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red door and lemon tree; breathe for me
my heart of gold is quite a
currency; can’t you see?
he was no dragon
flames sweep my icy mane but his hand felt the whip grow
oh-so-hot; I know that smell
keratin-laden lemons part the sand,
give you life till they’re
hollow, then we’ll go;
he was no dragon but a waking fiend,
growing ill; I’m
seventeen and searing still;
by day, I’m their lilac-eyed abolitionist, their metallic metonym,
their mother, and we all ache for redolent citrus;
red door and lemon tree; set us free
by night, all doors are black and my
tears crater the sand;
one day you'll
carry me home
dany's a mess sometimes but I love her so far.

I do not intend to add anything to the GoT universe. This piece was merely an analysis of Dany's story arc in the form of poetry.
All places and characters described belong to George R.R. Martin
Skaidrum Jun 2015
Ancient games
tell tales of dust.  |||   A story drawn
from the lips of two poets.


It's the wits that ****, not Queens of ivory or ink. *
Charged with
coal strokes, scraping up the lies.
Pawns & Knights slip between the grasp of the sun, leaking into
   lion jaws of Leo.
Shifting these granite plates, ignoring the Rooks common price of aslant.
Here we have slain kin, crescent traitors that backstab the night and battlefield.
Closed doors and trap floors, trade me a tie, swindling your tactic ruts.
Reality never got the noose around our necks, check turned into manslaughter, and kingdoms ripped asunder by the roar of Jupiter
Get up, get up, get away from these liars, they can't have your rank or your fire.
Peak a notion, this match is spared by a luft.
Toss away the pride buried 'neath your dusty skin, it don't matter no more if   death has you by the lips.
Silence is a language too in our eyes of earth.
Take my hand, knott your soul into this downfall, and brace yourself for the wreckage in our bones.
The Sword of Sorrows will fall 'pon your shoulders, not to slay thee, but to dub thee a new day.
The drums of war will knit the lyrics in the sky,
"The mighty sharpen their fangs, the weak sharpen their wisdom"
I'm tired of your wishbones, and golden scales, give me the hard-earned truth.
Hot coals of honesty may you tread upon, shadow-bitten remorseful may you be, don't stray off the course of Ursa major.
The North star isn't the one I follow
It's the moon with all of it's phases,
Eclipsing and crescent, tipping the sky with it's beauty.
Now let this sink further than any soul has ever sunk,
no man could ever
rule the moon.
Shoot on command,

You could drag me to hell and back and those words wouldn't mean anything.
Let this downfall become a *downfell,

Because last I checked
"Wolves worship the moon"
and I have broke it's reflection in the water
                               ­        .

A collab between
The Dragon Prince & Skaidrum.

I'll give most credit to
Kalum here.

© Copywrite The Dragon Prince & Skaidrum
Tammy M Darby Aug 2018
The yearning gentleman journeyed near and far
Hoping to acquire his long-sought heart's desire
Pictures carefully painted from a copy of a euphoric time
A multitude of young memories drawn from an aging mind

From storybooks he conjured up the delicate princess and the pea
Next came the white-eyed fairy beauty sailing deep lavender seas
Red headed was the other with eyes of fire
Nought satisfied his slowing blood
And hearts desire

Life with a light kiss
Sprinkled upon him a touch of madness and sublime
Flung before him mountains with invisible peaks to climb

Sympathetic were the gods in their mercy
In forever withholding the knowledge
Alas there were no princesses to rescue
And no more fire breathing dragons

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Aug. 8, 2018
Twelve years a slave
I worked down my chains
Hauled off my plantation
On an underground train

Got sweat in my blood
And tears in my sweat
I paid the price-tag
I conquered my death

Magic follows me
Wherever I stand
You don't have to believe me
I am more than a man

Evolution happens
To not everyone
You can't take it
Or leave it

You can't
Try to
Outrun it

This planet is
Falling back

The Ancient's
Are speaking
The trees are
All singing
If anyone's

Preparing the way
For another
Don Bouchard Apr 2018
Straying wayward, walking home,
I left the narrow path and wandered off alone
Just past the trees along the edge and up a dusty hill;
I found a cave there hollowed and felt a sudden chill.

Down through the dirt and leaves I crawled into the cave
To see if there were pleasure there to make me crave.
I caught a scent of danger, almost a living thing,
But as I backed up quickly, I touched a leather wing.

