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Kaka Jun 1
Oh, how I wish I could show you all the love I have in my heart for you
how I wish I could hold your hand in mine & make you feel that you aren’t alone
how I wish I could look into your eyes
to find that little ray of hope,
that spark of life that’s still in there somewhere ✨
hazem al jaber Dec 2022
I wish we could ...
live the love as we write it ...
as i always sending to you ...
as i desired it ...
and dreamed ...
so we can irrigate our souls ...
instead of irrigating ...
the lines from it ...

sweetheart ...
Our souls are so thirsty ...
and it needs ...
it's  water's love ...
but ...
the lines are flowering with love and meeting ...
with all words ...

yes my angel ...
who stole me from my all times ...
you stole even ...
all my days and nights ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
Eve Jul 2022
I always throw these really cool birthday parties
And I always invite a bunch of people
From Near and far
And have always made loads of effort into making it perfect;
The right venue, the correct menu,
For all the people old and new-
In whatever childish attempt to make myself feel like I am loved
To help myself to feel that I am loved,
But I can not recall the last time I had a birthday
Where I didn't wish that I wasn't born.

Zack Ripley Jul 2021
They say "time flies when you're having fun." But I don't remember having any fun.
And I know I'm not the only one.
I remember working. Fighting about money. But, for the life of me, I don't remember my kid being much bigger than a bunny.
I remember being stressed in great detail.
I even remember daydreaming
about getting a boat and sailing away.
But of all the things I wish I could remember,
I wish I knew where the time had gone.
Where my life had gone.
Fire licking the frame of my bed
The sheets are all stained red
My mother’s corpse lying there
Tears streaming down my eyes as I clutch my teddy bear
I huddle in my bed as the fire spreads
Holding my blankets remaining threads
Closing my eyes, I wish it’s all in my head
Looking at my mother, I wished it was me instead
I wish it was me instead
It’s all in my head
Aubry Oct 2020
Its not supposed to be this hard
I'm not supposed to wonder day to day if i'll be ok
I look back at pictures of the people I had to leave behind
they still remember me like I remember them
Im not the only one who feels like they have to move on
But you see I cant help thinking they dont remember me
I know i'm not ok
I am trying...
Abi Jul 2020
I find myself dreaming of how life was before
I find myself longing for the ways things once were
I wish I'd of been content instead of always asking for more
I wish I remembered it vividly but now its just a blur
Going out with friends and the time that went by so fast
If only I had known that it wouldn't all last
Now confined within the walls that make up my home
I feel so trapped like I'm quarantined inside a dome
Just a few months ago everything was as it should be
Just a few months ago we had no restrictions and were free
But now because of fear, our freedom has strict borders
We have no other choice than to follow the government's orders
I suppose we'll recall a few months ago as the before
Because It's doubtful that things will ever be like that any more
Please no rude comments, it's been forever since I wrote and It took a lot of confidence for me to post this!!
Yamuna Turco Feb 2020
I wish
I wish I liked STEM
I perpetuate the stereotype,
women studying English,
and art,
and languages

My love of the arts,
and the humanities,
Is regressing women's history

But it is my right
My right to study art,
and languages,
and theatre

Women's empowerment
And fight for equality,
is so I can study humanities,
and Tiera Fletcher could study rocket science
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