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Invisible Mar 18
I wish I was trapped in a storm
It's better than being trapped in my head

I wish I couldn't hear myself think
My thoughts consume me, I'm about to sink

I wish I couldn't feel
I'd rather be numb, a feeling so surreal

I wish it was loud, and noisy
Lost in the silence, it's scary and empty

I wish they'd stop fighting
Maybe then I'd start smiling
The last sentence is what I wish for most.
i wish i had written different words instead of these right now.
i wish i made a difference in someone’s life.
i’m all alone, never seen.
these words don’t mean anything to anyone, but me.
i allow myself to be vulnerable but i wish someone would just admit they are tired of my whining.
Kai Schultz Dec 2018
I wish to be with you.
I wish to be with you in your apartment as rain patters against the window.
I wish to be with you when you say prayers every night,
I wish things could be easy.
Small talks of your characters to me.
Many nights spent being told intricate webs of stories as I listen in awe,
In awe of how you made all of these up.
I want to be able to pick your brain with questions while sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, in the morning to get you thinking.
I want and I wish
I wish..
I wish a lot of things.
I wish to the stars, the deities, whatever I can every night.
I wish I had a chance.
Do I have a chance?
Or will it stay a wish?
LylexRose Dec 2018
I wish I could just hide
Hold up, seek out, try and find
A reason to live or fall into a nose dive
I know your mad boy but just try to imagine
All and everything you hated disappears like magic
Thinking about a world lacking in your apparatus
Tools you use so you can't forget about us
So as a brother in arms
Nicotine to keep your nerves calm
Maybe you think your living in ****, but let me ask
If this world is like **** why are you up in the clouds...

Open mouth, keep it shut and listen to what I have to say
I know there's a quick way to end all this pain
Tack up, stirrups and saddles and just run away
Theres no way to let go when everything stays the same
And no matters how hard you try its impossible to change
Listen and read me and take note as a put this pen to the page
But take what I say with a grain of salt
I know how you feel but Its not my fault
We're like earthquakes because with live our faults
And it just so happens that
You feel like a unnatural disaster
So go on my son, I smoke like a rasta
But that's what it takes to make the horses run faster...

Now I just need to know
Why do you feel so cold
Emotionally so broke
Frozen to death in a war zone
Am I on the right path or the wrong road
Wrong way, it's not to you
Listen to them, no **** you shouldn't
Let them chat **** but I wouldn't
At least you have a family, I couldn't
So if you feel it again just push through it
Some of us just skim through it
Some of us just turn music
I'm a young boy with a gift and I use it
You have a brain well just ******* use it
You'll go far and I know it
If you have a dream pursue it
You corked up your talents so just unscrew it
Listen just think through it
Differently view it
Don't be misconstrued
If you feel depression just subdue it
I know it's confusin'
And it's hard to believe
But I've left footstep so just follow me
Give it some time and you'll see
And always remember
We love you January...
To a younger who was strugglin along side me
Thorns Nov 2018
I wish things were different

I wish we all had our happily ever afters

I wish he'd kiss me again

I wish I never said goodbye to him

I wish I knew if I still had a place in his heart

I wish he knew that all I ever wanted was for him to love me back

I never changed for him or for anyone

I accepted him flaws and all

I just want that in return

I wish...
I want nor wish for anything else but this...
Dennis Willis Oct 2018
Look it
the **** up

I just did

Feel that
like an angry poem

crawling up your

it wants out
and into

your ear
cover 'em

retch into night
small words

their letters

and you know
these hands

don't you
know this soul

wannabe wretched
in ease


a sandwich
only i can eat

you are not

may never 'ave been


I will be
here soon

i only hope
for you

to someday
be struck

as i've been
become bereft

as i am
of yesterday's content

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Elaine Jul 2018
I really couldn't be happier for you
I just wish I could be happier for me
Levi Kips May 2018
I can't comprehend death. I couldn't comprehend death even when death date questions had a answer. I couldn't comprehend death even when the signs are flashing like the last numbers on a shot clock expiring. I couldn't comprehend death even when it was in my mailbox. Like I had the option to accept it. Like I had the option to return it. I wish death was like a letter that I could tell the mailman wrong city, wrong address, wrong recipient. Just wrong. I wish death didn't have a spam folder. Collecting names of people I didn't know until it's gets a name marked as important in my email of life. Death feels like a penaltys not called, like how dare you resume life without everyone in the room, how dare you eat food without saying grace. Death feels like a slap from a friend. Never expected, unguarded, not protected, and reality never the same. I wish death died. I wish death was like a Timmy Turner episode, like at the end if the episode everything will go back to normal. Instead death likes to play deception. Likes to replace the old with the new and tell you nothing has changed. Like my McDonald's down the street always had a kiosk. Like gas prices has always been 3 dollars. Like aunt vib was always light skin. I wish i never have to wait for the next backstabber, the next email, the next letter. I wish death was dead.
Mourning a close friends death through poetry without talking about it
Elaine May 2018
If I told you all the things I wish I could
Would you look at me differently
If I told you all the things I wish I could
Would you look at me the way I look at you
I want to tell him I love him so badly. But that wouldn't be fair to him, so I write sad poems about it instead
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