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Nicole Normile Dec 2018
I can’t shed another tear
my dreams of us, they stop right here
for you made true
my every fear
Nicole Normile Sep 2018
When I'm happy
He's always there
But when I'm sad
He goes away somewhere

When I speak in a joyous way
He will listen and talk all day

But when I speak about my sadness
He shuts off, driving me to madness

When I try to explain how this hurts me
He even further ignores me

Then when I cry about this pain
He steps back even further away

He might show up some time late after
With his excuses and attempts at laughter
But I won't laugh, or even smile
Because this pain lasts such a long while

I will just try to say
How he hurt me by running away
But he won't listen, as he does it again
Running away from my emotion

So to him, I plea and plea
Just to be treated respectfully
Just to be treated like he values me
Just to be treated like my feelings matter
Just to be treated with empathy, not laughter

For one who laughs at others' pain
Uses others' suffering to their own gain

And all the mean boys who makes girls weep
Are mirror reflections of him and how he treats me
Nicole Normile Jan 2017
They are everything
    Bring us to our knees
    They tear us apart

    How are we free
    When they have our heart?

    They are everything
    all mighty and strong
    They shake our world
    Tell us right from wrong

    But where are they?
    Where have they gone?

    The men in our lives
    Are for whom we long
    The men in our lives
    Seeming so strong
    They hold us up
    And tear us down

    The men in our lives
    Are stronger now

    As we give them more
    Our love
    Our hearts
    Our whole self we pour

    They absorb us
    And sweep us away
    The men in our lives
    Can always have their way

    And so many men in our lives tend to stray

    But who are we
    To be so weak?
    And who are we
    To not even speak?

    They create us
    Captivate us
    With their eyes
    Their opinions break us in two
    But we look into their eyes
    And still say, “I need you”

    They come and go as they please
    Break our hearts with so much ease

    From the fathers that leave
    To the boys that cheat
    To the pain that brings us to our knees

    The men in our lives are all that we need
Disclaimer: This is a poem I wrote about all the pain the men in my life have caused me. I am NOT saying all men are like this and I am NOT saying all women feel this way. This poem is simply how I personally have felt at some points in my life due to poor relationships with men.
Nicole Normile Dec 2016
I just want to sit in my room all night
I want to drink til I feel alright
and smoke til I’m completely fried

and I just want to cry

and if I stay here long enough
maybe it won’t be so tough
maybe I’ll get past this stuff

but for now I’ll lay alone
in my room by the phone
wishing that all lies be known
maybe that would change my tone

and I just want to cry

I just want to sit in my room all night
and hope it passes by
Nicole Normile Dec 2016
I made you a promise
one I’d always keep
but you became dishonest
leaving me vulnerable and weak

one minute I was your world
the next, just some girl

so, you became my everything
as I became your nothing
so I tried to hold on
as I was hoping for something
but to you it was gone
so now I have nothing

I gave you my heart
heavy and sad
you tore it apart
took all that I had

you promised me a life
and that you’d never leave
to me it felt so right
but I had been deceived
Nicole Normile Dec 2016
I keep smoking
just another cigarette
thought I quit
but I’m choking
feel broken
had misspoken
can’t breathe
we can’t be
it hurts
you see
he runs to me
but then he’s gone
he runs from me
and there he is
yet hates
wants it all
then he fades
and where’d he go
he’s gone I’m sure
but I don’t know
thought his love was pure
then gone again
wondering when
the love will last
he fell so fast
in then out
when I fell in
there was no doubt
and can’t fall out
while he’s asleep
no longer in it
I lay and weep
because I’m within it
Nicole Normile Dec 2016
no one to call
and no one calls you
no one there when you fall
nobody true

seeing friends in your dreams
so real they all seem
waking up lonely again
knowing that you’re not blending in

hearts get broken
and no one stays
words get misspoken
as they walk away

it’s a tragedy
you’re life is a travesty
no one is who they seem to be

you’re shattered
and scattered
not one friendship that mattered

you’re simply not coping
and a friend is the only thing for which you were hoping
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