The Dedpoet Jan 8

That silence is a drop
And the echo ripples.....

     Fall upon the deaf solitude,
I speak to myself
In a room full of eyes
shut away from everything
    And you are all online.

The doors do not open
In a pathway linked by
By hands that reach but
Only the eyes can touch,
    Where are you now,
    A notifications heartbeat.

And the silence is
And isn't because you were
there I never got to hold u.
   Speak to me,
Send priority,
   Click, wait, the silence
In no one's pesence.  

Alone with everybody,
Truly offline in world wide web.

The Dedpoet Jan 7

Be you with me,
And I'm just frustrated
Don't mind me,
And youn dont,
Because I give my all
And it's actually what u needed.

Lost in the entrapment,
A small amount of your waters...
A sip and for the thirst
Of the Ded, truth in pieces
Float in an ocean of lies.

Masks you wear
Are all the faces that made
You hide away.
They may hate you in reflection,
But don't let that be what you
See or feel everyday.

Behind the mask
Is a cage,
Only the real can set it free.

Mask off
And all I know Is real,
I have no friends.

The Dedpoet Dec 2017

Keeper of the better places,
Take my soul,
Into the skies unfamiliar
Gazing at earthen seekers,

Why is not where I am,
Where is why I look,
What is where you are,
When is but a sun's tear.

All I am in hopes and expectations,
Unsalted under heat,
From whenst I came
Is home to my spirit.

A new home for the weary
I plant myself in many skies,
The dream I became,
Seeking a new sun....


The Dedpoet Nov 2017

War is a monster,
Nevertheless a spawn
Of the course that humanity
Cannot know until it sickens
Itself of its reflection,
Born is the unsettling peace
And an eye full of remorse
Until the infinity settles the
Loneliness and kindles
The desire for more,
The temporary sanity between
Is a generation yearning.

  Nov 2017 The Dedpoet
Lora Lee

in the landscape of you
I am a wandering soul
with but my words
                for protection
as I make you my goal
in the expanse of your vista,
I wear the cloak of our depth
your heartbeats in mine
as we breathe
           the same breath
I feel your rugged peaks,
your valleys that sink
your core's wildflower essence
that stains me with ink
I bathe in its fragrance,
a tattooed poet's imprint
in the primal spheres in my being
enveloping my core
all the clearer
          for seeing

and when your rough
                 tempest storms
are afar, yet in view
I dive straight to
                  their center
into the magnet of you
     I will water your deserts
infuse fresh creeks
                        in your dry
I will run through your forests
as I call to your wild
as I straddle your cliffs,
festoon your tundra
             with blooms
steam will rise from
                your earthcore
and fill up my womb
Through the dew on our lashes
through my lava that flows,
the stars in your eyes
make my universe glow

these geographic measures
                                 I take
as you let me inside
our bloodstreams merging
as we get lost in the tides
electric pulsed woodlands
that spread iced wildfires
slaking the loops
  of floodgates' desire
and I will hold you together
if you fall, torn apart
bonded forever
in this map of our

I feel you. In every stone. In every leaf of every tree
The Dedpoet Nov 2017

Third eye blinded,
And the pictures you
Sent wouldn't download
When I couldn't make
In time and the spaces
Make for long distance relationship,
I can hear another voice,
Retaliation of the missing,
Work into an alcoholic
And rage the machinist
By needing more and more.

It wasn't enough that I'm
Impaled onto supports,
The kid should be mine,
Just can't be there
So I'm replaced by a loser
Who refuses to make money,
But can make me when I'm not around,
Away to support you,
Supporting me,
I in me
Without you
And working for the nothing
I've become.

The Dedpoet Nov 2017

A sorrow and my words,
I remain the same,

Together before like an opaque
Tear under impressions
Of time in my time,
Thoughts rein in the future
Of course without her,
    We spoke of love
While love was written
Under the quarter moon
And the night  peices
A masterful passing....
     I cannot stay here
In your company theoretical,
The memorial entombed
Into the fibers of every verse,
A past sudden,
And I remain there,
Such a melancholy being,
    Though u kept me
In the moments
I remain there in the future
Without you,
Passionate to the narrowed
Enormously grateful for sorrows
That weep today's passing,
    Oh I remain in the moment,
You reminded me to be there,
Little did I know
I would be left behind
And I don't love her anymore,
I linger perfectly imprisoned
And the words bleed,
Joyous for the mist in my eyes,
Alone with your memory
And her name is.....

But a few thoughts
Scribbled in seclusions.

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