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Natalka Mar 2015
I am
at heart
a graveyard girl
with tombstones as cracked as my ribs
and a heart
as cold as stone

I am
at heart
a rotting corpse
forever lost in this world
with an empty chest
and a decayed heart
Natalka Mar 2015
I used to be the girl
who fell in love with boys
and cried when they broke my heart

But now I have an empty chest
And mascara is expensive
So I break theirs instead
Natalka Jul 2014
You make poison taste so sweet
Every touch was a needle,
Injecting venom into my skin
Those parts of my body are now numb
Waiting for the antidote
I can feel it eating away my skin
The acid making my bones so weak
I dare not move from my bed
In fear of falling
Shattering into shards of chaotic after math
You've taken my last breath as your own
I am now the silhouette of a girl
The chalk outline engraved into the bed
So every lover after me will see the evidence
They will see the promises you whispered in my ear,
The daisies you planted in my mind
Only for me to find out they were weeds
The grew until my head was full
Then made their way to my heart
Constricting it
Suffocating it
Killing it
She will know of the venomous touch and your poisonous kiss
She will know the addict I became
And the withdrawal that killed me
Natalka Feb 2014
I wonder how sweet a bullet tastes
Natalka Feb 2014
The only time I feel most in control of my life
                                                          is when I try to end it.
Natalka Feb 2014
Would you be upset

                      if I found more comfort in my razors
                                                                                    than in your arms
Natalka Feb 2014
I am a prisoner in my own body
my mind tortured every night
           unwanted memories flood back
remember to smile
They cut my hair and remove my colors
I am black and grey
            I am emotionless
I have to smile

do not feel
do not show them anything
not the spark of hope that in 10 months you'll be free
             not the burning desire for individuality
Don't forget that beautiful smile

Prove to them you can be a good girl
you can take all your medicine
               and smile
always remember to smile

Do not dare show them any different
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