Upward rose a serpent head; tiny eyes glowed red
My backing self was scooting now, and I was filled with dread.
"My friend! You've nothing here to fear!"
"I'm just a little dragon, not even fifty years."

Into sunshine came he then, less fearsome in the light
To bring me pause from tumbling off in fright.
An hour later, carried on my back,
I took a baby dragon home, hidden in my pack.

"If you don't mind, I'll need to hide," my new friend said.
"I'll stay here in your closet, and I'll sleep beneath your bed."

Soon our friendship blossomed as secrets often do,
I'd off to school each morning, then run right back at two
To meet my baby dragon and get to know him more,
Still hidden from my family behind my bedroom door.

One day while I was off to school, I heard the siren sound.
Smoke rose above the treeline on my family's side of town.
When I arrived, my home was ash; my fiery friend was gone.
Now I know that little dragons grow to burn us down.
Work in progress.... Meditation on the secret sin of Achan, Joshua Chapter 7
Sam Vaghi Sep 2015
There are many unseen dragons that torment me in this life

There is a tiny dark creature
with a vicious forked tongue  
Who crawls behind my ear
and twists a barbed tail around my neck.
It whispers bitter words and
noxious notions that dissolve
my sense of self-
That make me believe
I am nothing
and pointless.

There is the sleek silver beast
Which laughs as
Sharp blooded claws and rapier teeth
cut and rip at my flesh
Guided by my own hand

There is the fiery flash
That ravages my mind to rage
And fight
And destroy those close to me
And the things I hold dear

There is the red heart eater
Who eyes glow brighter
As it steals the joy
And the pleasure
From the things I do
And from the magic moments in life

There is the grotesque malformed nightmare,
That drips sickly slime
And pumps putrid poison into the air
As it breathes heavily on me
And whittles away my will,
Drains all my energy
Until I can barely breathe
Or get out of bed

Then there is the great beast,
Of whom I only know eyes
Darker than the blackest night,
A despair that seeks the quickest end
That teaches my surrendering soul
To long for the final sleep
First draft
yovanny andres Sep 2018
how could i ever forget your words about dragons & nature
when the autumn comes, it all comes back to me
how you and i were both filling ourselves with drugs
in two story's apart
in a city at night, where the autumn leaves we're stroling through the streets
where i first met you, talking, smiling, smoking,
looking at me
time will eventually find you, and cut you right open
Samuel Champney Oct 2018
I've always thought of you
But the thought of loosing you,
Has driven me to pharmaceuticals.

Quit, I know I oughta to,
But I just feel the benzos pulling through,
What the Hell shall I do?

So I try to play it down,
Even though its only opie
It still aint half as bad as brown.

Lets lighten it up,
Don't wanna be no dope fiend
But like a pent up bull to red
I head straight for the shop bought codeine

Oh cody, you don't make me swell,
If anything man, you make my being well,
For that small amount of time
I feel I can take on the world
Until I get to tomorrow and I feel I've created Hell!

All the things we do,
Just so we can feel the warmth,
Finding our little cliques,
Just by the way we talk.

Have you tried this,
This ones hit and miss,
Mix it in with this,
For eternal bliss.

Now I've heard it all before
Nothing improves and nothing changes,
But there's something in the brain
That promises you can catch that Dragon once again.

The Dragon flies high
With the fire in his belly,
But you haven't any,
So why you trying to catch him.
(So why do you even try).
Some notes I took during my ****** phase.
Before you judge someone; take a walk in their shoes.
Everyone is different,
Living their own life and may be it's a bit hard for them.
In their world, they could be dealing with some
Extra demons or negative thoughts. Everybody's mind
Varies; made up with different chemicals, making
Each human unique and special. We need to
Respect each other and care for each other!!

          •We're all in this world TOGETHER!•
Copyright; 2017
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
I wrote this a couple weeks ago;
a poem about mental health and our society!
Please spread mental health awareness!
The more we know the more we can understand!
Knowledge is power not money.
P.S. song title from Imagine Dragons
Sanjali Jul 2018
-Cat Shaped Bandages and Kisses-

Hello little darling,
How are you doing today?
Your hands seem to be trembling,
Your eyes hold what you can’t say.

