did I mention the trip to Walmart?
ten at night just for a loaf of bread?

Screaming at eachother, throwing punches
Calling names so bad tears start to form
Saying we're through we're done mo more friendship
two minutes later laughing stupidly together

Our favorite place, Weedamo woods,
High Rock, queens of the world
I visit those memories in my dreams

I miss my soul sister my best friend for life
I miss being able to call you up and yell
"YO ***** come get me I need to talk."
You're still my bestie and you always will b
This separation don't forget is only temporary.

I'll move down there soon
and together we can rec havoc once more
until then please don't forget me
I know I haven't forgotten you.
(To my best friend who I have known since I was 7 years old. She is my soul sister)
Josh Koepp Nov 2012
A gentle touch as such returned
the canyon walls carved into our fingertips mingle
and try to make sense of the gentle collision
by dancing

to learn eachothers handsteps of course
intertwining limbs before intertwining thoughts
by intertwining thoughts through intertwining limbs
only as intertwined as two outstretched fingertips can be
until they break the gentle waltz
and remain still
figuring whether the dance shall remain slow
or will the heartbeat quicken into a tango
or something new and in-between
and teasing reciprocation
only to pull back just enough to slowly motion
into a sweet caress
then they chase spatial awareness around every finger print
engulfing every nerve and muscle
every spasm of the hand is nursed by the other
till they can dance again
upon eachothers palms
Sylvene Taylor Jan 2014
remember when we were best friends? and every time you created a rainshower i was always there as the sun to clear up the puddles. remember when we would run our mouths like motor boats but there was always something to talk about. remember when we would laugh until we developed six packs and our lungs gave up remember when we were eachothers diaries remember when we were best friends?

remember on the first day of high school we were eachothers solid rocks and behind eachother every step of the way; and remember the second year when we didnt call. remember when i was there when you stole that snickers but i sealed my mouth as shut as an antique chest and the secret was lost in my secret garden never to be spoken of again. remember when those girls we saw as caddy and were the meaning of mean girls? we always said we would never transform into them. remember when you changed your hair masked your face and caged your feelings to become one of those plastic barbies? remember when you stabbed her in the back and kicked dirt in her face for initiation and left her in the middle of hallway and you flipped your hair up in the uniformed step away..with the mean girls. Honey you were the lindsay lohan of that clique-not the leader but the caboose of that train. you were to blinded by the shiny fame that dangled in your face.

remember when karma came back and bit you in the ***? remember the rainshower you created in result of being dropped and kicked to the side, in result of being that doll left on the shelf as result of being that tissue that was blown and thrown away as if you meant nothing remember that?

you finally remembered how i used to be you sun to clear up those puddles and make you warm again but now, you will ALWAYS remember, the way you used up my sun rays and threw me out when finished, the way you ran over my feet in order to get in that line the way you made me my spine just a little bit stronger with the tears that watered my esteem.

but what goes around comes around. im no longer your sunshine, but im now the darkness that lurks, that nothingness, i have no more rays of sunshine to warm you up and pick you up,
for what goes around comes around
i bet you will always remember that.
The war was finally over,
His longing heart
Was homeward bound,

Truest of true love
Was soon to be reunited,
An infinite love
Was once again to become
Peaceful, safe-and-sound.

The war was finally over,
Sweethearts ran into eachothers
Warm embraces,

Their souls infused and intertwined,
Just like when they were created,
Home Sweet home was written
All over their faces.

The war was finally over,
They were invincible--inseparable,
Like the good-old-days,

Not even a war
Could separate them,
They shared a bond
That was unbreakable;
They were born for eachother,
They were a beautiful,
Imperfect, perfection,
Obvious to everyone
In many ways.

The war was finally over,
Together they prayed
That forever
Would be a gift
From God above,

That each day
Would last a lifetime,
In eachothers arms
They would happily reside;
That nothing would ever
Come between their divine,
One-of-a-kind, precious love.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
John michalski Dec 2015
She said;
Let's make love under the sun,
Paint eachothers bodies with emotion.
Love is our adventure,
So lets stay young forever.
We can dissolve in eachothers minds,
And stay high on life.
Evaporate like water,
And soar like clouds through the open skies.
Nature is a work of art,
A world in itself.
Let's become one with nature,
Naked in its beauty,
Fragile in its womb.
She twirled to the music in her heart like a butterfly.
She followed the rain,
And sang to the storms.
She had a soul of a gypsy,
A heart of a hippie,
A personality that was wild.
She walked barefoot with freedom,
And hung her spirits high.
Naked in the clouds
where I got high off her love,
And never came down.
Dileep Jun 2015
Peeped through my window , when I heard a rumble from the sky ,
smelt the Earth soaked in rain , suddenly little heart started beating fast.

Then I held the hands of my love we walked together by holding hands and our hearts melted , we kissed and tasted rain through eachothers lips.
Completely drenched in rain we held and became a single soul , exchanged our looks and instantly immersed in her ocean of love, it was in fact rain of love .
This is my fantasy about monsoon night and love together , feed back is always welcome.
Natalka Aug 2013
A** pple pie, freshly baked from the oven. I don't wait for it to cool, I want it hot, with a big greedy scoop of vanilla ice creams melting next to it.

B oys. Cute, querky, gross, crazy, but amazing. You can't stand them, but for some reason you need them in your life.

