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A Holy Place Feb 19
Is It fare, for everyone not to care, when a man kills and man, INJUSTICE!!
And when a man premeditates on another, to ******, to see the tears of a father or a mother, INJUSTICE!!

How about when a man dies, for trying to protect his rights, with many witnesses in sight, is that justice?
For a cold-hearted beast, to look upon a child and abuse the rights of being superior, is that justice?

Think of it like this, in a land of such mist, to hear a sad story on the news, how many beings are being missed.
What a shame, they think it's a game, to ******, rap, steal and do what they want and drive families insane, to re-tame, sustain the feeling of pain.

And that is when It comes to the time of an innocent person, to take their own step of faith, to set things straight.
To put out the fist, make that list, and understand that injustice is our only justice.

So they fight for rights, to stay alive, because when push comes to shove, a killer motto is to **** or be killed.
And a subtle, humble citizen, takes the handle, to dismantle the lives of a criminal.
Because in life they understand that injustice is their only justice, to be unjust to those who are unjust to them.
A Holy Place Feb 19
One brick at a time,
Soon I'll have my wall.
  No cement needed,
But sweat, tears and blood.
I will place one brick as perfect as one brick can be placed,
Soon I'll have my wall.
I look back,
I remember the walls I was trying to build,
"She" broke them down.
So now I must look forward,
I must say she is happy now.
One brick at a time,
Soon I'll have my wall.

I don't need friends,
They're unreliable and not trustworthy.
Sustain me,
Revive me,
Hydrate me,
I am running out of fluid to build my wall.
One brick at a time,
Soon I'll have my wall.

I feel unwanted,
I feel unappreciated,
I feel unloved,
I feel unstable,
I feel unhappy,
A good companion is so hard to find.
One brick at a time,
Soon I'll have my wall.
The earth has the moon,
For the dark night.
The earth has the sun,
For the bright day,
Again I must say,
One brick everyday.
One brick at a time,
Soon I'll have my wall.
A Holy Place Feb 17
I smile too much,
I try too much,
I talk too much,
I walk too much,
I write too much,
I love too much,
I hurt too much,
I cry too much,
I forgive too much,
I give second chances too much,
I get attached too much,
I fight too much,
I over think too much,
I don't want too much,
I don't need too much,
I wish too much,
I dream too much,
I fake smile too much,
I seek attention too much,
I am not too much,
I get up everyday try to be a different man, so maybe I won't get hurt too much, or lied to too much,
I try everyday to change so I don't have to worry too much, or regret too much,
I try to think, be and act differently so I won't be hated too much or criticized too much,
I believe in equality and genuine love so I won't have to be in failing relationships too much.

But I been hurt too much, lied to too much, used too much,

I been crying too much, because it hurts too much, that I wasn't enough and I did too much.
A Holy Place Jan 22
Woke up to start a new day,
Glister shine of the sun on my soul.
Soothing water flows, river sing in water notes,
Birds chirping, astonishing melodies to the ear.
Wisdom of softness the wind would love to share,
Feeling the connection with nature as I stand and spread my hands in the air.
Glitter and glister, crystal clear the water sits still,
While am by the river bank at the bottom of the valley's hill.
Not a better feeling than inhaling the fresh breeze,
Get a whiff of the sweetness, oou, bless me I sneezed.
What a wonderful morning, and unaware of such demise,
Is my morning's surprise.
A Holy Place Jan 20
Everyone makes mistakes,
But to miss take a mistake and make it take you to the point of misunderstanding the taken point will be your miss take or mistake if you understand and don't miss take what I said, you could never know might as well be my mistake.
A Holy Place Jan 20
Enslavement is no longer an issue?
****** nose black boy, here, hold a tissue.
Wipe not only the blood from your nose,
But the tears from your eyes,
Wipe the lies, the bounds and the ties,
Wipe the the fake and start to improvise.
Remember your past, but learn from it and let it go,
Don't let it slow you down, nor bring you down,
Because you're mighty, you're blessed and through God you're strong.

Enslavement is no longer an issue?
****** nose black boy, here, hold a tissue.
Are we free, maybe, maybe not,
To look alot and see the plot that's keeping us down,
It's too much.
Yes in a world to go and do as we wish, but under rules of supremacy, Lead be poppetry,
Under the administration of Fraudulent Liabilities.
One wrong step in freedom and we're set to life, shot or sliced, electrocuted, despite the fight
We fight to have equal rights, it doesn't change because in the end we're wrong and never right, dead or alive, serving 25 years to life for what?
For speaking the truth and voicing our facts and not choosing to hide.

Enslavement is no longer an issue?
****** nose black boy, here, hold a tissue.
Free yet not, imprisoned yet can still get shot,
Enslaved no longer but it's like enslavement in the free world, documenting a real swirl of lost lives of black men, women, boys and girls that stand firm with pure heart,
Yet they were killed, plucked out like tree worms.
We're all people, with the breath of life,
That no man can give, but yet they take like it just a bus giving a free ride.
Yet we rise high and higher, proclaiming our crown,
Turning black broken frowns into smiles through tough battles and many ups and downs.
Yet enslavement is no longer an issue?

Enslavement is no longer the issue!
****** nose black boy, here take the tissue,
Don't forget to wipe away the pain, just don't wipe away the memories of the ancestry that clear the path for us, nor the ones who were killed in seeking the somewhat freedom we have,
Not forgetting the white men who stand by our sides, understanding that it don't matter if you black or white,
We all humans and deserve a chance to enjoy the light.
But it's like their work was in vain because here we are again and again and again facing pain,
And all we want is to be released from their shackles, their bounds and chains,
Why can't they let us be free once again.

Enslavement is no longer an issue?
****** nose black boy, here have a tissue.
Many may say the know us but understanding is greater than knowledge, because to gain knowledge you must first understand,
So underhand take it as a chain command, let us not fall but stand and keep our heads up above the sand,
But be vigilant and watch the plots and plans.
Because enslavement is no longer the issue and don't throw away the tissue, remember what you wiped and always keep it with you.
A Holy Place Jan 19
Don't hold me back
Let me go,
Let me shout,
Let me scream and
Let me know whether
I'm to stay or
Am I to go.
I seek no more than the truth,
Let me see what is this forbidden fruit.
The fruit of lies, deceit and death,
Let me go,
This fruit I shall not eat.
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