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ShamusDeyo Jul 2016
Abstracted Painting
print in
black and white
as if
they paint
the page
hues of blues
or of
Langston Hughes
the page roils the spirits
to anger red
that fades
to shades
to purples and blues

Avante-Garde, Hipster, Beat Poet Words and sound of Celebration
Graphic Painting done by me Shamus.Media,Arts
www,  © a month ago, SilverSilkenTongue
This was based of an abstract Painting of Mine and can be seen in whole @
ShamusDeyo Jul 2016
Traffic sound
continuous drown
diesel truck exhaust
in down shift
thoughts drift
down past highways
in motel daze
eyes glazed
flashing neon
no vacancy
Jack Kerouac
once slept here
as if it matters
to anyone
All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
This is a - Minimalist Pop Poetry Form... look for more of my work at a Vivid Poetic Site
ShamusDeyo May 2016
Word Thugs with twitchin’ *******
got Nothing. So they steal
so they can make their **** real

Scumbag Soliloquists Rant
they’re Plagiarism ascant, but
Stolen Words won’t make them a Poet

Got a word homie
won’t put up with ****

Dead punk poets
gonna get their
vowels slit…

Their words ain’t
nothing but stolen
Bust them slackers

Don’t matter
they got backers
them all’s word hackers

if they had to write their own
their junk would be funk
‘*** they ain’t nothin’
But Poet Punks

I used to Love this Place now half my likes
are blank gray squares No one there
those accounts are deleted and HP defeated

I have had a lot of wonderful friends here
Who I love and respect but now the sites
Not worth my time
this place is like a slum Taken over by thieving ****
with half the accounts deleted, the punks will be defeated
cause all they can steal from is each other
ShamusDeyo Apr 2016
The grass and brush grow high.....
below the the rusted rails in the sky
Fate sealed, the aged red paint peels
on the sides of the House of Mirrors

Roller Coaster cars splay in disarray
ruined faded horses found flounder
At angles on the Merry go Round
the wind in silent breeze the only sound

The bit of broken light bulb glass reflected
By the sun, faint echos of fun from the past
the click clack click clack of the coaster tracks
cars at the peak speed in curves and swerves

Drifting thoughts of yesterdays dreams.....
with side show prizes, kids laugh and scream
As carnival barkers shout out their routines  
Sun blazing the fun of yesterdays scene  

Although nothing but a mere memory
ShamusDeyo Mar 2016
Texas 1959, And today Out of Time
Oswald...  The CIA Admits As Role Prime
To Play Lee Harvey... Until the Time
He could be used... And hid behind

The Asassination of Castro He Failed
Still Playing Him along... to their Avail
The Victim of the Ruse.....
Never Realised his Use..... in the End

They Plied him with *****.....
Hookers  and  Promises.....
Trips to Cuba and Secret Meetings
A Snipers Rifle with Desperate Leanings

Keeping him fed with Lies
The CIA Cast the Die
Feeling Let down by JFK that Day
Over the "Bay of Pigs"

His Truce they regarded For
A weakness that Moscow
Would Subvert Somehow
For the President Folded

Then Came that Fatal Texas Day
In 1963, Lee Harvey at the Depository
Smiling Waving JFK in a.....
White Lincoln Town Car Parade

The Shot Rang out where he sat
Blood splattered on Jackie's Pillbox Hat
Jack Ruby ready was Very Fast
To make sure the Truth Didn't Last

The CIA Made Numerous Omisions
Of Evidence to the Investigation Commision
Keeping it all Hid away, Till the CIA Historian
Opened the file of Lies, from the day.....

The President Died....................................

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
As revealed recently by the CIA Historian to a Reporter

it took a lot of Tears to write this......
ShamusDeyo Feb 2016
Flows of Tears...
For all these Years
Lost in Empty Promised Land..... The
Familiar Feel of the Back of the Hand

Stumbling in the Door in the Night
A bruised Head Stare in the Morning Light
Funny can't Recall what Started the Fight
After the Bar had closed.....

The Stab slammed Between the Eyes
The Familiar Sound of the Lies
The Cough of the Morning Cigarette
The Nagging Feeling of Regret

In my Heart there's an Ache
How Much More can I Take
This has Gone on for..... A
Long Long Time,,,,,,

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
ShamusDeyo Feb 2016
A spark... of Creation
Ignites a Tinder of Thinking
Setting a Blaze of Concept
Catching Fire to a Thought
That Blaze Forms
The Idea...
Carrying the Brilliance
To the Future... Until
Its Flames Subdue
And Slowly Glowing  Embers
Become White Ash of the Past....

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack
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