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mae Feb 2020
they call me
drama queen
because they can’t see
my real pain within
Christa Nov 2019
When I fight I fully embrace the struggle
knowing fully well that it is well with my soul.
silvervi Apr 2019
Of course I wonder
Of course I care
It's coming, soon,
Like in a different life,
It's either a date
Nor a simple encounter,
It doesn't fit into my last months strife.

I do prepare for a breakthrough,
I do prepare for a heartbreak too.
But I prefer to have it that way finally.
Better than fleeing from love endlessly.

I do need love in my life,
I do deserve the heat of touch,
I do deserve the butterflies,
The ups and downs,
The stress, the rush,
The anxious worries,
The dramatic stories,
The fear, the pain,
And the occasional gain,
The tears of luck,
The tears of disdain,
I could do this again and again.

Because I do choose my way,
I'll be ignoring, what they have to say.
There's nothing to lose after all, anyway.

And once you let me go,
I set my love for you... free.
There are no boundaries for love
In my life, and for me.

So that's my goal,
I'm gonna haunt the truth,
After all it's only this one life,
And how often do we love
Like this?
eve Apr 2018
Another day, another moment passed,
It feels like time has taken away the connection between me and everyone else,
I feel what it’s like to be disconnected from those closest to you and distance from those I never once doubted to be next to me for the worst of times.
I have no one to call when trouble starts,
I lost the closest people to me, due to my pride and self worth,
Giving up those who were deemed trustworthy because I actually thought, contemplated and realized that loving myself is all that’s worth.
Told myself never again,
Reaching out to the voices in my head,
Everything is just scrambled now,
Situations and certain things can grow to ruins in a matter of a couple seconds.
Time has effortlessly proved to me the true colors that reside underneath the personalities of people, associates,
Even family members, those never underestimated can still indicate actions of opposition,
I was shown that at a young age and even now; a connection, yet a reflection.
eve Oct 2017
The feelings of uncertainty are consuming me,
With no clue left of what to do,
My common sense lacks originality,
I lose my mentality as well as my responsibilities.
Everyone counting on me,
Don't make a mistake they all say,
If you choose to proceed on the opposite path then you'll be nothing but a mistake, they all claim.
With nothing left to do,
My mind goes to this dark place, inevitably sways,
And now all I can do is look back at all I've done wrong.
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2016
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility." - Khalil Gibran

That quote inspired what I wrote because pain is a constant in this cruel world
And in all reality our pain is inspired by the struggles we've gone through, so it may not be easy but to medicate and starting the process of healing is on you.  Others may have caused what you're going through but it's up to you to make it better, because even if it's raining now there's always a chance for better weather
I'd recommend looking up khalil gibran
Marcus Belcher Apr 2016
I just want you to know
I don't care if you don't love me
I don't care if you don't want me
But you must know
I want you
I want you to be apart of sunshine
I want you to be apart of my smile
But I accept if you don't feel the same
I know these actions are not in vain
But I hold them in my brain
Helping me grow against the strain
So ladies...hop on this magical train
I want to bring you joy changed from pain
To all my former girlfriends and my future wife
Ryan Feb 2016
Society fails to identify its flaws,
happily leaving those in need behind.
Corrupted madness runs our lives,
we let fools be fools, as we turn a blind eye.
We fail to see past our delusions,
telling ourselves that everything is ok,
but its not ok, nothing is 'fine'.
Censored from our own Emotions,
Don't cry you'll be ok,
everything will work out,
once you meld into the norm.
We are left to wade through ******* while
brave souls are left to fight alone in their minds,
poisoned by the toxic gas of a broken system.
Can we just stop for one ******* second,
to look in the mirror,
and ask why....

Why is nothing changing?
I'm tired of seeing people have to go through hard times. I know its a part of life, but why should it be? And why should people have to feel like they are alone, it's *******.
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