C ookies. Warm, fresh-out-the-oven, gooey choclate chip cookies.

D  is for dancing. Dancing in the rain with my eyes shut, screaming at the top of my lungs and not caring what anyone thinks. Just dancing.

E lephants. Strong, old, smart and beautiful creatures. Harmless yet protective.

F stands for foxes. More specifically fennec foxes. Adorable, small, cunning, cute and most of all, want by me!

G iving. Not just material items, but hope. Giving hugs, and smiles to those who need one. Also, For-giving.... letting go of the past and moving forward

H eartbreak. The feeling of no being able to breathe, not being able to speak, or make sense of everything without your "other half." Moving forward slowly, cautiously, because there are more around the corner.

I Me. The broken, yet strong; beautiful, yet self concious; smart, yet lazy teenager.

J is for Jenna, my first best friend. We aren't best friends anymore, but we still talk, and enjoy catching  up in eachothers lives.

K issing. I love kissing. I mean come on.... everyone does ;)

L ove. A strong, complex emotion which many guys lie about, and which I do too. I think I've only ever once loved my partner... all the rest I enjoyed...

M om. My mother, the woman who decided "I'm going to take the qwerky, adorable girl home to America with me and make her part of my life."

N is the first letter in my name. Natalka Hannah Evangeline Kmiotek.

O veracheivers. The people who make fun of me, because they can do things better then me, and everyone else. ******* all.

P erfection. Skinny girls with perfect *******, and big *****. No scars, and white teeth. the opposite of me.

Q uiet, as in I have to stay quiet or they'll hear me. Who? My demons of course. If I'm too loud, they will come for me and drag me back to hell.

R stands for two things. The first is **** A horrible word describing a nightmare you wish you could forget. It's being robbed of your first touch by selfish men, and being back into a corner against your will, forced to stay silent.

S is for strength. The strength to overcome, the strength to live, the strength to move on.

T hank you. To everyone who has ever been there and listened to me...

U nderstand why I cut myself. Why I hurt myself. It's easier to deal with physical pain, then the emotional kind. The emotional pain rots and festers inside me, destroying everything. It shuts my lungs down, forcing me to gasp for air.

V acations. Small escapes from your daily life, into something glamourous and relaxing. The warm sand between your toes, as the hot sun beats down on you. The cool ocean kiss the tips of your toes, cooling your thirst.

W hen will pain end? When will people stop being mean to eachother? When can I expect my child to be able to go to school and not be afraid of the other students? When will I be able to walk outside, and finally be able to say "I am safe," not having to lie.

X plain to me why people put others down? Why are there perfect models and barbies, telling us how we must look, how it's acceptable in society.

Y es please. Thank you. Simple manner, dying out, almost extinct. What happen to being nice? Or do we now, just take what we want? Expect everything, like the world owes us.

Z ach. He was my first love and my first heart break. With him, when he left, the floor caved under me. We were one of those couples that would break up, and get back together then next week. I guess you sould say we were crazy for eachother, but when he left, I guess I was the only one crazy. I was crazy enough to think he was ever mine.
Panama Rose Apr 2013
Free love is unaccomplished by humanity
strangers to the union of everything in its completion
capable of congratulating eachother for our beauty
our success of being alive
giving the inspiration to make ourselves thrive

we crave the eyes, the arms of a cleansed spirit
to grasp us tightly
studying our similarities
there are so ******* many of us
dying to hug one another
sensing eachothers sadness
drinking our soul away due to the madness
of it all

it all
the world and its biggest mistakes
taking away the ultimate freedoms
replacing them with work
hard earned money
replacing the freedom with lies

and we know we are being manipulated
but we do not do a ******* thing about it
I always wonder why this is

let it be clear to us all
that we are being treated unfairly
as if we are dirt
being brushed away from the shoes
of the ones who keep us shackled

the ones who are unblemished
consoled by ultimate security

let us know one another
let us feel eachothers minds
let us express our love
let us disregard our hate
let us be free
let us be ******* free

we are beautiful
we are equal
only nature owns us
only nature loves us

the authorities have rabies
that are destroying their logic

we are rising with intelligence and awareness of this

I only wish to comfort those who feel they are alone
I am here to protect the sacredness of unity

we are not alone
we are not alone
My love,
Your my heart, my life, my song,
and I can't stand it
The profound beauty of your whole being is such a temptation like a rolling wave trying to sweep me in, I try my best to resist..
My thoughts drive me crazy when I find myself not being able to stop thinking about you,
Imagining us laughing and then falling into eachothers arms and being able to feel the smile in between eachothers lips as we kiss....
The part I hate is, that you don't love me back... You adore the thought of me, but you don't
love me.....
So I hate that I love you.... I can't Stand it, you know exactly how to touch to keep me staying for another hour more,
If only your heart was engraved in mine babe, as mine was in yours,
I hate that I love you......
mark john junor Sep 2013
under the stars
we danced the last dance of the night
to some slow tune
we danced the last dance of the night
just the two of us on the ballroom floor
with the ball spinning a world full of glittering stars
as the bargirl washed the glasses
and smiled at our soul to soul kisses
and as well bid her our fare thee well's
and walked cross the gravel lot
a breeze kicked up and unbound us
from reality
so we could sail home on a ship of dreams

