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I kept myself in the darkness when i was scared
I wanted it to be darker so i couldnt see
If i opened my eyes in the light i saw every single wrong,
And every single mistake

I cant turn the time backwards but i can turn my back
I cant close the doors but i can close my eyes
I cant run away but i can chase my fears
I cant fight but i can harm
I cant erase but i can disappear

I cant forget but i try to ignore
I cant dream but i try to deal with the nightmares
I cant stop the pain but i try to heal
I cant stop hyperventilating but i try to breathe
I cant stop the anger but i try to lower my heart rate
I cant stop crying but i try to wipe away my tears

I tried to then everything around but in the end i actually turned it upside down
Even though i found different ways of coping, it never mattered anymore.
It was all darkness with a little nightlight on; and i was barely seeing
I came into my own world with sharp edges of a delicate body
A world that i created in the darkness
I was blind to see the truth behind all the lies; and so i became bitter
A bitter mind that my body couldnt turn sweet
A cold heart that my skin couldnt turn into heat
My nails broke whenever i scratched notes to myself on my skin
The blood from my veins didnt want to stay in
I cried with pointy tears,
The shattered glass that came from my eyes, harmed me till i went blind
I couldnt see no more happiness
I couldnt see no more light
I only saw deep within my body that was dark and broken inside
I couldnt breathe because my nose broke
And my lungs are collapse so i am only able to choke
My eardrums popped as i always heard myself scream
I scared my heart so then it forced itself to squeeze
I saw right through myself and then i knew what i really was
I have made the choice to unleash my own demons from my dark dreams
I was attacked from my own hands
And my body was thrown down to the floor by my own strength
When i hit the floor i heard a crack that came from my knees
Then my whole body broke as
I started to bleed
I feel frozen inside
My body froze over when i knew i couldnt hide
I feel hot inside
My heart burned when there was anger inside that made the flames grow
I feel numb inside
My body lost feeling from a sudden shock to my veins
I feel dizzy inside
My head spins as i try to hold before i fall
I feel broken inside
My body falls when my bones shift to pieces
I feel anxious inside
My lungs collapse when there is weakness in my chest
I feel anger inside
My body shakes as my nerves get tangled
I feel hyperventilation inside
My stomach turns as the waves inside push me down
I feel confused inside
My eyes are crossing as i get lost and cannot see
I feel depressed inside
My moodswings wont stop changing and messing with my mind
I feel scared inside
All my fears block me from moving, and so i feel trapped inside;
I trapped myself by losing control
When i never trusted, until i met you
When i never listened, until i heard you
When my eyes were closed, until you opened them up
When i couldnt speak, until you forced out my voice
When i couldnt stop crying, until you wiped my tears
When i was full of anger, until you made me smile
When i was outta control, until you calmed me
When i would run, until you stopped me
When i was scared, until you protected me
When i wanted to give up, until you made me fight
When i was weak, until you made me strong

When i was lost, until you found me
When i couldnt love, until you loved me
When i was half, until you made me who
Caterina Correia Oct 2018
I thought i was cured
In the end my strength ran out
I ended up picking up the pieces from when i broke myself
All over again, i fall
I tried to run, and i ruined it all
Im at square one again
I want to quit, but i will give up on myself
I thought the struggle was over
But i saw a temporary bandage lasting most of my lifetime until it came off of my wounds
I started bleeding again
I cried, and i started suffocating again
Im breathing heavy; im back to being the enemy
My darkness is alive and once again, its after me
I thought i saved myself, but i was only inside a room that was locked for protection
The lock was broken, and the door had opened
My mind came inside once again
Inside the room; waking me from my dream once again
I thought my nightmares were over;
It was only the light that covered the darkness
I was walking with the light, and now it shut itself off
Im left trapped in the darkness once again; so i cannot see
I cant see the mirror
I cant see me
I thought i shattered the mirror; i broke my enemy
But it was glued back together with blood
Blood that came from inside me
Now i see again; but i dont want to look into my own eyes
Im broken once again
I see the past and now i see myself in disguise
I thought i stripped my enemy off
I thought it died,
But i guess i was wrong
It was in a deep sleep; it had woken up from my darkest dream
Im fighting once again; i want to run again
I want my strength again
It has started again
Caterina Correia Sep 2018
I shut everyone out
I kept everything inside
I showed i was ok
But inside i was always screaming
There was a lock on my heart that i never allowed to open
I threw away the key, and i coloured my heart black

I was kept behind invisible bars that i built
They became hot,
Whenever i tried to escape, i burnt myself
Behind the bars i still had no escape regardless if the bars melted me.
These walls never opened themselves for me to leave
They listened to me scream
They listened to me cry
They listened to me kissing my heart goodbye
I cried in every corner
I bled on their entire floor
I went crazy when i knew i couldnt free myself
I just locked myself in and i created a sell that turned cold

By myself everyday,
I just wanted to leave
By myself everyday,
I couldnt breathe
By myself everyday,
I had racing thoughts
By myself everyday,
I was so dangerous
By myself everyday,
I cried
By myself everyday,
I tried to fight

I begged my mind to let me go
I had enough
I wanted out
I was alone with myself so i became weak
As i began to have certain thoughts,
I became stranded from my own mind
When i was stranded, i turned to my heart
My heart was too weak when i wanted the help
I turned to a wall to listen to me
I turned to a second wall to hold me up while i fall
I turned to the third wall to take my punches
I turned to the fourth wall to save me

I questioned depression how to smile;  then it laughed at me
I question anger how to stay calm; then it ignored me
I questioned anxiety how to breathe; then it breathed hard down my neck
I questioned my mind how to change; then it changed my innocence
Caterina Correia Aug 2018
I acted as if everything was ok
I wanted to show everything was fine
I wanted to have everything hidden
I wanted to keep everything inside
I wanted it all to stop
I wanted to end the pain
I wanted to just bleed so i could start all over again
I showed no pain when i wanted to breathe
When i was alone, the anxiety strangled me
I showed no weakness when i wanted to fight
When i was alone, my strength ate me up inside
I showed i was happy when i wanted to cry
When i was alone, i drowned from my eyes
I showed i was calm when i wanted to be angry
When i was alone, everything took advantage of me
When i was strangled, i couldnt breathe
When the strength ate me up inside, i found my weakness and it brought me to my knees
On my knees i begged; i was drowning and i couldnt see
My eyes were covered it salty water and my lungs wouldnt set me free
I wanted to be set free, but i was being taken advantage of, i was lost
I became angry and my body suddenly collapsed
Everything was not ok
Everything was not fine
I continued to keep my arms hidden
I continued to be quiet inside
It hasnt stopped
The pain began again
I still bleed from the inside out
Im scarred and i want it all to end
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