Pretty little darling,
I’ll wait till you’re ready
Inside our blanket fort
With hot cocoa till you’re steady.
So tell me all your woes,
Your wishes and your dreams.
We can stay here forever
And stitch our love into these seams.

Sweet little darling,
Let’s light candles to make it bright,
You can be the sleeping princess,
I can be your loyal knight.
So when you feel it is okay
I can help you stay awake,
We’ll face dragons together,
Earn gold and run back to this place.

So my love, my little darling,
Let me heal your cuts tonight,
I have special cat shaped bandages
And kisses for every other slight.
(=O u O=)
Zero chance of good left in this world---
Every day something new happens and
Real life becomes less real.
Only in this world can it be like this. :(

What has this world come to?!
Title by Imagine Dragons and their music is one of my biggest inspiration.
Hold onto your innocent as long as you can.
Stop and smell the flowers every now and then
Tori Mar 24
There once was a little-girl with quite grown-up thoughts
Who never did smile as much as she ought
She had nightmares of lace-covered, ivory dresses
Of smiling virgins with pearls in their tresses
Of monstrous, mean dragons in their ebony suits
Of a man and a woman and the two words "I do"
In the turret of a castle, in a closet quite dim
She could quietly water the rose or'e her chin
In a kingdom of words, on the blank of a page
She wrote thoughts that belonged to a girl thrice her age
She had a battle-worn heart and a shield at her side
And memories that branded the shine in her eyes
She'd seen plenty of dragons and nary a king
She knew prisons could come in the shape of a ring
Iskra Nov 2018
Bare feet lit down on a slim shelf of sand,
Only to rise with a turn of pale hands
A comet flashed by in the sky’s afterglow
And bejeweled ***** scuttled briskly below.

Breezy white silk fluttered faintly as I rose,
Met by plum-violet ink of a sky far too close
Stepping down onto stairs of smoke-polished stone,
Engraved with runes of alabaster and bone.

Inside of low doors gleamed emeralds green,
Cherubic smiles tugged at my sleeves,
Golden haired, their laughter swelled,
They weren’t little girls, but something... else.

Years will pass,
I’ll revisit that place,
To collect pyrite from the shore,
And just below the looming space,
On serpents’ wings I’ll watch them soar.
A very important dream, but I’m not entirely sure what it could mean
Don Bouchard Jul 1
We trudge the fetid jungle,
Thinking our green way
Must be an overgrown trail.

Dampness pervades our clothing,
Soddens our shoes,
Drips from leafy branches,
Fails to cool us in the tropic heat.

We ascend gingerly,
Hoping for cooler air,
Realizing the immensity of time,
Of memory moving on ahead.

Shrieking birds unseen
Foretell dooms imagined:
Snake and lizard fangs,
Feral creatures' claws and teeth,
Unseen traps waiting to inflict
Sudden deaths or slow.

Silence arrests us,
As we stumble to a cliff,
Gasping for air,
Longing for coolness,
Stopped in our breath as we see....

Climbing the ranges ahead of us,
Above, and arching up and down,
The great dragon's crenelated back
Undulating over the mountain ridges,
Disappearing into the past.
My recollection of seeing the Great Wall of China just outside of Beijing
Verse 1:

I was fighting my dragons
Oh oh ooh
While you were just clueless
In my background

I thought it was my faul-
Al al alt
I didn't want anyone
To figure it out

It out
It out


I'm crazy
I'm messed up
But not in the
Ways that
I thought
That I was

I was taught that
The things
That I wanted
The most

Would scare away
My Father
And The
Holy Ghost

I couldn't fight those odds
I needed better Gods

Verse 2:

I'm not
Past pointing
Fingers but I know
It won't fix

The scars
That I have
Are scars that
I'll live with

Told that what I loved
Was worse than a lie

Don't act so surprised
When another one dies

I'm still fighting with dragons
Oh oho oh
Are you still just clueless
In my background

It's not all my faul-
Al al alt
I didn't want anyone
To figure it out

It out
It out


I'm crazy
I'm messed up
But not in the
Ways that
I thought
That I was

I was taught that
The things
That I wanted
The most

Would scare away
My Father
And The
Holy Ghost

Oh oho oh
Oh oho oh
You can't fight those odds
Oh oho oh
Oh oho oh
I needed better Gods

Verse 3:

Are you afraid?
Do you feel guilt
By my pain?