i gathered her in my arms
and the world was light as air
we strayed along the streets
so quiet with slumber
and our shadows fell upon our door
like homecoming

she kissed me
and held herself there in my arms for a moment
as if to capture the fleeting moment
its frail wings beating soft and slow
and it is perfumed by her laugh
which is sleepy
and is followed by a trail of mumbles
like cowboys following the stars
like sheep playing in endless fields of fence
i followed them on down
and roped in the moon
set her in the bed
with its scent of roses and patchouli

she breaths softly here next to me tonight
bewildered that i should be so fortunate
to have such angels of beauty in my life
so we dance well into eachothers dreams tonight
with smiles for the
soul to soul kisses
i was born to be mushy :-)
green therapy Sep 2015
it had been almost 6 months since they began talking.
she had never been so nervous before in her life.
as he going to like her?
was he going to be Mr. right?

is it a trap?
was she going to feel the same way once they met?
was he?
or would she live to regret?

she waits all morning
for a message or a call.
falls asleep in longing anticipation.
staring at the wall.

then her phone rings.
she shoots up out of bed
but didnt get to the phone in time.
she goes into panic.
Anixious to meet a love so sublime.

then she sees a text message.
"im at the stop i think"
from a half hour prior.
her eyes wide open now
unable to even blink.

and then another comes through.
"i tried calling, i dont know where im going".
she panics. she doesnt hesitate.
all her emotions flowing.

she jumps out of bed,
no make-up, hairs a mess.
but all she wants is to be in his arms
so at this point she could care less.

she grabs a key to the door
of the little apartment in the woods
she had rented for them,
everything she had waited for
she was about to comend.

almost tripping as she rushes out the door to meet him.
meet him...what a thought that was.
she was about to meet him.
the man inwhich  she fell in love.

what a crazy concept. is it even possible
to love someone before actually meeting them in person?
now the moment has grown so near
the butterflies worsen.

as she jogs down the dirt road to meet her love,
she doesnt even notice the nip in the air as she did before.
as her heart fills up with more anxiety
shes getting winded to her core.

she wants to sprint to him
but cant run anymore.
the journey down this old dirt road
seems so much longer than it did before

she slows to a walk
as she rounds the corner to the main road.
shaking at every inch.
ready to implode.

she looks towards the bus stop
and doesnt see him. had he left?
panic now consumed her.
a heavy feeling in her chest.

then, she spotted a tall dark haired man
wondering in the paths across the street.
she tried to shout his name at the back of his head.
but couldnt make a peep.

he doesnt turn around.
is it not him?
had she made him wait too long?
now even more panic sets in.

she shouts again as she gets closer.
this time noise came out.
she still doesnt get a reaction as if he doesnt hear her.
her body freezes with doubt.

then he turns. her heart grew so big, swelling
with a feeling like hot lava was just going to erupt from her chest
like the hottest volcano
as she realizes it is indeed the one she desired.
anxiety rests.

every muscle in her body gets tight
as she fights back an intense urge to scream
and cry tears of joy all at the same time.
this was her dream.

she couldnt believe this
was actually happening, after so long.
she wanted to run to him,
an instant feeling like she belonged.

noticing a similar look on his face as well.
that look of accomplishment.
they had done it. over came worlds to see eachother.
now they could be content.

to truly meet for the first time.
each covering ground quickley
they finally are within reach.
just wanting to touch him simply.

not knowing whether to hug him first
or kiss those lips seemingly doing them both simultaneously.
she couldnt believe she had hopped a plane
to meet her love so spontaneously.

the first touch.
as they stood on the side of that country road.
"oh my god you're really here" the only words she could mutter.
viens full of love flowed.

they held eachothers hands so tightly walking down that dirt road
that suddenly didnt seem so long.
it could have gone on forever now as long as she had him.
feeling so right, it couldn't be wrong.

hugging and holding hands the entire way
they managed to make it to the apartment.
without a thought it was an instant feeling of comfort.
of belonging. like he would always keep her safe
he was so charming.

he had her heart
just on aura alone.
they fell into bed him climbing over her,
she began to moan.

his tall body encompassing hers.
his soft lips taking away any doubt
that resided deep within this softend soul.
she knew it was real now.

she knew everything she thought she felt
was in no way a facade.
something that felt so invigorating
could never be flawed.

her pants came off, as did his.
butterflies as their bodies are serene.
as her clamor turned quickly
from a moan to a scream.

something they had both thought of many times,
in person, before their eyes.
the trembling through her body
reaching all new highs.

as they made love, her walls crumbled
more with each ******.
knowing it was a feeling of true emotion.
so more than just luscious lust.

now full of exhaust
and in need of breath
they set out on a walking trek
in search of cigarettes.

unable to keep their hands off of
eachother all the way.
after an unsuccessful jouney
and keeping wild creatures at bay.

the warmth of the apartment
once again tickles her skin.
rolling around in eachothers arms for hours
sunlight rolling in.

not getting any sleep.
continuously catching one staring at the other
with such gazement.
the fact that they could actually caress eachother
like they have each desired for so long.
simply amazement.

this is what she had literally been dreaming of.
this moment. this was love.
undoubtedly full blown
uncontrollable love, in which he could have all of.

it was undeniably stronger
than she had ever felt in her life previously.
she woke, feeling him stare. and him to her.
not wanting to miss a moment of this extreme intimacy.

