Liz Carlson May 18

I wish I could look in the mirror everyday
and think I looked beautiful.
I wish I could walk into a room full of strangers
with my head held high and my story to tell.
I wish I was really talented at something like everyone else.
I wish I knew what I was doing with my life.
I wish I was skinny to the bone so I could go to the beach
with pride and look like all my friends.
I wish I didn't have to say "goodbye" so often
that my chest aches in a familiar way.
I wish I thought better of myself.

JJ Cooke Mar 23

Shocker, this rocker, a lyrical Doctor.
A Golden God's voice, which makes women moist.
A comedy genius, No doubt about that.
I want to be friends with the Legend Jack Black!

Nylee Mar 3

Wish i could write everything which is running in my brain
And make it all rhyme.
Wish I could understand in depths every emotions I am feeling
And bring the same in writing
Wish I could have imagination like I had when I was child
And I won't mind if it goes a bit wild

But truly , I Wish I could believe my wishes can come true !

She makes me want to risk a cold
Because I wouldn't want to risk not being by her side
Dancing in the rain on a Thursday night
She makes me appreciate how bright the sun is
Even when it blinds me
Because seeing the light reflect off her cheek on a Sunday afternoon
Is a sight I refuse to miss
She makes me enjoy 6 hour car rides to my moms for Christmas
Because the beats on the radio aren't the only thing I'm listening to
Her voice is like music to me

Things I wish boys would say about me

Ryan Devery Nov 2016

I wish I could die and walk away from this world I see, but death would be too good for me just like her you see,

If I go do not cry because I will be raising high, as death is only my biggest dream but death will not let me die.

If I go il leave her here and then Il wish that I, was just a little drop of rain one slash and il be gone

Rebecca Cerrone Sep 2016

When I realized you were done and gone,
I went to the beach where we had spent one of our first nights together. Drove down the pitch black roads, walked down the empty path. Not a soul in sight I laid on desolate beach. Under starry sky the breeze was just the same, a light drizzle of rain came my way, and I sat there waiting for the droplets to sink in, the way I was waiting for you. I stared up at the moon, wondering if maybe you were looking it too. It was in that moment all I wanted, all I wished for, was to be able to lay on your chest, and fall asleep once more like that night before. You were the best peace I had ever known, but now here all alone, all I have I have is the chaos in my soul.

Choking Angel May 2016

I wish a lot of things
I wish I was different
but I'm not
I wish we didn't end it
but it did
I wish we could start over
but we won't
I wish I could make you happier
but I can't
I wish you weren't suck a douche
but you are
I wish
I wish
I wish
But they will never come true.

To the one who's treated me like shit and deserves everything that's coming to him.
Belen Rubio Jan 2016

it hurts
and I can't do it anymore.

But its okay... just sometimes,
No. I can't.

"Can't what!!?"_ you shriek

Its painful to get dressed,
coming out from the curled, soft, blankets
it hurts
my head, eyes, and  body
I can't explain why or how.
I can't explain my self
not anymore.

I can't be fake
talking shit all the time.
I can't hide these feelings.

I'm scared.
not knowing where I am
blinded of where I'm going,
doing my best to cover all this chaotic mess
with a smile,
the smile everyone exclaims they love so dearly.
A smile just to get me out the door and through the day.
And Why
And  How
How do these DAMN Lovely Beings see all this good,
all this beauty, hope and fragile kindness..
all this peace and passion.
can they see all this, behind that smile..
Telling me these sweet gentle words,
words I truly try to believe in!
words I forget to believe in
words that I find so hard to see,
all these wonders
people talk of.
I get so lost in myself,
trying to find these wonderful sweet words
of calm seas, and humble peace
those words,
people exclaim to me.

But its Hard
and most days..
I just can't.

So I'm sorry if I get down and all shades of blue,
of lost
and scared.

But these horrible words:
'I can't'
Have Haunted me since forever.
those terrible two
spinning around in my miserable, lost, mind.

Causing my body to hurt so
with all these sleepless nights.

But its Okay!
No worries

its Just...
at times it hurts so
that I look in the mirror and see
lost, tired, scared, sad, eyes
staring so freighted back at me.

Asking why, I could possibly hurt so..

But for now.
Sorry, my lovelies
that I hurt so

Maybe someday,
I will truly believe in calm seas and shining peace
with radiant skin
shinning with blinding passion.

This is how I often feel, when life gets me down.
When I believe that I just can't do it anymore
Negative Creep Dec 2015

I wish I could hold you all night.
I wish I could hold you all night and wake up just the same as we fell asleep.
Wraped in eachothers arms, damp with eachothers sweat,
naked and happy.

I wish I may
I wish I might
Have you back tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
Feel your touch tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
Hear your voice tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
Be in your arms tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
see your smile tonight

Won't you come back tonight
I want you back tonight
I wish I wish I wish

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