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The walls around my kingdom,
Every pillar must be made with knowledge and wisdom.
My bricks of honor will be laid as perfect as a brick can be laid,
The hand servants of loyalty are worked and accordingly paid.

The walls around my kingdom,
Must be aligned like of good faith,
Properly plastered with understanding as it's main gate.
High as hope and wide as respect can stretch its wings,
Covering the kingdom and within it every little things.

The walls around my kingdom,
Structure like of humbleness and foundation of love,
On the forward of every pillar, heads of spirituality stands above.
Tho my walls should stand firm and strong no fraud,
If the walls around my kingdom don't stand for it's purpose,
May it be destroyed by the hands of God.
From the seafront to the portal,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the portal to the housings,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the housing to the Parade square,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the Parade square to the mesh hall,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the mesh hall to the laundry room,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the laundry room to the barracks,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the Barracks to the medic room,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the medic room to the regimental police boot,
I am surrounded by mountains.
From the regimental police boot where all the RPs salute,
I am surrounded by mountains.
The entire military base and personnel's within it,
We are surrounded by mountains.
When I lay to rest, I only see black screens,
No light, no movements, no dreams.
I barely get visions but nightmares when I sleep,
My mind is empty like a cinema with no one in it's seats.

I don't quite understand, blank space covers my mind,
Dreaming seems so fun, it's like I'm searching but just can't find.
Like I'm never first, I'm  always last in line.
Only a few visions I can remember inside this brain of mine.

I don't dream and it baffles me,
How can I sleep at night so comfortably.
Does it make sense to you or does it happens to you too,
I bet there's someone else out there that walks in my shoe.

All I can say is that I sleep well at night,
I don't fuss, snore, sleep walk or fight.
I may not be a dreamer or dream as you ,
Yet I know someone else can't dream just like me too.
Vexation of spirit is a sin,
Chastise negativity and throw it in the wind.

Cater for those who transgress and rise to anger quickly,
Foolish men push their limits to wrath very swiftly.

Brace yourself, an angry man is unpredictable,
Man is mortal know that no man is invincible.

Cold water to a cup, hot water to a cup,
You taste lukewarm.
A bitter residue in my mouth,
I will spit you out until the taste is gone.

Anger leads to vengence and vengence to death,
Abstain from vextation as a conspired threat.

Study the laws of understanding,
thou must first understand,
Vextation of spirit big or small is a sin by man.
Descendants of Cain,
Descended in vain,
Satan is correcting sin.
Evil is exorcising evil,
Mingy little weasel,
There's no sleep for the wicked.

What goes up in time must come down, Kings and Queens gain and lose their crowns,
kingdoms rise and fall for generations.
Jesus came as a saint,
His spirit ascended with gain,
No man have ever been so perfect.

Where there's darkness there's light,
We wonder why angels and demons fight,
Descendants of Cain,
Descended in vain,
Satan is still correcting sin.
Slowly death is coming,
No appointed time to drop countless bodies.
Under the stars and the Moon,
Africa still need food for the starving tummies,
We still don't appreciate our truths,
Nor embrace our lives as we enroll in it.
The disperse of orders and rules,
Means nothing to scholars who live to learn but don't teach their studies.
Understand how the whirlpool moves,
Taking everything below and above, like nothing is worth it, like undecent pennies.
Criticism is a main review of fools,
Who despise good judgement and rebuke good forecomings.
Cancel out negativity from the mood,
Keep your mood positive and smooth like honey.
Stand firm in what you believe is true,
Eradicate false tongues and stand still in false panic.
World order have signs and cues,
Clues to see lies and take the truth out of it.
Crick crack, monkey break he back for a piece of pomerac.

On Sunday fancy Anancy woke up and told himself,
"Well boy I need to get q belly swelling *** today",
As Anancy say ishow Anancy play.
So Anancy devise a plan,
He needed rabbit, he needed turtle and he wanted lamb.

So Anancy brought out he rabbit trap,
Brought out his turtle trap, But he had no trap to catch lamb.
Two traps, three traps he caught three rabbits,
Three traps, four traps he caught four turtles.
No trap, no traps he needs traps for lamb,
So he devised a plan and began to clap his hand.

Lamb was quiet but lamb was tricky, Anancy snuck up behind lamb but lamb ran quickly.
Lamb ran, lamb laughed,lamb jumped and prance,
Lamb got away from Anancy and began to dance.

Anancy got vex because his plan failed flat,
So he devised another plan with the help of cat.
Now cat was witty and knew many tricks,
But Anancy plan was not to makelamb and cal mix.
Anancy needed wolf and wolf hated cat,
So understand the plan poor cat had to be catnapped.

Anancy carried cat to wolf and bargaed his plan,
Wolf agreed to his plan and shaked Anancy's hand.
Wolf didn't dress as lamb this time nor played funny games,
All wolf did was denied he had any fame.
Lamb wasn't expecting this and was surprised, and came to wolf's aid,
And said to himself that he is proud of the new wolf, wolf had made.

Anancy saw the scene and knew his plan would work,
Wolf played along with lamb and slammed lamb into the dirt.
Wolf carried lamb for Anancy to natce his stew,
Anancy got lamb and told wolf "Good friend thank you".
Anancy made his belly swelling *** and enjoyed himself,
Three rabbits, four turtles and one lamb for Anancy to quench.

Crick crack, monkey broke his back for a piece af pomerac.
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