walking back to the bus stop,
as they talked about meeting back up later that week.
she really did think she had found
the amazing man she did seek.

hugging him the whole way to the train,
not wanting it to be over,
milking it as long as she could.
her lucky star, her four leaf clover.

he was running late now,
with a quick kiss he was off.
her eyes begin to swell.
she watches him leave in such a rush.

then turning her head fighting the tears
rushing into the pockets of her green eyes.
the anticipation of their next meet
now begins to rise.

she would have held him tighter.
should have loved him harder.
not just a caustic rhyme.
she would have kissed him longer
if she knew that would be the last time.
Robyn Nov 2012
We converge like a flock of birds
Emerging from doorways and from behind trees
I can hear each of our feet shuffling among the golden red leaves
And smiles reaching our faces
As out various eyes meet
We crow eachothers names
Hugs are unevenly distributed between us
We set our things down and breathe sighs of relief
Days like these, we need one another
We are like a herd of animals, a family
It hurts to be apart for this long
We stretch out among the sunset colored leaves
Reading books and singing and laughing together
Sharing jackets and gloves,
Protection from the south Seattle winds
Our backpacks and instrument cases
Serve as seats, backs against the prison grey walls
We talk of the future, of the trips we'll take together
Of the old stories a few cobbled people know
We exchange usernames, phone numbers and passwords
We let eachother in
Our hearts become bare and we share
Until our stomachs are full
And the bell chimes 5 times automatically
We crow goodbyes and promises of other meetings
Walking off in groups of two or three
I walk in a group of 7, laughing and pushing eachother around
I have never had better friends, I think
Danielle Rose Feb 2013
I can picture us
sitting on our porch during sunrise
Rays glistening off the morning dew
Staring into eachothers
wrinkled eyes
   Indented by a thousand shared smiles
As tears of joy run down our faces
in the realization that all of our dreams came true

I can see us
gracefully reaching the end of our days
Reminiscing as the sunsets on your beautiful face
Holding tightly onto eachothers hands
   Laughing at all the things we used to do
and the thing that gets me each and everytime
is I have no doubt you see it too
Courtney Joy May 2013
May 27, 2013
I let it take control of my mind. Disappearing in a mist of haze; wandering for days. Searching. Seeking. Finding. Fitting into my piece, so I could spread amongst the rest. So I could fit and be apart of it: the Great Mystery. Truth. So I can understand the meaning of life. Is my path determined? Do I have free will? Can I escape this? All I know is that everything is connected. Earth is a single component; a mere microscopic portion of the entire universe, which is compromised of more than the human mind can understand at this point in time.  

A little stardust.

How is it possible that less than five percent of our oceans have been discovered? Are we ignorant to the fact that when earth started experiencing life, it was in the depths of the ocean. Hence, all production of landscape, the animal kingdom, primitive and current **** sapiens, technology, advancement, and discovery of our past is a creation from the sea billions of years ago. Everything on earth is composed of gasses that came from the universe: what simplistic thinking.
Humans fighting against humans, to taste eachothers blood in the name of “victory”, a game to exploit and prevent eachother form an equalized entirety. When will all work towards progress, instead of the demise of the "other". When will we realize our brothers and sisters are not our enemies. How connected the human race is as a species;

does anyone realize?

Class Mammalia, which consists of over 5000 species, is a single group of the animal kingdom, yet humans are classified by each other on basis a of enhanced melanin, and physical traits. Do dogs laugh at us? Ah, I used the term race and everyone decides to think it means colour, or some stupid stereotype!
what have we come to?

When will we reach our heads out of our ***** and realize what surrounds and encompasses us as a whole? A consistent river that flows with time, shining mortality by with plenty adventures, constantly writhing. No control. Like I am a mere droplet in the ocean, licking the coastline, bathing in the sunlight. Creating, and being created.

Its amazing isn’t it?
jeffrey robin Aug 2010
and as we sing......
and shall we bring forth images
of gentleness?

images of Lovers!

and strangers walkin in the rain!
visions of en-misted mountain peaks


........AND I, TOO.........I, TOO

and dimly lit city streets
lovers and prostitutes
.........................(dreams and release).............


we gently sing

"....bring your children
unto 'life-itself'.."


in eachothers hearts
under trembling skies
and pulsating stars
Karma Jul 2014
They sat with chests to each other,
Legs crossed.
Sad brown eyes staring into
Sympathetic blue.
Brown tears began to fall,
While blue watched,
Wiping them away carefully,
As almost if her fingers could create
Holes in the other girl’s cheeks.
They both had flowing tears now,
Both wiping them away.
Brown, unknowingly rougher with blue,
Than blue had been with brown.
A bit of anger towards blue showing,
Being overcome by love.
In eachothers arms,
breathe was the words spoken
Followed by scripted I love you’s
The moment wrapped in cellophane broke.
Tears ended,
Cellophane ripped away,
Distance made.
Blue was not aware that brown’s sadness
Had visited once she left her arms.
. *** .
Suzanne Penn Oct 2013
Polar opposites
racing toward each other
disparately aiming...
with their eyes closed

Magnetic fields
fortified and electric
****** to collide...
a melting merger

Beyond understanding
everything it is supposed to be
precariously balanced
over the last ravine of our lives

With you I know
its now or never
and there is no turning back
we are and always will be...

