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Courtney Joy Dec 2014
I am denied a second time
a catching glimpse
a passerby
the endless chantering that flows through the rye
until I catch a glimpse of the other side
through your eyes
we go together

a floundering heat
an upheld beat
that swims in midst of rays
to reflect upon your gleaming eye
holding a gaze, time says lasts for days

yet it already happened
a rewound record instilling its tunes
into you
and oh!
you're already gone
refilling these city blues
guess I wasn't ready for you
oh, this generation of use and abuse
to take as material , to ignore the core
denying the message, but focusing on the tune

I guess I really am you
Ego thoughts, twin flame
Courtney Joy Nov 2014
If only I could grasp what I've always been trying to get a hold of.
Again, letting sand slip through my fingers,
laying back to float on the daunting shadows
coasted on the river
riding the rapids once again
watching days turn to years
the sun into the moon
swept from below - as the tale always goes
a man in the dark, looming
the land and skies afrow
asking where the wicked set their sow
we all know
its the river below
which flows unto eternal sound
Vibration at its highest currency


You've heard its painless to drown
no need to worry, or make a sound
let it all come down
all can't be found

until light is shed in dark places
when sacrifice begins succumation
the need for precipitation
to wash my red hands clean
dawn the new moon, I'm ready for the next
this time to remember the paths I've taken
for this single moment of existence
a chance again to be divine
to escape the eternal river below
so i no longer have to live and let go
love, hate, feel, and grow
if only i could know

the third seed my body shall sprout,
which's vine i will climb
to the eternal valley
Courtney Joy Oct 2014
Letting it all give way
breaking the mold
giving to let go
so I'll no longer hold
the task history has told
forgotten in between seams
of who I'm told I'm supposed to be
like a magnet
repelling vibrations secreting within
just to try and keep me in
within the cage
blindfolded ways
feeding me artificial remains
driving me insane
until i make way for light
letting reviberance pull me in
after dusk comes dawn
the tide pulling me in
releasing whats within
so i can reconnect
beyond whats written on the page

to make way
for a new age
Courtney Joy May 2014
Pulling it in closer from the distance
So I can gain a better view
From me to you
A sight that brings the clouds to rain
Holding ties of ropes that are sparse
Enough to hold distance
Without collapsing
Pulling apart

Holding on
Letting go
Without a sight to gain
It lasts for days
The open air
The moonlit sky
Gaping wide unto itself
Bringing call to dawns way
Bringing fall to a close
Gripping its last threads to the sanctuary within
All closed spaces
Boundary dropped
Falling beneath the leaves
Breaking between the moment and the illusion
To perceive the means
Of what I’ve never before been able to see

Turning back the ***** (what winded you anew)
Beginning before the current life you knew
To hold and behold a past lying within
Projecting a path, following moments
Holding on
Letting go
The river that flows below
Seeing between the lines
Catching the tide
Reasons to questions
asking why
The sun in the sky
Never dies
Reach into yourself
To find the answers
You hold the key to you
seek to find, discover the reasons why
Courtney Joy May 2014
Until we are together again
Running in fields of lavender
Spinning in circles
Waiting for the rain to come
As if I can sense
The seasons changing again
Round and round the spiral goes
Up and down the ebb and flow
To seek and find what no ones knows
A secret kept
Waiting to behold
Grab hold
And never let go
Of a beginning and an end
The eternal spiral
The cycle of life
Through and within



The days of past
Before when was i
A person of prologue
The patterns within
Projecting themselves out
A mere escape of mind
The consciousness plays with me again
As if im living in a dream
Waking with the early sun
Walking through meadows of forever when
The face of dawn shines itself through
Me to you

If only I could see
The in-betweens of reality
Instead I feel the magic within
Oh, To be ultimately exposed and united
        To finally become
As if a form of fantasy
Casts itself again
Recreating the past
As if it has all happened before

A collective state of mind
Coming by;

When will we move on and become
To come together and live as one
A faith that defys the ones of stories
To live and to hold what we are
As souls of connection
The neverending spiral
What goes around, comes around.
What you touch and feel,
Think and believe,
Dream and achieve
Is what you are meant to be.

Just follow the path your feet choose to take
The guide from within
The secret knowledge
Shining light for your skin to breathe
To expose body from eternity
waiting for you to seek and find;
Grasp eternity with a single look
Into the looking glass.
A reflection it appears
Sad and dissolved,
Radled and upheld
Hanging onto a false dream
One which earth does not conceive
A peace of mind
A freedom of state
A growth of man and earth
Where technology and control do not interfere
with what we fear, adhere, bring near
Where giving is more important than receiving.
Look within while looking without
A projection is always a shadow
Deceiving what light has to show.
all matter is perceived by how the light is cast upon it,
look with beauty,
seek the magic.

i am you and you are me.
Courtney Joy Jul 2013
I see in the distance
The void begin to fade
Humanity in resistance
Red clouds filled with rain
An implemented stain
Infiltrated by societal ‘gain’

A foot in steps of three
Beginning change that is still unseen
To the newfound eye
Opening sounds of distant pain
How they laugh at our silly chain
Running short of being simple
To rather complicate
Life in the eyes of death

If I could turn the clock forward
And purge unto the heavy stream
That carries me
Past the earths darkened sky
To the recurring
Eternal essence of divinity
I would take us all
To where being is exposed
Floating and imposing
Time in hands of fate
In space, reoccurring
And life in one
Consistency of all
Courtney Joy May 2013
May 27, 2013
I let it take control of my mind. Disappearing in a mist of haze; wandering for days. Searching. Seeking. Finding. Fitting into my piece, so I could spread amongst the rest. So I could fit and be apart of it: the Great Mystery. Truth. So I can understand the meaning of life. Is my path determined? Do I have free will? Can I escape this? All I know is that everything is connected. Earth is a single component; a mere microscopic portion of the entire universe, which is compromised of more than the human mind can understand at this point in time.  

A little stardust.

How is it possible that less than five percent of our oceans have been discovered? Are we ignorant to the fact that when earth started experiencing life, it was in the depths of the ocean. Hence, all production of landscape, the animal kingdom, primitive and current **** sapiens, technology, advancement, and discovery of our past is a creation from the sea billions of years ago. Everything on earth is composed of gasses that came from the universe: what simplistic thinking.
Humans fighting against humans, to taste eachothers blood in the name of “victory”, a game to exploit and prevent eachother form an equalized entirety. When will all work towards progress, instead of the demise of the "other". When will we realize our brothers and sisters are not our enemies. How connected the human race is as a species;

does anyone realize?

Class Mammalia, which consists of over 5000 species, is a single group of the animal kingdom, yet humans are classified by each other on basis a of enhanced melanin, and physical traits. Do dogs laugh at us? Ah, I used the term race and everyone decides to think it means colour, or some stupid stereotype!
what have we come to?

When will we reach our heads out of our ***** and realize what surrounds and encompasses us as a whole? A consistent river that flows with time, shining mortality by with plenty adventures, constantly writhing. No control. Like I am a mere droplet in the ocean, licking the coastline, bathing in the sunlight. Creating, and being created.

Its amazing isn’t it?
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