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The Dedpoet Apr 15
Far away.
Just on the other side
Of a grey rainbow,

Under a canopy
Of children smiling
Longing for yesterday.

I am home everywhere.
The Dedpoet Apr 12
If her lies are dreams,
Asleep is the world.
A goddess in lilith
Known as lifetime,
Your sharp tongue hits my
Ears and your words
Your eyes like blindness
Walking in your hope
Fasting on my time,
Wounded my soul
To serve u in fear.

Wonder the newness
Of your necks and Grace's
Postures your portal grooves
Emerging still your shows
Merging all past and future
Like a smoldering body of portraits
That play in memorial interludes
And a man beneath your goddess
Body desires u like a deity.

Consort the flame wonder,
Wonder the shape
Of your heart and only
The light of your dark star
Guides the nocturnal and I am
Priest to the lost on love
That dwell in pain and memory.

Creating the lips that whisper
And I languished
On your gentle desolation
Fiending for the hate that others
Envied upon nimble bits
Of our energies intertwined.

Wonder like a poem that no form
Has, yet deep in love
Understand like simple bliss.
The Dedpoet Mar 9
Melancholic family,
Stained memories,
Too deep for now,
And yrsterday becomes them,
I am,
But was in eye
Of beholden past.
Take me away
But do not converge,
Blood runs deep like
Yesterday's gathering.
Water in the new day,
And love me for who I am,
Strange the stranger
Becomes a family
Grateful for today....
Blood gone
And only the unfamiliar
The Dedpoet Mar 6
A confinement to the street,
I likened it to a bliss of pain.
Not extended like an overrun episode,
But the anxiety is sleepless,
When yesterday approaches,
I wrap myself in the ignorance,
Homeless, timeless,
It grows and defines,
Coarses through my fundamental
A boy becomes an atitude,
I wish i had these experiences in youthful insurgencies.

Its someday in the week,
I lose the raptured schedules,
To hunger is life.
To thirst is life.
The misled winter wraps itself
On my frozen life.
A faint emergence of time
There in the shadows
I once knew a man,
The visions of him asking to feed
My souless self.
Stretched by insistent graces,
In a road of certain contrasts,
Gentle into the street,
I laugh; the revolving doors,
I cry; what or who i never was,
A certain kind of grace to be
Within the containment,
the poor, the  restless,
bleeding my facades,
Shredding the faces I once knew
Destroying my world.

Once I sat upon a throne
Lost in the decimations,
I dont know who I am.

Keep walking.
Telling myself as the night freezes
I will be just fine.
Keep walking
Telling myself in minced
Thoughts as hope flutters against
Nowhere to go.
Keep walking,
The sun rises
And blisters on my feet
Calm the night as the safety
Of day lets me rest.

I will bounce back tomorrow,
And the streets become a ripened spring fruit,
Losing myself
And the art of loss
Is no disaster,
Not unlike losing my keys,
Not unlike losing places,
Not unlike losing names,
Until i reconciled myself
At the fork of the river,
Losing myself is not an art:

The beauty was in finding who I was meant to be.
No pity. I walked my path. I see what it is and i am grateful. To the end. To the beginnings. Life is and i am hapoier than i have ever been.
The Dedpoet Mar 6
Just one more time,
In a time that is yesterday
In footsteps at the edge,
Your shadow over my grace,
My grace over the light
Darkened by truths
I dont want to hear.

Just one more time,
Lie to me;

Evening when dark trails
Beg for weary steps,
Forward never straight,
Long ago I  looked back,
A storm of your gaze
Into the deep night
A deep premonition
Shatters my core
And hope is a reason to doubt;

Lies returning
What sinister words
Do cast themselves by the noose
Of your voice,
Enter the storm
A thunder repeats with
A missing remorse
Filling the echoes of your
Missing self...

Lie to me,
Kiss me,
The poison laced
Eithin the spectrum,

Lie to me,
I will listen as the day leaves,
Into the nocturnal
I return,
A spring of deaths
The footsteps echo
In another time
Where you invent my self
To love you is a lie,
And i believe in you.
The Dedpoet Mar 2
What we have here is honest brutally,
And the questions sink deep within me as the answers were what I feared.

Im taken like the worst case
And hope is longing for the end.
Such a dark clarity,
More was a lofty thought
And only I can remember
The best in you.

Me, I,
Conundrum to the nth,
Schematic stress.
Worthy I
Deep yes
Float on paper hope,
Stranded Self imposed
Exiled from grace
Rake the spring leaves

Take away the moments
Fill them with everyday,
I am here for a little while
And forever is nothing.
Truth is I can take it all,
Forever in a daze,
The Dedpoet.
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