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Danielle Rose Dec 2022
Streaking across my window, reflecting light from dripping chill. My breath fogs my vision - I close my eyes - and feel so, still. The patter echoes along my edges as the grey gives way to blue. Caught up in your atmosphere - I bet you never knew.
Danielle Rose Aug 2022
Time - endlessly flowing - formless, fluid, and in the absence of context. The more I dip my fingers into passive meaning - the more my skin gives way - scars - loosens it's grip. She takes - then gives everything - as she ebbs then floods her possibilities - teasing - invoking. I lose the meanings - unlearn the rhymes - forget to remember - in a sea of melancholy, enchantment, longing - pain. I embrace her wholly and reject her simultaneously - she's just a concept - too surreal. Is anything that is thought or felt real?
Danielle Rose Jun 2022
For the love of the sun - I come undone - while blanketed in the softened light of the moon. I swoon and give way - engulfed by unquenchable flame - the cool ground beneath - consuming my core.

The call crashing at the edge of my mind - I continue on with closed eyes - and deeply kiss the blessing of a new day; feast or famine - this longing remains unchanged - imploring eternity - in a song of praise.
Danielle Rose Jun 2022
This inescapable anguish - is the price of love - and no matter how many times I surrender - the force keeps lifting me up.
Danielle Rose Apr 2022
A part of me was always silently hoping and wishing for loves return.
Before I learned - then unlearned - only to lessen once more.

I chased the vision you inspired until my feet bled.

I still can't tell if it was you or me - that I sought after ever so desperately. I just know your face helped me to see - everything I ever wanted to be.
Danielle Rose Feb 2022
Hearing the shaking palms reminds me of a steady rain - the smell of petrichor envelops my senses - as the tides come crashing through each wave of pain. I can taste the salt in the air - imprisoned by this eternal longing - left with a dare.
Danielle Rose Dec 2015
Tiny hands and little feet
She's the very reason my heart beats
Gripping my finger oh so tight
Kept safe in my arms all through the night

Her eyes have yet so much to see
For now she's content just gazing at me
Her life is held within my hands
Before I know it she'll be able to stand

Each day she grows and shows her strength
But like her mama she lacks in length
Her voice is angelic
Her hair so long
She looks like her daddy but she's moody like mom

I never knew that I could love someone
To this extent and this strong
She is changing my perspective and
nurishing my soul
To give her what's best is now a lifetime goal

I may not have much and I may be flawed
But I would give and change everything
to be a great mom
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