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allsmallletters Mar 2019
Forget the onion and all its layers
thats obvious
You are undeserving for such a cliché
So I invite a different perspective
Think of a base, flour and egg kneaded together like I need you,
so dense in identical morals
Folded with mirrored ideology of future fortuity
Dipped sensually with a sauce so thick,
Thicker than blood or water,
Blended as one to create a sea of red as deep as our hearts pumping vitality
Sprinkled softly with the most palatable, mouth watering mozzarella
Each placing full of utter affection,
Long lost stares while you sit innocent to me feasting my eyes upon your moreish persona.
The only quandry we must face is whose decision that day of toppings to showcase
Who gets the chance to tease additional flavours, delicious tasters
To open eyes to attributes unseen before,
Hopes set high to electrify taste buds
Wanting the other to crave more

Ingredients brought together for a flavoursome pizza
You are my hawaiian
As i,
Your meatfeast.

Opposing trimmings
Eachothers 1st choice
One anothers perfection to quench their dying hunger
The anaolgy I concoted best used to describe my relationship.
My partner and I have opposite interests, humour, and past times,
but we sit firmly in a body of identical morals, integrity and honour, mirroring each others.
A pizza is nothing without a strong base.
Toppings can be changed and mixed to any combination.
The base is the structure of our love, ***** and rigid.
The toppings are interchangeable extras that we diversify daily to develop and grow together.
allsmallletters Feb 2019
Everything I've had
Nothing to compare
You think you understand
Zero comprehension
One day
Or night
You'll realise
Too much pressure
Purity overload
Forever is an understatement
Once in an existence
Cogs that can only turn each other
None before
None after
Everything and nothingness
Speed of light
Heaviness beyond weight
Unable to find
Will never lose
Vows meaningless
Words exempt
Clarity withal
Ying v yang
Noun; very strong liking
The whole caboodle
Love. You.
allsmallletters Feb 2019
I am lost beyond repair
I sit and repeat 'life isn't fair'
I have no grasp of any care
My personality dying, has lost it's flair
I hate that I still feel the need to fill my lungs with air
My eyes look upon happy people with hatred glare
While I sit here pondering if I would dare
All of this caused just because

I need to wash my hair

But drying eurghhhhhh utter despair.
allsmallletters Feb 2019
I have never been closer
This is no drill
That last breath I feel drawing
The fear of failing
Pain held in my heart
Longing for clarity
Unable to find
I know you feel strong enough
As if you can mend
But I am broken
This time it's the end
The only sadness is my lack of a goodbye
This is no fault of yours
I can not be saved
I am done

— The End —