Last time that we talked
The energy was strange
Or am I crazy?

Are you afraid?
Do you feel guilt
By my pain?

Last time that we talked
It all felt so strange
Or am I crazy?

I'm crazy
I'm messed up
But not in the
Ways that
I thought
That I was

I was taught that
The things
That I wanted
The most

Would scare away
My Father
And The
Holy Ghost

You can't fight those odds
I needed better Gods
Skylar Del Re Sep 2018
monsters dont lie under my bed
they live inside the noise in my head
they wait behind my eyes
whispering sweet lies
waiting for when they can come alive
absorb the strength i have inside
sneak beneath the soles of my feet
never skip a beat, or ever sleep
wait until i am weak
to lead me to thier world beneath

these villians dont hide in shadows
never lead your side, and always follow
they lure you in at your worst
make sure you have to put them first
take all you have ,but still you need
your heart and soul off they feed
make you forget all thats worthwhile
take over who you are,
rest easy while you're in denial
when you are in the dark they scream
so loud and clear, no escape from the dream
when your in the light they talk too
no matter where you are they always want you

how do you escape your mind
no release, begging please, give me the light
demons knocking at my door
always searching, wanting more
how are you to win this fight
who will save you from thier night
can you find the crystal site
to lead you into moonlight
sometimes you have to face the fall
hit rock bottom lose it all
to get back up and start a new
find your path, search your truth

armor up and prepare for battle
you are stronger than these shadows
remember who and what you are
and all the beauty you have to live for
these temptations are not real
only ghosts that you can feel
fight for your life
as the war begins
never surrender
and this too you can win
s Aug 2018
Hi there.
Sometimes it hurts to think.
I'm driving around in my hometown
I saw this old park that me and my friends would run and laugh and play at all the time.
We played cops and robbers
Lava Monster
Freeze tag
We acted like knights in strong armor and princesses with glittery dresses and we all slayed the dragons
Well now here I am staring at this old swing set that no one swings on anymore.
I used to think that I could touch the clouds with my feet if I swung high enough.
There is something so lively about a group of kids laughing and playing on a playground.
There is something so eerie about an old empty playground where no one goes.
That playground used to be so alive.
Now the swing creaks as it sways in the slight breeze.
You can almost hear faint whispers of the kids laughing from years before.
Now all those kids are adults with lives and responsibilities that are much more important than slaying a dragon.
The wood has splinters that get stuck in your fingers.
It is not shiny and fun anymore.
It used to be new
But I have found that everything changes eventually.
I wish people didn't leave so unexpectedly.
Anyways I am just rambling
but next time you see a playground
just try to look away.
it hurts to think too long
I am so sad. So many people keep dying
Lawrence Hall Sep 2018
The Poetry of John Keats is not Safe

You may find there “a cave of young earth dragons”
Or with a “sea-born goddess” fall in love
You might not escape “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”
Or finish reading all your “high-piled books”

Yet “tender is the night” when sings the nightingale
And you are shown that all “Beauty is truth”
Through your soul, “The wanderer by moonlight”
And there “like pious incense” the hours pass

Though in that “season of mists” one’s life must end
“Go not to Lethe,” but sail on with the wind

1 “Ben Nevis”
2 “Endymion”
3 “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”
4 “When I Have Fears that I may Cease to Be”
5 “Ode to a Nightingale”
6 “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
7 “I Stood Tip-Toe Upon a Little Hill”
8 “The Eve of Saint Agnes”
9 “To Autumn”
10 “Ode on Melancholy”
K Mae Mar 2017
crested crag-spines rising
bones fierce of ancient dragons
calling out to Naga

Bloom  feminine essence, Flow !
Feed my ancient undulations

wearied now to hills
sighing down with last exhaled
memory of color
washed, washed,
baked by endless sun
jonni inferno Feb 2018
follow me
if you can
thru tortured paths
and wintered lands
where the sun is lost
the moon unknown
beyond this dark
encroaching gloam

follow me
if you dare
where voices speak
in whispered layers
of external wars
where twisting turning
bodies play
on silken sails
on captured waves

follow me
if you would know
where silver rivers
sometimes flow
and flying angels
falling lay
sweetly laughing
in their gentle way

follow me
if you wish
and play in childhood's
autumn mist
where paper dragons
fill the air
and broken hearts
still beating share
a love for passion's
written snare

follow me
and I will show
how wounded heart
now mended grows
where many paths
once hidden glow
and light the way
to where I go

added link to pic/poem
s Oct 2016
We used to swing under the big willow tree
We lived 3 doors down from each other
We were princesses who fought dragons
We could save the kingdom and find our prince by lunch time
Our moms laughed and talked about how cute we were
Four years old was a cute age

