The Dedpoet Jun 17
The victims muzzled,
The barking never humms
And Where the wild things are
Is another home.
Speak forward and see that its all
The same from future pasts,
In a greivamce i filed
The return was:
Null and void because it is so
And i accept the lower end
Diction given by my universe
Which in my mind is crazy,
Thus i am crazy to them.
Privileged is not
Being rich but plagueing
The right to have rights,
Monopoply of the most torn.
Rip the flag of your eyes,
The red white and blue
Is still my home and i suffer
Greatly, because my suffering
Is better than most places
Where suffering is a slow mourn of life.
The Dedpoet Jun 12
I can only see 5 as i wave
And forever stain a memory
10 times i saw 5 and it fell,
And there was only you walking away-
5 times i ran my hip once
And the wave fell limp,
10 times down
Pointing below where my heart had sunk.
I would grasp your mathematics
If ten were not apart of me as you are
Apart of my very soul.
There of you is only one....
And the flesh will fall
But my soul is yours,
Hands down.
The Dedpoet Jun 12
Just bemeath chosen words
And rewrites,
There clamours a poem raw
And true,
Free of likes and critique,
Above bandwagon scociety,
There a poet can believe in
The art of the experience:

I am alive between each word,
The hand on fire
As sudden urges froze me
In the actiin of my words
To jot them down,
What captures my life like
The inspired word,
And the need to capture a moment
On paper,
Where I was is now instilled
Like the metaphor of life,
And I am one with the unspoken,
As i have stopped and
Words pause me,
Propel me,
And I freeze in the flow
Where life happend
And i stop all things
To write it down stuck
Between the stanzas.
The poet can write life,
Rarely does the experience
Saturate the time of a writer.
The Dedpoet May 22
And it is never enough,
The sun falls upon your body,
Stretching the moment
And birthing the Luna's

Liquid light of your
Elliptical kiss,
A thousand moons unknown
At the bend of the crescent
Thigh I lay a touch to die
Into your Resurrection;
Woman of millennial graces,
Today was born your religeon
And faith is in the way
Your eyes sparkle creating
The infant galactical....
Once and never again
I fall into your amorous
Gestures, enough to fill
The eternity of the moment.
  May 13 The Dedpoet
are days
i want
to harbor

them all
of jars

the sun
the stars

in bits
of twigs
and leaves

the moon
and save
a piece

my heart
to a happy

are days
i want
to keep.
The Dedpoet May 13
I awoke in faded aspirations
Fulfilling the solicitations
Of her body,
Crime and passion
Without order and no constraints
On what time it actually is:

And look at at you,
Your hungover yet its with
Slow motion in film,
A kodak momentum
And you end up taking my smokes,
Last time it was the beer,
Im smiling this time,
And I know my tequila morning
Still has a scent of lime,
And I find hope in your half
Finished smoke,
I light the cherry
And i taste your lips,
With you it just gets worse
And im grateful for it,
You have a grace
That refills my drink
Of accepted frustrations, the good stress,
Because we know what we see
Together, what faith to
Destructive grace,
The real struggle is to miss you
Like my bed does,
And yes I want my mistakes to mean something even if i never learn,
Il be with you,
And with the bad
You take the good,
And the bad you didn't
Know they had,
Loyalty and blind
Raptured moments,

Damn I feel alive
The Dedpoet May 10
To your smile that killed
My suicidal daily,
When your zest filled my
Inner clarity
And gave form to destiny,
Not anyone road,
But your soul that touches many,
The guft that is you,
I bit of the nectar that your
Light feeds,
I am grateful
Even for the pain of missing
You now,
Friend of my deepest wound,
Cut me and I bleed your crimson
Because even your worst
Was the very best I
The narcissistic venture,
I stayed because you allowed it.
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