mark john junor Feb 2014
the unattainable girl in cotton dress with her untouched hands
her perfections body and soul are store purchased at trending boutiques
she illustrates the room into vivid colour with her casual presence
she becomes the motion in the still life drawing you live
she is the utterance of everything to be attained by dreaming
by hope
for you
the unattainable

she leads you through the broken gate
a backyard overgrown and
past the rusting skeleton of a child's swing set
night has rendered it life
and it looms large in the minds eye with terrible
wrath for its cheated years
inside the bare room
streetlight filtered by the boarded up window
sound is muffled in here
her voice strangely stagnant and heavy
as she clumsily removes her shirt
laughing a small embarrassed laugh
so unlike her cool and convincing hardcase appearance
the two of you rest a few hours cupped in eachothers arms
till daylight leeches your sleepyheads of dreams

but the tattered cover of your romance novel
is by no means a feat of strung out fairy's on a mission to condemn
they only want recompense for the time they spent wrapped in the
soiled leather sheets entertaining some middle aged naked man
and his sole desire to be pretty
she sees all this
she sits in the dry corner
eyes wide but unseeing
a song of terrors paused on her lips
the reality's of reality has not yet sunk in
but its soft spoken voice is whispering to her now
it sets its christmas card well wishes on her mantle
it lays its warm gifts on her bed
careworn toys of her bitter embraces
sit in the grey snow abandoned like her lovers
now that she found her nirvana

she will spend her days
in hard red leather and fishnet
plying the flesh pots and the mystery's exposed of naughty naughty
the unattainable girl is just a photograph now
one dimensional image of a four dimensional demon girl
At sixteen you feel invincible, like you have the world at your fingertips
If you wanted to you could reach out and touch China- with some determination
You’ve got a car and the ability to leave your house whenever you see fit
So freedom is stamped across the open road as plain as that “Do Not Read” Stamped straight across your principals letter home to your parents

Suddenly everything that was going wrong now seems so right
Your friends are closer, that boy you’ve had a crush on forever said hi to you in the hallway- Making a blush tinge your cheeks so red you had to turn away
But you knew that he would be there tonight, so it was okay
Oh, did you forget to mention having a car, meant doing things your parents didn’t know?

Don’t hesitate to answer, we’ve all been there too
We know that the second your parents leave the house to let you go to the movies: That probably isn’t where your headed, and you probably won’t be spending the night at your best friends house telling ghost stories and doing eachothers nails- I mean, your sixteen now, and those are such childish things

Instead after you promise your mom you’ll be safe, without understanding why she’s so worried, you rush off to pick up four, or five friends to drive to that popular kids party- That always happens to be in the middle of nowhere where you’ve never been before: But go ahead, drive, turn up the music, laugh with your friends
Enjoy being a teenager

Because, you’re invincible and nothing can happen to you right?
You’ll take it back- You’ll want to take it all back in a heartbeat just to go to the movies with your best friend on a Friday night, then spend the night telling ghost stories and doing eachothers nails while gossiping about the cute boy down the street- ‘Cause the second you turn that radio up you’re tuning yourself in to become another statistic

Your head was tilted back for a picture with your friend while singing the lyrics
To one of Britney Spears’ new songs when it happened
The car came out of no where you swear, you didn’t see the stop sign
These words came out of your mouth when you woke up the next morning at the hospital- Head on collision with a car in another lane

You see when your friend had been taking the picture, your eyes were focused on the camera- Not on the road in front of your so you swerved, not only missing a stop sign: But not at all missing a car headed straight your way, no one was conscious when the police came
You’ve now lost your best friend, and a couple of others thanks to your mistake
All because having fun was a little more important than the simple task of staying safe

At sixteen you learn some of lifes biggest lessons
You find out that you’re not invincible no matter how much you thought you were- That having your license doesn’t mean you’re completely free
When you leave your house and your parents caution you its for a reason
Too many people die each day, not just from drunk driving, or being high behind the wheel
But just from being distracted from the road

That two second look away to figure out what your friends are laughing at in the back seat could cost everyone in it their lives
If you could go back you’d change it all in a second
Take heed to your parents warning and be safe
But you can’t take it back so you have to move forward

Because of what happened to you that night that changed your life
You have a message for every teen driver around the nation
Don’t be distracted, and don’t distract
You’re invincible and you don’t want to learn that
The way that I did
This is an entry to Create Real Impact scholarship contest.
Disappear here Aug 2015
maybe in 10 years we'll bump into each other

we'll catch up on all the time we let run away

and how desperately in love I was with you

and we can laugh about how we broke eachothers hearts.
though something tells me you'll be around for a while
allsmallletters Mar 2019
Forget the onion and all its layers
thats obvious
You are undeserving for such a cliché
So I invite a different perspective
Think of a base, flour and egg kneaded together like I need you,
so dense in identical morals
Folded with mirrored ideology of future fortuity
Dipped sensually with a sauce so thick,
Thicker than blood or water,
Blended as one to create a sea of red as deep as our hearts pumping vitality
Sprinkled softly with the most palatable, mouth watering mozzarella
Each placing full of utter affection,
Long lost stares while you sit innocent to me feasting my eyes upon your moreish persona.
The only quandry we must face is whose decision that day of toppings to showcase
Who gets the chance to tease additional flavours, delicious tasters
To open eyes to attributes unseen before,
Hopes set high to electrify taste buds
Wanting the other to crave more

Ingredients brought together for a flavoursome pizza
You are my hawaiian
As i,
Your meatfeast.

