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Julie Loveless Feb 2012
Lets crawl back into bed,
forget the things we need to do,
cuddle up in eachothers arms,
and let the morning sunrise,
take us where we both want to go,
i'll take you inside me,
for hours make love to you,
feeling you grow and harden,
making me *** all over you,
lets forget the world,
and get lost in eachother.
Julie Loveless Jan 2012
We walk down the streets,
passing eachother by,
we glance,
but never speak,
we know what would happen,
we'd be in a car,
with our close off,
doing what we both know is wrong,
but what we love to do,
cheating is wrong,
but in the moment it feel so good,
a late phone call,
and we both give in,
meeting in a vacant parking lot,
doing what we love do to.
This is by far not the best work i have done. Plz give insight on it and be truthful weather it be harsh or not. Thanks.
Julie Loveless Jan 2012
Darkness creeps over me,

i cant control it,

it comsumes me,

what do i do,

where do i run to,

mylegs are far to weak,

and i have no one,

i did this to myself,

none else is to blame,

the cutting,

the drugs,

i went to far,

i pushed things to far,

i'm left with nothing,

an no one,

except the darkness,

that creeps over me.
This is my recent work. But i am thinkin about trying something totally different then what i am used to writing.

Julie Loveless Jan 2012
She never understood,

why she got hit,

what she did wrong,

why he was so mad,

she tried to do things right,

but it never mattered,

he still hit her,

she is so tired of being hurt,

but she can't leave,

the man has her heart,

so she stays,

beatin and bruised,

hopeing one day,

he will love her.
Julie Loveless Jan 2012
We lay in bed,
begin to kiss,
his hands,
run all over me,
piece by piece,
articles of clotheing
come off,
until its just
our nakes bodys
pressed together,
he slowly
spreads my legs,
and slides himself
into me,
our bodys move as one,
as we begin to make love,
the thrusting,
the *******,
is magical,
the way we move together
is so natural,
is so perfect,
to feel him,
slide in and out of me,
getting harder,
going depper,
filling me
with his ***,
making us both moan,
in total pleasure,
our bodys relax,
and lay beside one antoher,
in our bed,
feling our warmth,
we hold eachother tightly,
and fall asleep,
in eachothers arms,
after a kiss,
just like it all began.
Julie Loveless Jan 2012
On this path i sit,
looking back on my life,
that everything i did,
and everything that's been done to me,
all had its purpose,
so i shal not dewll,
on my past,
but live in myu present,
and look forward,
to my future.
Julie Loveless Jan 2012
The city is a wonderful place,
its only the poeple in them that make them bad,
or to some scary,
but if you live there,
you realize its just one big story,
that never ends,
never boreing,
always exciting,
i walk the streets at night,
taking in everyone,
and everything,
i see homeless on the street,
on benches,
in doorways,
trying to sleep and stay safe,
couples walking just enjoying being together,
the city is a beautiful place,
the lights and the buildings,
i could just stare at them for hours,
everytime you walk by someplace,
you find something new and different about it,
thats whats so great about the city,
theres always something to look at,
and stuff to do..

The city is a great place,
only the people make them bad.
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