Fast forward a bit
We went into elementary school innocent and young
Boys had cooties
Girls had cooties
Kickball always ended with someone getting hit in the face
We would always sit out feild and pick grass and shape it into a little birds nest
Life was good
Until your parents started fighting and I mean really fighting.
It scared me and I would have to go home
I would make you come with me
three doors down
Our moms didn’t laugh anymore
By Christmas break your parents were broken up and divorced
Eight years old was a confusing age

Junior high was mean.
Girls would rip you to shreds and then hang pieces of you on everyone’s lockers
Boys just wanted to make out
A whirlwind of uncontrolled hormones
We were the quiet ones
Always flew under the radar
Just trying to make it out alive
We found a little spot to each lunch under the stairs where no one would go
We giggled and talked about boys who didn’t even know that we existed
I remember crying in the bathroom with you because people were brutal and we weren’t good enough
Our moms worried about us and how distant we were becoming
Thirteen years old was a sad age

Highschool is another story
You were put in the hospital for a month
I was left at school alone
I had to find more friends
I found most of them were fake
So I ate my lunch in a bathroom stall
Reading all the swear words that were carved in the wall
You were really sick and we grew apart
We were always close
We will always love each other
You tried to save me from myself
But I didn’t let you
Seventeen was an important age

Now we are at different colleges
I tried to **** myself while you were getting an A on your anatomy test
It’s sad
We don’t swing under the big willow tree or fight dragons anymore
Our moms hardly talk
You are a success
and I am a failure
We don’t really mesh
I miss you every day
I’m sorry I can’t be good enough for you
We were princesses who lived three doors down, we saved the kingdom.
I love you
I’m sorry this has faded
Just like everything else
Nineteen years old is a dying age.
Really just a story
Aaron Combs Apr 2015
Do you remember the garden?
Do you remember the garden?


The Charlotte roses filled the wild,
peace was uncaged, unbroken,
and the dragons and doves flew together,

And the thousand horses ran free.
And the thousand horses ran free.

I notice resting inside your eyes
and heart hasn't been so hard. Wrestling for you,
holding you,
like a child, it hasn't
been so different.

I'm taking you back there, Eve
into the Land of Eden,
just drink of my lips
a little longer and you'll remember
and see.

Do you like to dance, Eve?
Let me make your imagination full
Then let me bring it to war as  we step
into it's gates.

Let’s Dance.

For the wind of the evening
still weaves dreams between
the heavens and the earth.
There. Look.

For your heart outshines the moon, I see the hurt, the regret
The pain in the pool of you precious eyes.
And I still see you, I still love you
For you.

I hear the rhythm of your breath
and dreams, the electricity and earth
of your voice. I see the blood written
words in your heart, let me show you what
they are.

Now see the memories come
together, as you believe.

The endless garden,
the red cedars,
the cool four rivers crashing
near the rock, where we once slept.  

And look, where we hid.

See, like I promised you, we are here again,
we are here.

Where the petals sip the dew upon
the face of the earth.
where the rain and the moonlight has
not fallen.

Now look at the stars, Eve. Everyone of those stars
are named, the star of Orion, the Bear,
and Leo, everyone of them.

Everyone of them will fall
                            Everyone of them,
                            Everyone of them.

So don't be afraid in your pain
in your feelings,
just come to me.

For you can take my hand,
and be safe in my arms of
love. Even when it all falls.
Even when it all comes crashing down.

   Trust me.


200 votes?

My 6th Poem. May it bless you all.
Mohamed Nasir Sep 2018
Poetry is the air poets are the breath
poets sparkle like jewels of paradise
flourishes in garden of great poetry

poets matured like pearls in oysters
of vast ocean of their sub conscious

no need to ****** it from jaws of
crocodiles or to combat dragons

don't have to climb Everest
cross the burning Sahara
crawl in the dark belly
of the Pyramids

all they've to do is let the ink flow
let inspired words pass through prism
minds let contrive and conceive aglow.
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