Opposing trimmings
Eachothers 1st choice
One anothers perfection to quench their dying hunger
The anaolgy I concoted best used to describe my relationship.
My partner and I have opposite interests, humour, and past times,
but we sit firmly in a body of identical morals, integrity and honour, mirroring each others.
A pizza is nothing without a strong base.
Toppings can be changed and mixed to any combination.
The base is the structure of our love, ***** and rigid.
The toppings are interchangeable extras that we diversify daily to develop and grow together.
mark john junor Jan 2014
heritage of her long preamble *******
the quick note stencilled on sticky note
seemed not only incomplete but irrational
'plead not the day to the jury of night
its light deceives the dark into seeking
solace for its own death'
her heritage thought troubles the waves
sending its silent after effects spreading across the
waters to which we fled for safe harbour in evening's birth
we swim to shore
and explore nothing but sand on beachhead
and eachothers fumbling in near perfect dark
before dawn could streak the sky
with the golden lances of the sun
as day wrestles the sky from night
contending with eachother
revealing to our new born eyes
the fanfare that light gives the day
she stood on this stage
and did pronounce loudly
entreat the light to forsake the day
join the night
as she and i had
as lovers
then the golden lances of dawn
would be the stems of roses
from one lover to the other
jeffrey robin Dec 2010
we meet
at the football games


we see eachothers' lovliness


and the days become
a place to wait

our time to fight


and we appear
as old men


and on
and on

as the days contract

nothing at all


Chance Oct 2014
I am not pure
My shell is cracked and eroded in most places
Many have chiseled me away
And took the remains
The light grows dim on the inside
So dim it's no longer appealing to make a home
I am destined to crumble alone
Much like a puzzle undesired because few or more pieces are gone
I don't place the blame on anyone but my own
I often wonder if there's a another out there with a light inside that's not so bright
I want to see their face
So we can crumble at eachothers feet
Our componants will mix together
And form a beautiful masterpiece

Forever isn't relative
Amelia Browder May 2013
Have you forgotten me?
Was I just your little plaything?
We used to know eatchother
Inside and Out
We spent endless nights together
Talking and gazing at the sky.
Don't you remember that?
Don't you remember the affections that filled our hearts to the rim?
Don't you remember the way we made eachother laugh?
The way we fit so perfectly in eachothers arms?
Don't you remember the tears we shared?
The pointless fights
That I now miss
Or do you want to forget?
Cant you see we no longer know eachother?
That we no longer yearn for eachothers touch.
Can't you see that I don't know you anymore?
You walk by in the hall
Not saying a word to me
As if I'm not there
That's what hurts the most
That we no longer have eachother
To think I knew you and you knew me
It's sad
It's painful
It hurts
To know
That we don't need eachother anymore
That we are mere strangers
In a couples world
Julie Loveless Feb 2012
Lets crawl back into bed,
forget the things we need to do,
cuddle up in eachothers arms,
and let the morning sunrise,
take us where we both want to go,
i'll take you inside me,
for hours make love to you,
feeling you grow and harden,
making me *** all over you,
lets forget the world,
and get lost in eachother.
mark john junor Jul 2014
and there in his hand
balloon of bright colors
not even rain will damp that smile
come on shine like a child's mind
all that darkness you feel is just state of mind
if anyone can smile in the rain you can
he is as free as happiness could be
in the living breathing dream of his balloon
no lonely dreamers in a child's eyes
all just strange wonderful stories in the
wondrous playhouse we call a world
come on shine like a child's mind
our toys will all too soon fade away
let us rejoice in our laughter
rejoice in eachothers dream
child at heart is who i am
lets go find you a balloon
so you can shine like a child's mind
mark john junor Jan 2014
4am sunday morning they broke into song
unable to contain their smiles
they cast aside the spent wine
and took their ribald song to the streets
with a fanfare of sound and light
like jesters of old
they painted smiles on the frowning old men
and placed rainbows over the bridges between
the carpets of the mighty and the halls of fable

by 5am they had made it all
the way in to the center of town
where a roadblock of uniforms thought to make sense
out of tealeaves and mint cookies
as the jesters just dance around their confusions
between their orders and
what the truth of the heart tells em is the song
and then we see the ugly show a pretty eye to the cause
as it marches in through the double dawn
one dawn for the sun
the other for the hearts of the lonely
and a secret one for me and her
in our lounge chairs by the top of the spike hill
kissing our sweet hearts to eachother

by 10am all but the most die-hard had fallen to dreaming sweetly
neath the juniper trees
while thouse few who clung to awakened hearts
sang softly and sweetly
of summer nights and fresh loves
unearthed from the ashes of the desperate pasts
all things made anew from all the things made old

by sunday evening
we had all danced all the dances
and kissed all the kisses till even the heat of passion couldn't fade
held eachothers hands
and smiled sweetly like memory's saying fare thee well till morrow
i would be crazy if it weren't for your hand in mine
here in the tropical sundown

