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Danielle Rose Dec 2015
Tiny hands and little feet
She's the very reason my heart beats
Gripping my finger oh so tight
Kept safe in my arms all through the night

Her eyes have yet so much to see
For now she's content just gazing at me
Her life is held within my hands
Before I know it she'll be able to stand

Each day she grows and shows her strength
But like her mama she lacks in length
Her voice is angelic
Her hair so long
She looks like her daddy but she's moody like mom

I never knew that I could love someone
To this extent and this strong
She is changing my perspective and
nurishing my soul
To give her what's best is now a lifetime goal

I may not have much and I may be flawed
But I would give and change everything
to be a great mom
Danielle Rose Jun 2015
You are a thousand whispers carrying my thoughts
to places they have never achieved.
Inspiring good faith and sound strength,
I never thought I could feel this whole and serene.
It was always you since there has been a me,
you were meant to be in all of your wondrous glory,
and although your face I have yet to see I already know it's home.
If only you could see how much this love is changing me,
I have never been so sure.
You have given me purpose,
and infinite love while we ponder the possibilities of your name.
Danielle Rose May 2015
Misconstrued and misguided,
the small minded blindsided,
by the devil who crept through the back door.
Ignored or mistaken for the things you adore,
the thrill that kills any trace of will.
A siren tricking the mind to hearing silence
at alarming stakes.
It all makes me shake with rage,
for it's hate that's been my saving grace,
because I know the results of stolen faith.
Danielle Rose May 2015
For a few minutes I fall into an infinite moment,
one in which I will relive timelessly and cherish until I am dormant.
Enchanted by the charm of bees and floral in the Florida Keys,
a day that will affect my dreams.
Beauty laps my mind with sun kisses and butterfly wings
while palms sway and sing in a gentle breeze,
I am home.
Floating in endless weightless movement,
never settling my soul.
Danielle Rose Apr 2015
I've never felt this vital before,
as my knees shake with each step into the unknown.
A place where I am forced to grow,
standing tall with an iron backbone,
and of all the seeds that I have sown
none are comparable to the magnificence that is
just beginning to show.
The first of many poems to come about a little someone whose changing my world - my daughter or son!
Danielle Rose Apr 2015
What does it take to wake and break your shallow ends
into great depths
Must I will the earth to quake or can you simply take suggestions
My reflection of your perception and lack of action leaves me guessing
As sweet nothings lose their charm and fade into a life lesson
Danielle Rose Mar 2015
You are soft tone beauty
The kind that leaves them wondering
While they strive for perfection you silently shake
your head knowingly
Grace finds worthy language in your embodiment
Heavy words of whispered pillow talk claim you're heaven sent
Within your eyes your light could guide them all to enlightenment
On the crease of your curvaceous lips lies a grinning secret
You are a haze of euphoria
A touch followed by pure Oxytocin
For a piece of your mind and heart they flock full of anticipation
by the hundreds
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