Third eye blinded,
And the pictures you
Sent wouldn't download
When I couldn't make
In time and the spaces
Make for long distance relationship,
I can hear another voice,
Retaliation of the missing,
Work into an alcoholic
And rage the machinist
By needing more and more.

It wasn't enough that I'm
Impaled onto supports,
The kid should be mine,
Just can't be there
So I'm replaced by a loser
Who refuses to make money,
But can make me when I'm not around,
Away to support you,
Supporting me,
I in me
Without you
And working for the nothing
I've become.

A sorrow and my words,
I remain the same,

Together before like an opaque
Tear under impressions
Of time in my time,
Thoughts rein in the future
Of course without her,
    We spoke of love
While love was written
Under the quarter moon
And the night  peices
A masterful passing....
     I cannot stay here
In your company theoretical,
The memorial entombed
Into the fibers of every verse,
A past sudden,
And I remain there,
Such a melancholy being,
    Though u kept me
In the moments
I remain there in the future
Without you,
Passionate to the narrowed
Enormously grateful for sorrows
That weep today's passing,
    Oh I remain in the moment,
You reminded me to be there,
Little did I know
I would be left behind
And I don't love her anymore,
I linger perfectly imprisoned
And the words bleed,
Joyous for the mist in my eyes,
Alone with your memory
And her name is.....

But a few thoughts
Scribbled in seclusions.

The Dedpoet Nov 9

It all works....
    The way is should.

Whipping the day
Like lashings to the body,
Exclusive to where
You found yourself alone
In the prison of the mind,

It all works.....
    The way it should.

Tell me where you found
Away from me and the vivid
Yolk of slavers rejoices,
Don't tell me what I already know...deeper thoughts

It all work.....
I suppose....
The way it should,

   Tell me where the problem
Surrenders to the solution
At the end of the barrel
    Take from me the side arm
And I will reload my mind
Trap the soul and win
Your body at the cost
Of time's reflection,

I suppose,
It all works.....
The way it could,

But where is the just
When I just got here
To my trial, tale
Of two thieves,
And I am locked away from
A grim reality,
Perception at its most gruesome,
Where we all never were,
This is normal,

It supposed to work,
The way it could,

Mentally programmed
To a bitter state of mind.

  Nov 4 The Dedpoet
Arjun Tyagi

The ink turns to cream,
Silence loud, the demons scream,
For chaos of the night,
Has passed over to the light,
The paralysis of my slumber,
Remedied by a woman of wonder.

The Dedpoet Nov 4

Unlike the Passions
Beyond encirlcled romance,
I know friend,
What winds have sung,
This the sun's inflation
Over scorched tears
And the boomerang desire
Crystallised the moment
I  leaned in and the infections
Of ending a material of
A new particle born between
The awkwardness
Bursting the anxiety of
Fluids never exchanged,
The paper hearts under
A soaking presence
Of red horizons leaving
The flickering of the Moon
Under waves,
A decor of rejected poems,
I know now the pain
Is the same color as
An empty  kiss and the
Hope is deep inside,
Taken  from the marrow.

The Dedpoet Nov 4

We used to soar
And the wind up under
The depressed wings
Like a shattered dream caused you to
Float away to who ever made them,
A mysterious beginning
To every end of unknown
Spectrum, dirty rainbows,
And I see that i don't,
Blind the angel behind shadows,
What's come together to
Fly is just another flutter
Into the lifted dust
Settling on life's breath
Beneath a woven heart stitched
With the emotionally
Unstable needle through
My skin,
If not for the winds beneath
Us swaying  too damn much,
It'd be hard to see the grounded
Reality that we were
Off course and it was already over,
The halo is the
Last kiss under the quarter moon.

  Nov 4 The Dedpoet

Often, these dreams pierce the veil,
between sadness and bliss.
Armies cross
bliss is defenseless
I wake up cold

My steps feel the weight of the stone floor
out to the window, my dreams take me…
Even awake, dreams command my vision.

The world is blind to me and I am blind to the world.
They do not bear my dreams and I do not know their torment.

If they knew my dreams,
they would carry me forward
hands on my hand
we move the bricks together
sight for sight
blindness for blindness
dreams for truth

The strange warmth of fellowship fades in loneliness,
as if it were antidote… or poison.
Still, the memories linger
yearning to blaze
but they cannot provide warmth
for they are dreams
and fires must feed on flesh.

The armies continue to pour
from somberness into bliss
the fires wink out softly
my eyes dull; my dreams fade.

And for once, I see what they all saw…


So, this poem ends on a dark note, like many of my poems, but it's the type of note that I'm not sure about.
Still, what I am sure of is, the message is about conformity and losing sight of ideals in place of stasis, or regression.
Things like, "I don't give a f**k."
Or, "I can't be bothered."
Even, "F**k you and the horse you rode in on."
These can be funny to consider, especially in a movie.
However, in real life, the tone is different:
it's why "motive" is so important to a police investigation.
If someone cheats on you, is it because you were an asshole,
or was it because the person is an unabashed cheater who lied to you, every, day?
Boo-hoo, right?
That's what I wanted to touch on in this poem.

So, without further ado...

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