sunday night so deep
and the only one left dancing is old harold
he's doing the charleston with the moon's echo on the waves of the sea
don't think he's ever been so happy
and as i drift off to sleep
with her in my arms
i know that i don't need to explain to anyone
that we are all jesters looking for a
song to dance to at 4am in the tropics
mark john junor Mar 2014
she turned the questions in her eyes aside
and stealing away in the quiet
of the pine forest winters day
the taste of wood smoke was tangible on the sharp cold air
and his eyes hunted the ridge crest for sing of flames
as they hurried their steps along the rough hewn track
she carried the child whos silent contemplation
showed his understandings of the gravity of this flight
the bundle of possessions on his shoulder
weighed upon his mind
counselling himself not to regret casting it all aside should need arise

the woman and child so fragile and dear to his heart
mean so much more than mere trinkets of gold
he would surrender without pause life and limb to spare them
she was a smoky version of bobby dylan
complete with winged snakes in each hand
complete with a crown of jewels
and the thousand words dance
he was a seafaring man

they reached the shore of the sea
and found the wreckage of a sailing ship
her fine line speaking clear of her swiftness
and her appointments show without shyness
that she was of the finest portugal shipyards
they spent days making her seaworthy
laying up in the harsh tropical sun
neath the palm trees drinking *** from her stores
they put to sea in the birth of the new year
singing 'goodbye spanish ladies'
the three of them on the skiff tacking up-channel
trying to determine latitude by sighting
but a fog rolls in off the coast of grande bahama
as dawn breaks

man woman and grown child
the miles and the treasures cast aside
each wore on open hearted face
but neath the weary of sea miles
was their joys in the true riches
of eachothers soft hand entwined as they sailed into
a golden dusk
of a lesser throne
a kingdom of the sea
(Viana Castelo shipyard to be precise)
kakashi's wife Feb 2017
dear Jackson,
i saw you again today
with her.
i was going to talk to you until she pulled you into a kiss
and so i left it to another day

dear Jackson,
i saw you again with her
but this time she was looking away
and you looking at her, and i wondered
what were you thinking about?

dear Jackson,
she wasnt with you today
so i sat next to you and you told me
you had an argument with her
so i gave my condolences and you said not to worry

dear Jackson,
you were by yourself again today but came to me
you seemed really down and so i offered you strawberry milk
you smiled, and thanked me
i know she hates strawberry milk

dear Jackson,
you were with her again today
smiling this time and laughing
she had a banana milk in her hand as did you
and so i left

dear Jackson,
i didnt see you today
i wondered where you were
as i sat on the bench
drinking my strawberry milk

dear Jackson,
she was screaming at you today and you screamed back
she stormed off leaving you alone
as you sat with head in your hands
and i drank my strawberry milk

dear Jackson,
i gave you another strawberry milk
and you thanked me with a small grin
and we sat there drinking
and enjoying eachothers company

dear Jackson,
you should smile more
it really suits you
its just a shame that today
you smiled because of her

dear Jackson,
there was a strawberry milk in your locker
and she said it was from her
and you accepted it and kissed her
forgetting she hated strawberry milk

dear Jackson,
its been 5 months since weve spoken
and i sit here every day wishing
and drinking my strawberry milk
as you smile together
i was going to talk to you,
but whats the point.
inspired by milk and love
Andrew T Hannah Feb 2014
As the sun just begins to set, Eevee sits perched on a cliffside awaiting her lover Chimchar's return. She knows he can handle himself but she cant help but worry about him. Anxeity rattles her brain constantly so much that she can't sit still. She begins pacing back and forth across the cliff. Suddenly, a bright light flashes in the distance. Catching Eevee by surprise, she nearly stumbles off the cliff but regains her balance and quickly turns her head to see what caused such a bright flash. A pillar of flame had appeared in the distance not too far away along with lightning strikes. Immediately, Eevee knew that Chimchar was in grave danger. She hastily slid down the cliffside, weaving around rocks to avoid injuring herself. Rattatas and Caterpies noticed Eevee sliding into the forest and attempted to ambush and capture her but Eevees adrenaline increased her natural reaction time and she jumped over Caterpies string shot and the rattata got caught in the stringy mess. Landing nearly perfectly, Eevee made her way through the dark forest, letting her adrenaline drive her on her path to save her dear Chimchar. Meanwhile, Chimchar was in the thick of battle with an unexpected foe. The legendary bird Zapdos had heard of Chimchars quest and decided it needed to put an end to the puny monkey. Jumping from treetop to treetop, Chimchar was barely dodging Zapdos' lightning bolts while
simultaneously attacking it with his whip-like flames, nicking its wings and interrupting its flight. All of a sudden, Zapdos fired a Tri-bolt of blue lightning, blasting Chimchar off the rooftops. Chimchar landed ******* the charred forest floor, writhing in pain. Just as Zapdos was about to land what seemed to be like the finishing blow, Eevee bolted out of the forest and snatched her Chimchar out of the way of certain death. Chimchar - surprised - gave a quick hug to his dear Eevee before jumping into a cluster of trees and blasting itself into the sky, grappling Zapdos' tail. Zapdos flailed and tried to throw Chimchar off but it was unsuccessful because Chimchar had scorched its tail. Then - both plummettng towards the ground - Chimchar cloaked itself in white flames and grabbed a hold of Zapdos' body. Eevee dove behind a large tree just before the two foes crashed into the ground, creating a large explosion. Twigs and pebbles flew through the smoky air as Eevee jolted out from behind the tree towards her lover Chimchar only to see him lying on the ground next to the lifeless body of the so-called legendary bird Zapdos. Throwing herself down onto Chimchars body in distress and overwhelming sadness, she subtly noticed Chimchars arms wrap around her. Eevee stopped crying and hugged her dear Chimchar so tight he struggled to breathe momentarily. They both noticed Zapdos' wing begin to twitch so they both looked into eachothers eyes and decided it was time to go. So at the end of another successful day, in an almost picturesque moment, the two lovers Eevee and Chimchar walked with eachother into what remained of the sunset.
Motto: „ they are all elsewhere/ examining things/ in new bedrooms/” – Charles Bukowski – Praying for rainy days

