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Disappear here Sep 2016
No amount of noise can drown out the sound of you in my head
Disappear here Sep 2016
Some names will never leave anything but a bitter taste in your mouth
Disappear here Sep 2016
No magic found

And no love lost.

Silly girl,

You should have known better
Disappear here Sep 2016
I remember trying to put into words
what it was I had been feeling

the paper stayed empty -

and I couldn't have done any better
Disappear here Sep 2016
I've got a heavy heart
And a heavy mind
I've been looking at you
Through heavy eyes
If only I had realised sooner
Disappear here Jan 2016
sometimes I wonder if you miss me at all

if you miss the mind games we used to play off on one another

if you miss the long, late night conversations

if you miss how it felt to talk to somebody you're so connected with

sometimes I wonder if you know

that I am most definitely

still swinging

in Chernobyl
I miss you every single ******* day and I'm sorry that my life circumstances prevent us from being friends.
Disappear here Nov 2015
6 years ago I tried to **** myself.

it's not something that you tend to forget; however hard you try.

sometimes it sits in the back of your mind, but it's always there.
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