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Suzanne Penn May 2015
It is the times..
when there are too many thoughts
and the words
are jumbled on an exit ramp
waiting to get out
times...when words
just don;t work...
times when I need someone
who knows me well
to be there
and keep me safe
from myself
and my self destructive paterens
until I can move past it
and the words
start to trickle
and then flow
You may never know
how much I needed you
right then...
We may never know
what is it you saved me from...
but you did...
and I am thankful
and I can say so
now that words
again flow.
Suzanne Penn Mar 2015
I can feel the changes...
all around me.
Subtle in some,
drastic in others
...but none are left untouched.

I am kicking and screaming,
attempting to hold on to
... ghosts...
of those that once were
my foundation.

Even the closest...
Have unfamiliar sides emerging.
How silly of me....
to refuse to move too.
How arrogant,
to believe
that I would not be left behind
or made a fool
by holding on...

I am uncomfortable...
floating randomly...,
with no purpose...,
no destination...,
no sense of "home"
Suzanne Penn Feb 2015
I need to smell you...
Hold you..
Listen to you ...
With my hands
I want to **** your mind
And taste our memories..
.in my soul
I want to slap you on the ***
take the back of you hair
press any disbelief right out of you
I want to love you so hard
that I see that moment
when you totally let go...
As you stare deeply into my eyes
...and then eat chocolate.!
Suzanne Penn Oct 2014
"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades....  -Audrey Hepburn

I beg to differ...
there are many beauties.....
such as...
the intensely knowing glance
of someone who has known you... intrinsically...
The glance that let's you know
that there are things deep inside of you,
that have never changed.
It's the look that identifies
the links in your histories,
and that reveal your very core.
The look that says I still see you...
with acceptance and understanding...
That fleeting momentary look ...
whether seen throughout a lifetime.
... or a lifetime ago....
That look, acknowledges a basic truth of who you really are.
Acknowledges, that you are truly known...outside of yourself.
It transcends decades
and inspires
both fear and awe in me....
and I think that is beautiful!
What about you?
What moments do you live for?
What is your "never fading beauty?"
Suzanne Penn Sep 2014
The concept of enough
had been buzzing
around my head lately.
Who is enough? What is enough?
Where is enough?
When is enough….well…enough?
I puzzled indirectly, wondering…asking
…scheming … pleading …demanding ….enough
Enough time? Enough love?
Enough money? Enough Beer?
Well enough…never is.  
There is NEVER enough!  
Enough said!
Suzanne Penn Sep 2014
That tragic moment
when I finally settle down
and realize...
I am upset over the idea
of our relationship ending...
rather than the suffocation  of it.
We both had become
tired and lazy
and selfish with our
and withholding...everything
It had been way too long...
since we kissed...
were extraordinarily difficult
from the very beginning...
never really letting up for very long
and they took a heavy toll...
eventually we each
spun inward
unable to communicate
without offences.
We each began letting go
insecurities ran rampant
it became too hard too hold on
so we let go...
a little bit at a time
first, of our desire
our ability to believe. Us
and  what we had
was special to be real.
No one got what they wanted
No one is solely to blame
To  me...
that is the true tragedy..
what we could have...
should have been
That is where
my true sadness lies.
jammed between
the should haves and could haves
I hope we each
find our comforts.
I wished SO much...
Believed so hard...
That someday I would find you...
That when I did
I didn't see all the cracks...
Now it seems
the search begins again...
I am left to find
someone like you.
Suzanne Penn Jul 2014
I touch your skin
on this hot
summer night
just a finger
the lines
my tounge just tasted
misty memory
of a lust
gone wild
and a passion
now sated
my breath
as the tension eases
the world
stops spinning
I love
our summer evenings
and intense
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