**** Bukowski
thinks that’s a supraestimated fake
for townsends of years
„ harder than The Riots of Watts”
and it’s not about *****

it’s too precoius and delicate
and it’s not about women
'couse the women *** with roses
or with the spine-birds
and still gets payed on the job

it’s all about poetry
it’s about that funny slaughterhouse
in wich we kick eachothers stupide ***
like some real lovers
and then we rearange our underwear
or what’s left of it

it’s all about  a load of **** good to be throwned at the garbage
'couse – don't mention it – there is nothing heroical
and every ****** thing is a makeup
there is just a mouse shiverring in a corner
two ugly frogs are hugging all what is left of the sun
and above all
the monkey is trying hard to improvise a tired smile

**** Bukowski
I don't know a living soul with such a perseveration
to ****-up his poems
like his money on horse-races
like his fat’n’ugly mexican ******
and still somehow to become his own hero
insane like this
born into this
and becouse he had lived to much like a dog

alone with the whole world
with it’s ******* **** beauty
in wich actualy nobudy finds his mate

in wich everything it’s just a canibalistic clown
and a childish cry
almoust painfully dead
from his own laughter
S Smoothie Nov 2013
A darkness sprinkled with light
Are we sharing or are we thieves in the night?
Do we tread the same stars?
Do we tip toe on eachothers moon or
slide down the same comets?
Millions of scattered beacons floating in the dark
Do we perhaps unknowingly
cross paths leaping over black hole hearts?
or is this my sky, my infinity
and you a shadow thought escaped from my mind
just a figment a ghostly filament glowing
a beacon of hope amongst the endless stars?
no, I have felt the warmth of your foot prints
on countless shining stars,
perhaps Even only a step in front or a toe behind
chasing your ghostly memory
till we finally meet on the same
wishing star sharing infinite times
till then let the star dust fall
as our heavenly bodies stir
sharing the same darkness sprinkled with light
ever a step in front,
or a toe behind...
Lupo De Inimicus Dec 2013
glide the sharpened blade
of a sacrificial knife
up and down my wrists
then up to my throbbing throat

so similar this seems
remembering her fingers
glide across my skin
as we became like the Sabbatical goat

neither her nor I
were either inside or out side
we were as Baphomet
and we did float

brush strokes, of our blood
used to paint the figure we were becoming
something worthy of worship
as our nails dug into eachothers sides

Oh, I could feel her ferocity
trying to get inside of me
Oh, though she could only follow me
as I follow her-like the moon and the tides

her soft lip, whispered something to me
up against my warm throbbing neck
as her hips continued to sway like the seas
and she said something to me that put a shake in my knees,

"I love to feel your heart beating
deep within me, like a serpent's in me
now feel mine on your lips
can you feel us?
Can you feel
when our souls kiss?"

I had to hold on tighter to her
as she did to me
as we spiraled away
into certain bliss

our bodies were no more
nothing but ecstasy we became
boom, bloom, eyes like blackholes
and like nubulas, we came

and there we drifted
within what is us

I am not sure if she ever came back down
her presence now is like a winds gust

so I sit here
with this sacrificial knife

teasing my belief
in tangible life

finally, I get a smile from her
as she stands in front of the sun
an so innocently says,
"Ooh, that looks fun"

"It is,
it's better than pictures."

"Even a mirror?"

"Yes, even a mirror"

"How do you do it?"

"Just breathe, and remember."

"But, what if I bleed?"

"All the better, take a sip and remember."

"We were dead, weren't we?"

"Yes, my love, yes indeed."
United pairs, fall apart, with a broken heart.
can't they see, it just wasn't meant to be.
Everynight they lay in dark, thinking 'bout,
how there life turned upside down.
Wondering if they'll ever make it throgh.
Knowing that, its just to good to be true.
Till the time comes, when the world reminds them.

Can't you see, your love is a travesty.
But then you remind me, of the good times that we shared.
Can't we be, forever eternity.
Like two locks with one key.
it doesnt have to be;
Every hearts tragedy.

Talking through, there issues, is hard enough.
But looking at, eachothers eyes, they see a great surprise.
Asking why, there love divides, everytime.
Tryin' find, there love inside, it seems to want to hide.
Remembering all that they have been through.
Hopeing that, they can move on too.
Till the time comes, when they feel it inside them.

Can't you see, your love is a travesty.
But then you remind me, of the good times that we shared.
Can't we be, forever eternity.
Like two locks with one key.
It doesnt have to be,
Every hearts tragedy.

Now we see, they come alive, no more fights.
Hold the lies, share their minds, happiness collides.
And now we know that love will find a way.
Until another every hearts tragedy.

— The End —